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  1. I literally thought they disbanded before I saw this tbh, I just deleted their role on my server yesterday.
  2. I mean, you gave up an alliance with a cool theme to remake this boring one, and didn't even have the decency to hand NCR over or disband it, (meaning that name is locked until all those inactives cease to exist) and you get couped alot so it's a pretty reasonable assumption to make.
  3. Did you seriously already get couped from New California Republic? You'd think at some point you'd learn to not give people you don't IRL or atleast outside PW the heir position.
  4. We have never gone anywhere and all wars other then the Camelot war I have profited from immensely including your alliance which has paid for half my cities funded my VIP since June, funded an alliance flag before Alex made that completely worthless, funded my nuke facility, my ironworx, and my missile pad. As well as 90% of all gas, food l and munitions I used from june until the breakout of the global war, countless member city grants, another members missilepad, an untold amounts of infra. As for my protector treaty it was much more recent than the wars, and they approached us. They had no relation to eachother.
  5. First off, we had a treaty with AD and they know us, not sure why that is of any relevance since bombardier has no connection to AD. Also we do not care about who protects who unless you have a treaty with BK idgaf about you, I'll raid your protectorate and then go hit the protector as well. Third how many war declarations against your shitty micro before you call in your protector? 
  6. Well that is what I actually want, and something I have suggested twice before in others' suggestions. This suggestion is really meant more as a simple one so that Alex might actually add it soon, to serve as a bandaid until that bigger suggestion can be implemented if it ever will be.
  7. @Alex Please add a rank between Heir & Officer so that alliances dont have to choose between giving all officers bank & tax access or making all bank gov Heirs. A rank with all the same powers as officer but that can be given bank access. While i would prefer something like what was suggested in this topic, https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/24262-custom-member-ranks/ , And my suggestions in the comment in it (ability for leaders to create custom ranks with different access in the control panel/edit alliance section). I think simply adding a rank above officer in the meantime should be an easy fix to one of the biggest issues i have with the game, which is being forced to choose between bank security or alliance security.
  8. Man I remember them days back when I started. Nukes used to biege as well and you couldn't see how many people had without an Intel report (though it used to still effect score so there were ways to calculate them without using spies) People used to always go back and forth to 4 or 5 IT ground attacks and then the other would turn it around and do 4 or 5. 1 v 1s with two active players used to almost always expire either for the reasons you mentioned or simply because they kept going back and forth.
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