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  1. Mmm Im still banned
  2. Lury

    Possible Multis

    Mm it does seem they share the same network. It could be a case of them being multis or just roommates.
  3. Maybe the day when the Hizu fourm got attention. 27th or 28th of May Montiform#4740
  4. I think i was banned for saying hizu. I won't say it again or mention it to anyone in dms too.
  5. E404 E404 E404 E404 E404 E404 E404 E404 E404 E404
  6. Oh, Also There might be people with 5 drydocks still. I had 5 drydocks before you told me about the change being reverted.
  7. Lury

    Easter Egg?

    am i dumb or yall didn't know this happens
  8. yes ik that part. But with the photo getting taken down. Did alex get told to remove it.
  9. so ur saying linode contacted Alex to take down the image?
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