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  1. Ukunaka

    Remove National Project Timer

    i agree with alot of your points, however i do not mean it as a strategy to be utilized repeatedly for defense but rather a massive blitz attack from an alliance with newer military members conducting a full assault and buying multiple cities for them. either by massively rich alliances or one that used alot of pay to win credits.
  2. Ukunaka

    Remove National Project Timer

    tbh im starting to see your points, with the timer already jumped from 5 to 10 cities, it is somewhat obsolete and people should just adapt to that change by having more devoted blockade breakers & blockaders in their military.
  3. Ukunaka

    Remove National Project Timer

    i once got triple countered at 7CC by a 13cc a 16cc and a 20cc right after the ayyslamic crusades. so yeah it most certainly can get more ridiculous.
  4. Ukunaka

    Remove National Project Timer

    Definitely agree to this, the costs of most projects and the infra requirements are enough to keep them from being built up "too quickly" and even if you decide against removing in the end i hope you will seperate the city & project timers (after 10 cities) and possibly reduce them. as to the city timer, im not so sure about removing it, i do get scarf's point about them not being able to just ditch those cities to keep doing it, buti still think it might be a tricky situation with counters. i personally would use the strategy alot against enemy alliances, and would get my members to do the same, attacking 5 nations in one alliance and then waiting for three counters then jumping 3 or 4 cities, fully militarize them and then curb stomp all 8. of course with any change should come adaptation so if it was removed i think alliances could rethink how they counter maybe just double counter until you are sure he isn't going to jump or get an intel report to know if he could buy a city with his onhand cash and if not triple counter then go for blockade in the first wave so his alliance doesn't just buy him another couple of cities. maybe instead of getting rid of the city time completely we reduce it to somewhere around 3-5 days and reduce the reset city timer credit purchase to 1 or 2 credits
  5. Ukunaka

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    *massacre deserters
  6. Ukunaka

    NVM realised the problem

    ~~~~ Delete this
  7. Ukunaka

    Sorry, no Rerolls this time.

    What is this "supremacy clause"?
  8. not a big bug but when you got to nation search from selecting your color bloc on nations pages, it ignores your "results to show in search" settings and instead defaults to 10 entries (mine is set to 50)
  9. After the update the treaty webs on alliance pages are no longer interactive and are instead a static image (at least for me on Chrome-PC) Not sure if this is a bug from the update or just because of the confetti overlay thingy.
  10. Ukunaka


  11. Ukunaka


    it does not "belong on" pizza but still "can go on" pizza END THE TWO PIZZA SYSTEM!

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