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  1. No one is bending the rules at all. No one's tool is remotely against the rules if we're following Alex's general guideline here: "bots that make the game a bit more convenient (making a withdrawal via a Discord interface rather than an in-game interface, for example) are generally okay, whereas a bot that actually played the game for you (built your cities, declared your wars, whatever) would not be." No one's tool plays the game for them. It's within the rules. I've also talked about your point about the smaller nations playing baseball here. It's already undergone a substantial nerf/overhaul and it was done to prevent a couple of players who likely were using bots to play 10,000 games a day from being able to do so. That happened when Alex put a 1000 game limit of how many games could be played a day before income gets nerfed to 10%. I've just shown here how much time it would actually take to get to the full 1000 games (likely around 4 hours) and Alex showed here how few players do actually get there, using an example of games played on January 21. The rewards aren't too high. It's 4 hours of work to make it to the money earned from selling a credit.
  2. That is really strange lol
  3. And those nations never move off city 1/0 infra or contribute in any other way to this game? I know mine is low. Over my history, I've tended to play more sporadically but I have picked up playing more in the last three months. I play a lot currently so I have a good idea of how much you earn from games if you're maxed out, which both my stadium and team are, as are the stadiums and teams of most people I play. So, I'm going to actually math this out now because you've piqued my interest. My last 125 games used a tool to make playing baseball easier, were played with other people actively playing at the same time, and averaged about $22,071.05 per game in earnings. If I played 1000 home games (the max before income from home games gets nerfed), I'd make around $22,071,050 in a single day, $15,449,735 after tips. If someone is online and playing with me actively, I can play about 4 games on average a minute or so. If I played that nonstop until I got to 1000 games, I'd need 242 minutes or ~4 hours. So, the rough maximum I could earn from home games in a week, after tips and ignoring player maintenance, is $108,148,145. So, yeah, maybe some people are making more profit than my $67.6m historical net total in a single week. But they'd need to spend ~28 hours of their week clicking a button to do that. If you're a normal human who sleeps 8 hours a day (and let's be honest, nearly none of us are), that's 25% of your week gone and that's using a tool to make your life a little easier. So, if you're doing that, you've earned it in my opinion. And that's why I said earlier no real human is seriously doing that every single day and if you're seeing that, I would agree that you're probably looking at a bot. Math here for you: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sTm6HsX0QEjzHK9hJFZok-pjkS8eR6OKaKlpay6VV68/edit?usp=sharing
  4. That City 1 nation with 0 infra would have to miraculously produce somewhere around 45m to max out their stadium and their team in order to make 22m a day from it. So, unless their alliance is funding that, that's not happening, and I find it a little hard to believe most alliances would fund a nation a baseball team when getting them to 5 cities costs less than half that and benefits the alliance as a whole considerably more. So... a city 1 nation with 0 infra couldn't do it far more likely than not. What is your argument here? As for keno, I personally didn't care to have it removed. The money sink was good, having the ability to win a little cash is fine. But billions? That is what shouldn't even be a possibility. The fact that anyone could make billions of it is beyond ridiculous. With baseball though, no one is making billions and the money you do make is not by chance, you have to work for it. Here's an example breakdown for you with my own nation: Money Invested: $82,497,501.00 | Money Earned: $214,417,005.04 So, in the almost three years I've been playing this game, I've made a grand total of $214,417,005.04 from playing baseball. Most of that is likely from home games because that is predominantly what I do, so I don't often make money in tips playing aways. Because of tipping culture, I generally give about 30% of the original money earned (the 214m) to other players. 30% of that is $64,325,101.51. I've also sunk $82,497,501.00 into the costs of my stadium and players. $214,417,005.04 - $82,497,501.00 - $64,325,101.51 = $67,594,402.53 $67.6 million over 3 years. And hours of time sunk into this game to get it. That's your concern?
  5. It's also different than keno and the other side games because it's not random. Every nation has the ability to do this equally.
  6. That's a tool, not a bot. They are still doing the work, which makes it within the rules. I'm aware of the reasons why that's the max people tend to go to but I'm pretty sure Alex showed just yesterday that not a lot of people do make it to that mark. My 1500 estimate includes both homes and aways though, just as an FYI. Then make it solely about that instead of trying to also accuse of them of cheating when they don't appear to be based on the evidence you've given.
  7. One of my gov members and I have the same issue that we also discovered when he was trying to send money to me. We live on different continents. I also remember @Pop having a similar issue with this with @dtc justice if I remember correctly, where they had previously had been able to declare war on one another and then couldn't suddenly because of this restriction and were confused.
  8. Two major complaints here: A few hours isn't instant. It takes a lot of time and people do still have to work for it if they want it. If you actually saw that tool while the page was up, you'd have seen that it wasn't botting. All it does is make the button bigger and lets you refresh the page the page by clicking the button. You still have to click the button, which makes it within game rules, this tool only makes it easier to do that with. Unless someone is way over 1500 games/day (which is about the max I've seen people really be able to do) or reaching those levels every day, there's really no reason to suspect botting. Most people don't get anywhere near either of those most days because it is so time intensive to do so and there's little incentive to spend time on it much beyond that because of the changes Alex made.
  9. As someone who plays baseball regularly, out of all of those, only one's history looks even remotely suspicious to me but because it's away games, it's probably not either. Away games take significantly less time to play than home games. It doesn't take as long to play and rack up games if you know what you're doing and you get into a good rhythm/a lot of people are online at the time. If they had 4 or 5 thousand games per day or more, like some players in the past who have gotten in trouble for baseball, I would be concerned but they don't.
  10. He's a one man show. Who needs anyone else?
  11. You're a little all over the place here, friend. First you invite us back to a non-existent server, then you tell us you're gonna sit on us forever, now you want us to make a server and invite you? This is a fun rollercoaster at least. 10/10 would ride again.
  12. So much for "yeah, sure, come back to talks"
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