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  1. Ukunaka

    Shifty News Network LLC-State of the Union

    Long live the obsidian order
  2. Ukunaka

    Egyptian Empire DoE

    HIMPr. nswt-bjt Aakheperenre Djehutimose Neferkhau Kanekhetuserpehti Merymaat Netjerinesit Sekhemkheperu Mekkemetwafkhasut blesses this may the spirit of Ra-Djehuti-Maahes-Nefertem & Aset guide to victory
  3. another protectorate did the same, even raided another one of their other protectorates.
  4. Ukunaka

    Beige paradox options

    i agree with this but only when an action is used in a offensive war, if you keep fighting a defensive war after being bieged it shouldnt be removed. (not sure if he meant that by offensive attack as that could be interpreted as such or just in general)
  5. Ukunaka

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    well tbh im not really pushing for the change its just that i was originally opposed to apemans removal of offensive war cap suggestion but found a compromise so there would be an added risk factor in declaring on more than 5. i just forgot to post it on his thread until he mentioned it again here.
  6. Ukunaka

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    yo, i had another new idea on the offensive war cap, basically its a system where you start with 3 defensive slots but if you go above 5 offensive wars you get an additional defensive slot against you for every 2 offensive wars after the 5th rounded up Example- 0-5 offensive wars = 3 def slots 6=4 def slots 7=4 def slots 8=5 def slots 10=6 def slots 20=11 def slots and so on... this way you can declare as many offensive wars as you want but their is a risk factor for declaring on 50 inactives at a time, in that you open yourself to more possible counters or raids and cant just fend off 3 sloppy counters pin them and raid as many people as you want with no risk until youve gotten out of the first three wars or biege.
  7. Ukunaka

    Fezza - Not part of us - Omega

    he has aIso impersonated others including me, and has aIso used other names including memegenerator
  8. Ukunaka


    You also can't perform military or spy actions or launch missiles/nukes if you run out of money until you no longer have a deficit or you have enough on hand to cover it during a turn change. i agree that is a little backwards I think the military lock should also apply for no food (though not for nuke/missile launches as that just makes no sense).
  9. Ukunaka

    72 weeks late

  10. Do missiles intercepted by iron domes count toward your missiles launched stat or is it only those that make contact? im guessing it would be the same for Nukes & VDS ?
  11. I like my Tacos.

    ...there's no punchline i just really like tacos.

  12. Ukunaka

    Large bugs

    it does not save your answers it just changes you economic and social policies position based on them as to import/export thats to import/export a city build to another, nothing to do with trade the login issue, everyone is dealing with it, the last update cause problems with the cookies files so they removed some of those cookies while repairing them the app response, i don't know about this one as i have never used the app, but most people prefer the mobile browser to the app, their are a few minor bugs with the app on some devices.
  13. Ukunaka

    why would u spy on ur self error

    you click the same button on the person you want to do espionage/sabotage on.
  14. Ukunaka

    Remember Me?

    Same issue here I think it has something to do with the cookies issue that was giving everyone 505 errors when they tried to get on the site yesterday, maybe they removed those cookies while the devs figure out what they broke as i'm no longer getting the error but remember me isn't working anymore.
  15. Ukunaka

    Brotherhood of the Clouds Do'R'E


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