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  1. I kinda would like it, but what i'd like to see even more is a reduction in tanks upkeep cost, since max tanks cost almost double max planes in upkeep, and many times end up just being a liability, especially after someone gets air superiority.
  2. I (They MOSTLY) Mutual Defense A direct attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories. (WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO FLAKE ON THIS TREATY IN THE EVENT OF SUFFICIENT DOGPILE ON ONE SIGNATORY BEFORE GIVEN SUFFICIENT TIME TO ENACT OUR OWN)
  3. no, its a valid CB wildcard for any sphere that thinks they were the target
  4. Milestones - when you reach the 5000x infrastructure milestones to unlock a project, the slot should remain even if the infra is burned away the way the 100 wars & base project slots are permanent, so that people aren't forced to repair infra to change projects or if they unlock the 100 wars slot but no longer have the infra of their last project they can actually use the new slot. Completely Remove Project Timer - while the city timer has a balancing function, the project timer is nothing but a growth throttle that isn't really needed, and so i would like to see the project time removed completely or at the very least immediately separated from the city timer (a 5 or 10 day timer after destroying a project to build another with that slot only could be an exception if deemed necessary) Bonus Suggestion: it would also be nice to see the 100 wars won/lost concept expanded on, with another slot unlocked at 250, 500, & possibly every 250 or 500 multiple after 500
  5. Increased daily spy purchases you can now buy 5 Spies a day (now takes 10 days instead of 25 to max[50]) Intel Agency adds ability to purchase 1 more spy a day (now takes 10 days instead of 20 to max [60]) Spy Satellite adds ability to purchase 1 more spy a day (maxes at ~9 days (8.5 days with Intel Agency[60], 8.3 days without[50]) Intel Report operations separated from limits on other Operations you get 1 spy op & 2 intel reports without Intel Agency, and 2 spy ops, 3 intel reports with Intel Agency New Operations Instigate Riots/Unrest - adds a Crime factor that ignores police for 12 turns Sabotage Banking Network - adds a temporary reduction to commerce in the city with the highest commerce for 12 turns Special Operations these operations can only be used on nations you are engaged in war with Sabotage Logistics - Removes 1 MAP from target's war with you Blockade Run / Blockade Break - Breaks Target's Blockade on you [option 1: temporarily allows trade for 2 turns (does not technically remove blockade so bombardment can still occur (when that update comes) and doesn't require re-blockading)] [option 2: breaks blockade] Buff to Operations on targets engaged in war with you do 50% more damage when executing sabotage unit operations on nations you are currently in a war with (excludes spy assassinations, missile sabotage, & nuke sabotage) Change to Infra Sabotage Operation Infra Sabotage operations now have a miniscule chance to break non-military, non-power improvements if successful, and the infra damage they do is increased slightly Bugfixes and balance patches coming soon, please leave feedback and report any bugs you find.
  6. i also think attrition should have a higher degree of improvement destruction in both navy & ground, and raid should have lower than ordinary. id also like to make ordinary kill more units than both, so that it is more than just the middle ground for people unsure if they want to raid or burn someone.
  7. why is it that high? wouldn't that mean that anyone that doesnt have an xxx3 build would never be able to use this, since xxx2 would only be capable of fielding 66.6...% of max navy? i get that you dont want a 1 ship navy blowing up improvements but maybe we could reduce it to like 50 to 66.6...% needed so more people could use it?
  8. the cure to spies killing too many spies and most of the other issues with spy warfare is not nerfing assassination ops and spy sats, its to increase the daily buy of spies, which currently take 25 days to max without projects, 20 days to max with intel, and 15 days with both intel and spy sat. increasing the recover time of spies makes spy pins much less brutal, and balances the spy game while not making it obsolete or a waste of money to engage in.
  9. actually instead of making tourism into what's basically another commerce section id like to see tourism effect the rate of population increase in a city over time, so that nations with high tourism have a higher population growth rate. however this would require a overhaul to city population growth in general, tweaking the base formula and adding some things to function as populations sinks. perhaps things can lead to population decrease over time (bottom-capped at base amount) at low tourism such as having low commerce or low infra to improvements ratio or crime & disease.. something like that, and nukes wiping some of the non-base populations when used. etc. if fleshed out in a balanced manner it actually could be a worthwhile and dynamic feature, with some people effectively having young cities with old city populations and vice versa. but as it has implications in economic power and warfare at low infra due to population it really must be tested thoroughly to see its short and long term effects and shouldnt be published live until it is safe and wont effect a major conflict. both tourism and population growth/decay could also be a new source of projects related to them, adding more dynamics in project builds & economic planning as well
  10. you can trade anything for the objective, and can cancel the offer immediately after posting if you don't want to sell anything.
  11. right... because your side totally didnt blitz my bloc... also the point wasnt that they should be in the war, its that one of the only alliances without an excuse not to defend taith, who is being hit right now unrelated to the global, is dropping their treaty, without providing any screenshots or proof of their claims in their post.
  12. TCM the Taith protector not involved in the great wat refuses to assist its Meme treaty.
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