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  1. Recently i have started to recieve messages from someone that i have blocked communications from, prior to this it has worked perfectly fine, their messages from before i blocked them were hidden and any new messages they may have sent have not come thru. The messages do not show any notification [IE: Messages (1)] however when i click my messages they are still visible and can continue to send them to me. I have unblocked them then reblocked them though the messages still are not hidden.
  2. Ukunaka

    Tip Button for Baseball

    Personally i prefer to trade games as opposed to tipping directly, though sometimes when a team i know outmatches me keeps clearing my homes but im not catching them in the aways i usually send them a challenge game for a small chunk of my home game winnings. I think the change should not be a "Tip button" but rather an increase in away game winnings and that away winnings should be based on the home team's ticket income. of course i think homes should get more then aways just due to the fact its not instant and investing in stadiums cost more, but then over time investing in aways ends up costing more as players retire but the stadium endures. one point you bring up @Alex is that there would be a lack of incentives to host homes if aways made more money, but as it stands now aways make so little that there is NO incentive to invest in your team and play aways other than simply not wanting to be a leech and now getting embargoed for being a leech.
  3. Ukunaka

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

  4. Ukunaka

    United Orbis DoE

    first its arrgh! not aargh, second how does an anarchic alliance have representation if they have no government? im starting to think that you just included all these alliances without asking anyone, especially their leaders which is a good way to make alot of enemies
  5. Ukunaka

    United Orbis DoE

    Irrelevant we did not sign any agreement of any kind nor agree to regulating nukes I, The Emperor of the Moonlit Sakura, formally declare that we support unregulated access to Nukes and NUCLEAR WINTER and are in no way formally connected to this organization nor signatories to it. we did not authorize in any way shape or form our inclusion to it on the wiki and have edited it, removing us from it. TUNNEL SNAKES RULE! LET THE NUKES FLY!
  6. Ukunaka

    United Orbis DoE

    Why The frick is my alliance listed to this garbage!
  7. Ukunaka

    Tie military into city count instead of pop

    @Alexwhat he is meaning to say is remove the population % military caps. (15% soldiers, 1.5% Tanks, 0.1% Air, 0.01% Ships) since the military is already Caped by city count.
  8. Ukunaka

    Order Treaties by Significance Not Date

    @AlexThanks for this change it is welcomed, however for some reason NAPs show up in between ODPs and ODoAP when they should be at the bottom, and PIATs are above protectorates as well though this may have been intentional, if this was intentional i would like to protest against it as Protectorates and Protectors should carry much more weight and obligations than a PIAT or NAP
  9. i would go a step further and create a distinction for money|raw|MFG|food as well for agriculture sector members to be taxed for their food at different rates than their raws and MFGs I would also like this as well
  10. Ukunaka

    More bbcode options

    all color bbcodes work already lime [color=#A2FF00]lime[/color] here is a text generator site so you can pick a different shade as that one i didn't really compare to the nation color so might not be perfect https://www.stuffbydavid.com/textcolorizer
  11. Ukunaka

    Order Treaties by Significance Not Date

    I agree with this and think this change is needed though i think PIATs and NAPs should be at the bottom instead of Protectorates there also should be some way to remove expired treaties from the control panel list especially the ones that were never anything above proposals
  12. Ukunaka

    Inactive Alliance Members

    while i think this should be left up to the leaders & officers to do it themselves as different alliances should be allowed to make their own time frames and conditions for removing inactives, and failure to keep track of members is really a failure on the government/officers/leaders in charge of those aspects of the alliance , I do however think that one thing about inactive nations in alliances (especially grey inactives) that should be changed is that they should not count toward an alliance's score. there are many alliances out there that keep dead nations in their alliance just to keep their scores, Rankings and member counts inflated, when in reality they might not even have 5% of the force they claim to have. •though an option in the control panel to move inactives en masse based on a selected number of days might also be a good idea as well •another thing i think any alliance with no one in a leader or heir position should either be able to be taken control of by any member or be instantly disbanded with the bank being spread amongst all active members based on their % of the alliance score is from their score (of course with the change to inactives not counting toward score)
  13. Ukunaka

    200th missile launched

    Congrazzles on blowing stuff up alot.
  14. Ukunaka

    New city build timer

    i also think this is a bug just judging from alex's response on my question about this situation in this topic. though i think if there is a way to code it to were the projects and city timers are not connected until you reach ten cities that might be a better solution than removing the project timer completely before 10 cities
  15. Ukunaka

    Question about City Timers and Projects

    @Alexwell the question was actually about whether the coding exempts the first ten cities from being effected by the project timer, but i have figured out that the first ten cities do have a timer if you build a project I Found the answer to the question that you probably have already figured out the answer to

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