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  1. War name vote - Purge Round

    IDGAF what you call it, im calling it fallout 5: new orbis as it and the Alliances inspired by it, ESPECIALLY New California Republic, are the reason i started playing fallout 3, my first fallout game.
  2. Can you Collect Bounties in defensive wars as long as they are the correct war type?
  3. What powers do alliance Officers have?

    oh wow i thought heirs could only take if all leaders went inactive for 45 days, that seems like to much power for an Heir. I erased my heir title as i would only give this to someone i knew IRL as i don't plan on going inactive.
  4. Typo/Outdated Text bug report

    This information that shows up before attempting a sabotage nuke Espionage action is now outdated as nuclear weapons are visible to the public without using a gather intelligence operation
  5. What happens if you run out of money?

    ah that's kinda lame, i thought it might force decommission their troops at turn change or something. thanks ^o^
  6. BK are bullies

  7. What happens if your expenses were higher than your income but you have no more money on hand to cover the expense?
  8. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    only to grey by attacking another nation, not to your actual alliance color
  9. Removing Beige or Severely Nerfing It

    i say just get rid of the multiple beiging, once you're beige you don't get more beige time by losing a war unless you leave beige, can this be exploited still? yeah, but still not as much as the current biege system also allow nations to switch back to their color out of biege without waiting the full biege timer to expire.
  10. What were you doing (or trying to do): Get Taxed? What happened (describe thoroughly please): im Currently Taxed at 100% $ and 100% Resources yet for some reason last turn only my cash was taxed and all my resources went to me instead of the bank. i went to check to make sure i was in the right bracket because i was in a 100% 0% bracket a few days ago, but i was in my correct bracket, plus it had been taken my taxes corrrectly for the last few turns only this last turn that just passed took incorrectly Link to page: N/A •UPDATE: ok now for a second turn it is still not taking my resources despite being at 100% tax and now isn't taking my $ either and on revenue tab it does not show any tax rate •FURTHER UPDATE: the problem stopped not sure why it happened at first but its taxing normal now
  11. BK are bullies

    how do i upvote this 20 times omfg im literally crying
  12. The Empire of The Moonlit Sakura

    We are Seeking to fill these government positions please contact me on our •Discord• to apply for a government position •Executive• • Peace Chief (White Queen[/King] / Left Chancellor): Head of Domestic Affairs • Chief of Justice: Head of the judicial branch • President of the Examination Council (Purple Chief): Screens new applicants & those seeeking government positions •Secondary Heads, Ministers and Ceremonial Positions• •A'chinvsti (Imperial speaker): Head of propaganda and Announcements from the Emperor •Tikuhno'Chiliski (Peace speaker) : Second Head of the Domestic Affairs •Skalikoski (War speaker): Second Head of International Affairs
  13. hmm but can't a nation be blockaded by two nations at a time?; So how would that work if two nations are blockading or does only the first to get a naval victory hold the blockade symbol during a 2v1 / 3v1 or would neither be able to trade or would both?
  14. This is what i meant by allocating Treasury funds. (sorry for the terminology confusion when i say treasury i mean alliance bank) Thanks for your concise explanation, i knew most of the other stuff, other than that blockaded nations can trade with the nation blockading them and the taxes obviously, but hopefully if someone in the future searches for this question they might learn something they didn't know.
  15. if a nation is blockaded, can they allocate funds already in the treasury to a non-blockaded nation? and also do blockaded nations still pay alliance taxes? [if a nation is blockaded, they cannot withdrawl from or deposit into the bank, i know this, that's not what this question is about but someone is going to answer that anyways]