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  1. 🤣Awww c'mon...how 'bout $1.51/Unit? It's only a 99% discount. Don't hog all the salt-licks and chestnuts. It's like I'm doin' an intervention here 'cause I care about you, man. I'm trying to help ya out here.... Now, all that Sodium in your diet just isn't good for ya, ya know. It's really bad for your blood pressure. It was scientifically proven over at Gudea Labs that Sodium has a worse effect on an Aussie deer's blood pressure than Noobium.🤣
  2. 🤣Nokia gib Hime-sama an' me some Burritos? YUMMERS!!🤣
  3. I just woke up, @Prefontaine, so bear with. Just a random thought that jumped into my head....let's call it a 'Project Stack'. Instead of adding project slots due to wars won, have the game system 'stack' the associated planners in 1 slot, instead of 2 or 3. Examples: If a player buys all 3 satellite projects, the game could 'stack' the 3 Satellite Projects in 1 slot. The player will be 'rewarded' with 2 extra slots for having 'collected' all the satellite projects. Same-same with the Civil Engineering, Advanced Civil Engineering, and Terra-Forming Projects - all would be 'stacked' in 1 slot, opening 2 extra slots. Same-same for City Planner and Advanced City Planner - both 'stacked' in 1 slot, opens 1 extra slot. Selling a project that's part of a 'stack' of 3 or more projects, a player would need an extra slot or slots open for the remaining project(s) to 'unstack' into separate slots again, due to the loss of the 'stacking bonus' involving the extra project slot or slots. I don't see how wars won equate with project slots....seems that's kinda like a 'random' idea. Project slots equate with number of cities and infra, even though I have the 200 wars won. Good ideas from you an' the rest of the Orbis Think-Tank herd!
  4. I wonder.....how long has CaptainPronin been a member of NPO? He presents irrational arguments just like the other Roq-bots did during Dial Up....and plays the Phony Victim card game just as ineptly, too. His style seems familiar....a very NPO/GOON-ish posting style. A 'new' player, huh? The smell of bull-flop permeates the air.....
  5. Gudea

    Adri Out!

    Well, so much for our super-secret insidious plot to subjugate SK by means of British invaders, British 5th. columnist infiltrators, and dissemination of subversive British propaganda (using proper English, of course!) from TKR. 'Sigh'.... Long Live Queen @Adrienne Anyways!! And long live King @Benfro!!
  6. Gudea


    Good show, Max! And you guys have better microphones than Thalmor!
  7. ?Congratulations on 2 Glorious Years of Iron-Fisted Rule of TKR!? ?Command your Vassals clean up the Torture Chamber to prepare for the next 2!? ?Yessss.....?
  8. Gudea


    1. hope


      i love this thank you

  9. Market prices for just about everything after this latest war are pretty gruesome, Vineet. Agreed. But, I think it's gonna be the scene for some time. It's my guess that Nations and Alliances are trying to replace war stockpiles that were burned up during the artificially extended Global. Not enough supply for the demand, so......prices are gonna be grim, and for longer than any other post-war period. Very likely, ya think? I happen to think it's gonna take another month or two for the market to re-stabilize again. My guess is prices will normalize at higher levels than they were at, say, a year ago. I have no idea how much higher. Between expenditures in war materials last war, and National Projects added during the war, nobody really has a clue as to what the 'regular' price of ANYTHING should be anymore. Just gonna have to wait.....patience is a virtue.
  10. C'mon, man.....'sigh'......you'll be back..... https://giphy.com/gifs/lionsgatehomeent-arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-2-hasta-la-vista-3oEjHSNWEQN0DbSULu
  11. You trained your baby hippos well, man. They gnawed me well during Surf's Up. Good luck, dude. Real life gets in the way.....but the pay is a lot better!
  12. https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3871164 Yup. I''m not in government, but got this message a couple minutes ago. Graphic content from a teen in his Mommy's basement. @Alex, I left it in my nation's mailbox for now for your perusal.
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