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  1. He's a one man show. Who needs anyone else?
  2. You're a little all over the place here, friend. First you invite us back to a non-existent server, then you tell us you're gonna sit on us forever, now you want us to make a server and invite you? This is a fun rollercoaster at least. 10/10 would ride again.
  3. So much for "yeah, sure, come back to talks"
  4. It's not false. You yourself have been working to negotiate, the "official" reps have not. Given that your coalition just broke a NAP against Farksphere, you'll forgive me if I don't have much faith in your word on this.
  5. Your coalition has been incredibly unwilling to negotiate on anything thus far, which is why I can't even know if what you say is true or not because we're still stuck on the KT issue.
  6. We never left it until we were kicked and are still willing to talk. We currently have no negotiating chamber, however. I believe you still talk to t$ in theirs.
  7. You asked for us to clarify. So I did.
  8. That full sum is expected to be paid upfront. 45b.
  9. *Coalition B not Opus Dei alone but since you asked nicely.... 10b bond (under easily exploitable conditions) from the KERCHTOGG half of Coalition A to Coalition B 10b bond (under easily exploitable conditions) from the Starksphere half of Coalition A to Coalition B 500m from TGH to GOONS 500m from CoS to UPN (already paid) 50m from Soup Kitchen to UPN 300m from Soup Kitchen to TCW ~15b in money/resources from KT to Polaris 2b combined from KT/TKR/t$ to UPN 2b from CoA to The Covenant 5b from CoA to BK 50m from CoA to UPN An undisclosed amount from t$ to Coalition B (Gringotts Bank term) That all adds up to ~45.45b w/o the Gringotts term and that's just Coalition A and not TCWsphere.
  10. My name is Adrienne Majid. Get it straight.
  11. A solid chunk of IQ boycotted these awards so, yes, their representation was a little lacking. We'd have liked to have seen more participation from them and tried hard to encourage them to participate. Chaos, however, was only four alliances, only three of which participated, and there were somewhere in the ballpark of 35-40 representatives that participated in total for the alliance representative voting. IQ still won a fair number of categories though and some in an absolute landslide. As for the public voting, the polls were posted on the OWF and left up for a week for voting. If these awards are done again next year though, hopefully we can find some additional ways of advertising/getting the news out.
  12. Good for you. Can't say the same 😛
  13. We were not closed off to the idea of working with you and that was made clear. As stated earlier though, we try to make it a point not to abandon coalition mates. Wartime coalitions =/= long term allies though. You made the decision to close us off by allying your war coalition and consolidating the two.
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