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  1. Once upon a time credits could be cashed in for 5m, in those days it meant a name change would cost 10m for a single change or 20m for a full change. Now credits are worth 20m and sell for up to 30m on the market at times, that's 80 to 120m for a full rebrand to leader & Nation. As this is really a cosmetic change as it takes about 7 minutes to figure out who this person was before, either name change tokens should be reduced to 1 credit or there should be a bulk Name Change purchase so you can buy 2 for 3 credits, 5 for 7, or 10 for 10 credits etc.(or something like that)
  2. Increase referral score to atleast 1k, 500 made sense in the old score system but now it is way to low.
  3. Id like to suggest the implementation of Vassal Treaties. while Vassals now are typically placed under Protectorate or MDP I think having a seperate treaty for Offshores, Academies/Training alliances, and other directly governed extensions is a much needed addition, a vassal/offshore and a protectorate are very different when it comes to things like treaty chaining & Responsibilities to eachother, as vassals are essentially Part of the same alliance, with their obligations being very different than a typical protectorate. I think adding vassal treaties would lead to help cle
  4. Blockade break operation, Spy Op that when successful breaks all blockades the enemy currently has (as im guessing that would be easier to implement then making it able to choose which to break, which would be ideal.) Should have the same or 130% (or more even) the diffuculty of spying a nuke or somehow set it to account ship counts and have it based on that (& spy counts obviously) as this is kinda OP TBH if it doesnt have a high failure rate I could also be persuaded to support a space control break for air control though not sure how that would work logically from a re
  5. Definitely like this idea, but have to admit I'm about as biased as @Sir Scarfalot when it comes to anything involving missiles. So maybe to appease the people freaking out, reduce the resistance they damage proportional to the MAP change, this would also slightly buff Iron Dome just a touch since it would take more missiles to do the same resistance damage therefore more chances of being shot down.
  6. Ill be honest, I don't care much for how you layed it out mechanically but something like this or a change to the treasure system could work if implemented right.
  7. I could get behind this but would prefer it to be a toggle in settings to hide.
  8. Remove score requirement, replace it with this 3 to 5 People that have reached 10 cities or 30 days playing required to make a new alliance. This way players who want to make an alliance are encouraged to interact more with the community, which may lead them to rethinking their choice if they are less ready than they thought, and most new alliances will already have an established core group from the beginning to govern. Is this a hard impedement? not really, but I think it is better than raising the score requirement by some arbitrarily decided number every
  9. Now that organizing wars to clear bounties is officially against the rules, I dont think this mechanic makes sense anymore.
  10. Maybe just the project at 2, city remaining 4 or 3. since while some projects can be powerful, if some alliance upbought their soldier 6 cities on a war at the end of month and then upbought 6 more at monthly reset that would just be way too abusive IMO And 6 on its own can be pretty heavy too especially in the lower mid tier.
  11. I think making alliances cost 60 to 20m cash would make people think more about the alliance as an investment, and while it is an easy goal to obtain, it is still both a cost that causes them to think whether they should go c11 or buy this alliance. If this was implemented along with a small time period after creation, only 10 days or so, I think this would make it to where inexperienced players will seek other alliances to learn how to govern and get a group together, and possibly even help the nanos by overthrowing or becoming a more productive governor than the leader, which helps with
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