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  1. “It’s the end of the day, but it feels like dawn, and a new beginning. It comes to me that both twilight periods are, in fact, symmetrical events on opposite sides of midnight, a cycle of endless creation and destruction, an Ouroboros.” As the sun rose, Rose drove east—away from the desert she arrived in all those months ago. It seemed her work was done there, and it was time to find a new path, perhaps a new beginning. The legends of the starship that made worlds tremble were not exactly where she thought they were, as surveying the stars left her with empty hands, in the end. However, she had caught wind of its presence at a place where the moon crosses the sun, so here she was, driving as fast as she could towards what she figured would be its next location. Alongside her was her longest friend; ASM had been there time and again for her, and she was glad she could rely on them once more. After moving east, the directions took her north, then west, then south, until she ended up where she started. Rose exited the car. An entire day, lost. What was wrong with the directions? She had driven from sunrise to sunset, and she ended up at the empty desert where she started. However, she then noticed it. The massive size of the ship seemed to dwarf everything in its proximity, but Rose immediately knew that it was exactly what she was looking for. After all, ships rarely come that large. Alongside ASM, she approached the ship, waiting for whatever it brought forth. It then occurred to her that despite the massive ship, everything else was incredibly similar to how it was in the morning. She had been driving through the day in a ring, arriving at a time when everything was exactly how she left it. Above, the moon moved between the sun and the world, casting its shadow. The Daemonship opened; two figures stepped out and approached the pair. The figure on the left spoke. “Hello there. I do believe you two are who I am looking for. It seems that we’ve ended up in a place not dissimilar to where we’ve been previously; seemingly, we’ve gone in a circle. If nothing else, it does seem to be that we’ve been making our way to you all along. My name is Vein, I pilot this ship. To my right is Empiur, they have been a worthy ally and friend through many months.” Rose smiled. “This is ASM, and I am Rose. Pleasure to meet you.” TL;DR - ASM, Eclipse, Rose, and Weebunism form Ouroboros. Signatories: On behalf of the Union: Union Representative: Himekishi Sakura Alsainn Union Representative: Arawra On behalf of Eclipse/Terminus Est: Commander & Foreign Affairs: Vein Milcom Head: Pascal Economic Affairs: Patrick Stewart Internal Affairs: Cino Technological Affairs: Putmir TEst Warmaster/Whale: Sphinx On behalf of Rose: Emperor: Lucianus High Justice: Vexz Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Wasteking On behalf of Weebunism: General Secretary: Empiur
  2. We were hit without a CB. Mystery solved.
  3. Alliance of the Year: EclipseMost Improved Alliance: The WeiBest Rookie Alliance: VoodooBest Alliance for New Players: RoseMost Likely to Succeed in 2022: Hand of FateMost Likely to be Rolled in 2022: t$Most Honorable Alliance: Most Immoral Alliance:Best Fighting Alliance: EclipseWorst Fighting Alliance: Space InvadersBest Alliance Growth: RoseBest Foreign Affairs Team: RoseBest Foreign Affairs Move: Rose/Atlas MergerWorst Foreign Affairs Move: Oasis Mystery TreatyAlliance with Best Propaganda: The WeiMost Missed Alliance: InfernoBest Alliance Flag (please link):Best Holiday Flag (please link):
  4. Player of the Year: ValkorionMost Influential Player: ValkorionMost Likely to Succeed in 2022: PenpikoBest Alliance Leader: ValkorionWorst Alliance Leader: EpiBest In-Character Poster: Best Villain:Nicest Player: CallistoMost Controversial Player: TyrionMost Missed Player: Best Fighter: Best Nation Page: James Heron/OriginAlpha
  5. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  6. Anyone voting for Error 522 is pathetic.
  7. I'm excited for what the future holds. Much deserved, Luci.
  8. Congrats to our allies in Rose. Welcome to Daddy Sphere CoA!
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