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  1. *Coalition B not Opus Dei alone but since you asked nicely.... 10b bond (under easily exploitable conditions) from the KERCHTOGG half of Coalition A to Coalition B 10b bond (under easily exploitable conditions) from the Starksphere half of Coalition A to Coalition B 500m from TGH to GOONS 500m from CoS to UPN (already paid) 50m from Soup Kitchen to UPN 300m from Soup Kitchen to TCW ~15b in money/resources from KT to Polaris 2b combined from KT/TKR/t$ to UPN 2b from CoA to The Covenant 5b from CoA to BK 50m from CoA to UPN An undisclosed amount from t$ to Coalition B (Gringotts Bank term) That all adds up to ~45.45b w/o the Gringotts term and that's just Coalition A and not TCWsphere.
  2. My name is Adrienne Majid. Get it straight.
  3. A solid chunk of IQ boycotted these awards so, yes, their representation was a little lacking. We'd have liked to have seen more participation from them and tried hard to encourage them to participate. Chaos, however, was only four alliances, only three of which participated, and there were somewhere in the ballpark of 35-40 representatives that participated in total for the alliance representative voting. IQ still won a fair number of categories though and some in an absolute landslide. As for the public voting, the polls were posted on the OWF and left up for a week for voting. If these awards are done again next year though, hopefully we can find some additional ways of advertising/getting the news out.
  4. Good for you. Can't say the same 😛
  5. We were not closed off to the idea of working with you and that was made clear. As stated earlier though, we try to make it a point not to abandon coalition mates. Wartime coalitions =/= long term allies though. You made the decision to close us off by allying your war coalition and consolidating the two.
  6. "Quite obvious"? We expressed interest in future ties with you and then you went and treatied up with nearly your entire coalition. The only alliance clearly not interested in that is yours.
  7. I'm fairly certain you're trolling now lol. Because "post-war disband chaos and become our prot" doesn't translate to "hey, I want you out of the war now" in any context I've ever been a part of. And if you wanted to pull us post-war, not signing everyone that's made it a goal of theirs to grind us into dust and making statements like "lines are being drawn" would have been a fantastic start. "Abandon the only people willing to help you so that we can roll you a month after we eventually end the war with them and then you'll actually have no one to help". But sure, let's rewind back to blaming our decision to not allow that to happen on supposed grudges and egos.
  8. That's what qualifies as offers to have us leave? lol
  9. No one else has approached me besides Marx/JT Jag.
  10. Same here. 3/4. I'm going to defer to @Prefonteen on this one as this was never discussed in your coalition's peace discussions with me at the very least. Not sure if it was in the Syndisphere chats or not. 5. You can try to discount Sphinx and that'd be fair but Sphinx isn't the only one in those discussions or person privy to those plans. 6. I can't speak for Kev here but I definitely do not recall a single offer to get us out of the war prior to your "formal" offer.
  11. 2. I'm not asking you to. 3/4. We didn't decline that. We also made offers not to reaccept any members that left for KT and/or rogued you guys. We also repeatedly stated we did not believe this would happen to you and offered to reimburse you for hits if it did. Not sure what else we could have offered to illustrate we wouldn't be funding KT. 5. You can say indefinitely but the only proof I've been given very clearly shows otherwise and no one's contradicted that in any forum I've had access to. 6. You signed your blocs on 14 and 17 November. The only offers made to me, to my knowledge/recollection, came after that, starting on 26 November. Wholeheartedly agree with this.
  12. 2. Hence why I said "your coalition" and not you specifically. But most recently, yes, it was your coalition refusing to negotiate. 3. Yes, I made that offer, back at the beginning of the negotiations. We also made subsequent offers when your coalition expressed that wasn't enough, such as offering to compensate for damages if they did hit alliances on your side and trying to come up with means of dealing with the reps demands you had for them that they'd leave behind. Despite all these offers and seeming interest in them, it was all walked back a few hours later and your coalition's stance returned to "no KT, no peace". 4. See above. 5. They were postponed until our rebuild. Hooray. 6. I appreciate your efforts but they came after you deeply entrenched yourself with people we are ideologically incompatible with and who have done nothing besides repeatedly spread lies and commit hostile acts against us. And actually aligned, not just wartime aligned. So... Apparently Leo the Great isn't either. I concur. But you've also told me you don't have much pull.
  13. 1. Why is your coalition's disposition to turning your allies against you our issue? 2. We were willing to. Your coalition wasn't. 3. I didn't say that. But thanks for putting words in my mouth. What I did say is that, to my knowledge, Sphinx/TCW are the only ones with access to that server. And your coalition is just as guilty of log dumping as anyone. 4. As previously stated, countering for KT wasn't the only offer we made. We made others, some of which your coalition appeared to be interested in before walking it all back and then going back to refusing to talk to us until KT returned. 5. This has not been debunked. NPO's involvement has not been proven but it was abundantly clear that BKsphere intended to hit us and that plan didn't end with KETOGG hitting us. It was also clear they intended to include KETOGG if they could. I highly doubt Sphinx was the sole person orchestrating that event. 6. Yes, indeed. It's my ego keeping TKR in the war and no other consideration or concern for the wellbeing or future success of my alliance. Carry on, nothing to see here.
  14. 1. Leaving Co B =/= to joining the war or dragging people in. 2. We did make progress, just because we didn't make it satisfactorily to your expectations doesn't mean we weren't there trying. My apologies for not caring to spend my Christmas with you instead of my family. 3. He kicked everyone out. What he does with the logs is his decision. 4. We told you we have no control over KT and presented several suggestions. Your coalition refused to consider any of them. Additional conversations in no way referred to anything regarding Sphinx, but rather trying to sort out where we all stood on terms. 5. Responsible for what? Protecting themselves when faced with a direct threat? 6. We try to make it a point not to abandon our coalition mates. This was expressed to you at the time.
  15. We made other suggestions besides that, Jazz. Some of which your coalition appeared to be interested in before walking it all back and then going back to refusing to talk to us until KT returned.
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