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  1. 🥰Happy Birthday, Knights Radiant!🥰
  2. 🤣I saw that name, and it reminded me of The Holy Grail!!🤣
  3. I tried to remove a .gif image from the Custom Description section in Edit to fix my Nation's score graph problem, but I think I messed something up. Something isn't deleting. I can't fix it, so I'm here e-mailing the P&W Coder Priest-Nerds of the Gods to Exorcise the Demonic force(s) in Possession of my Nation's Custom Description section.🎚️💻 🎚️ No rush. My Nation, Outremer 147110, is still fully playable as far as I can tell; I just miss my graphs and changing .gifs around. Stay Disinfected, Folks! Love, Gudea
  4. If you think Nazism = Conservatism, you need to get back to class. Nazism = Extreme Right. Conservatism = 'Regular' Right. Fascism and Communism, for example, are politically polar opposites. There's an old book called "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", written William Shirer, I think it was. Maybe ya get something out of that to add to your 'research'. Your line of reasoning seems to be: ie. Extremist regimes, Left or Right, are both composed of control freaks, are oppressive, use plenty of 'political police', etc. = Have commonalities = They are the same = All are extreme Left....is illogical. Chairs and tables have commonalities, but they are not the same. You've bought into a whopping logical fallacy. I might not be an authority, but I have the ability to reason. Try to refute this: All Extremists = Illogical, Radical Screwball Nut-Bags. Discussions with such are guaranteed to be a waste of time.
  5. It's cool. Your head's probably in the same place as mine: You're dying to lay it down The Way It Is As Ya See It, BUT you're stuck holding back. Kinda like talking to some Officer with his head firmly packed up his....Wait state....Thinking....Ummm....No....No Candor...Must Rephrase = Dodging Ft. Leavenworth and/or CCF....GRRRRR...."BING" = suffering from an acute cranial-rectal inversion! Yesss....It takes a LOT of effort, at least it does for me man, and definitely not just making Forum posts; hell, that ain't the half of it!....if ya know what I mean! Thank God I've read a lotta books and got 4 years of college after getting out.
  6. You just lied, my friend. I never said anything about sending Trump supporters to work camps. Those guilty of plotting, inciting, and/or engaging in an act of Insurrection, yes. You need to read more carefully, or are you intentionally misquoting me? In case you're unaware, the hard labor sentence does still exist, and not in work camps. Ever heard of Leavenworth? Maybe Mannheim is still around too. Your above paraphrase is, shall we say....somewhat inaccurate. By the way, I did not now, nor have I ever, reported anyone's comments to moderators. If you're having problems with someone, what do I have to do with it? Involving me in the spat mentioned on this thread was probably not one of your best ideas. But...OK. Have it your way..... Actually, I had to look up the weird term "pogue". It seems to be synonymous with what we used to call a "Remf", which I can't define for you due to Rules. Besides, "Pogue" is a Navy term, not Army. So, I'm a "Pogue", huh? I was a U.S. Army Combat Engineer-type "Grunt", 1 ea., and we both know you were being derogatory. It wasn't a good idea for you to admit it on this thread, whilst attempting to cover thy hindquarters at the same time. Nobody has to "weaponize the rules" against you. You convict yourself. Look, Slick, in all likelihood, I done my time before your parents ever had a really bad idea. I got out back in 1987. And you refer to me as "boy"?! Gotta tell ya: I wish I was, and know what I know now. And the younger, the better....for lo! I sayeth unto thee to hearken unto the sermons in Mathematics to handleth the Compound Interest Formula, and thou shalt be Well-Heeled, and thou shalt score Much Wealth, such as thou shalt knowest not how to spend! But, again, I'm probably old enough to be your Daddy, and you were trying desperately to be derogatory. That being said, I'd rather not see ya hang, get chastised, or have your meal card stamped 'No Dessert'. I've always considered Keyboard Commandos to be good for a laugh; playthings that Divine Providence created for my amusement. But, fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm not the one(s) who make(s) the call(s), either. Nor am I able to speak for other parties. Maybe Alexandra B sees things differently. We've never met, chatted, etc., so I have no idea. Also, I have no idea how many others you tried and failed to irritate with your insolent ad hominem attacks. It doesn't work with me, since I'm an Old School 'Boomer' hard case. Other people still have feelings, or somethin' along those lines I guess. Yes, you tried to provoke me with your post. Ya gave it your best shot. You tried. You didn't succeed. Just tried. And, of course, managed to totally fail. But, I'll give ya a Participation Award for Epic Fail. Whether Epic Failure to Provoke is against the Rules or not, I don't really know. I admit I never read the Forum Rules.
  7. Just the opinions of a boomer-type Army Corps of Engineers veteran, 1 each: Whether or not the Capitol riot was carried out by far left or far right extremists, is not relevant. It was an unjustifiable act of insurrection...a failed putsch attempt by a few idiots to override the will of the majority as determined by a FAIR election by the laws of our Republic. Dammit, this ain't no Goddam Banana Republic run by some Goddam El-Presidente-For-Life or some Goddam narcissistic, loud-mouthed, tin-hatted Dictatorial LOSER! The Capitol building in D.C. ain't some Goddam beer hall in Munich, mein schatz!! 😠 Law enforcement needs to fully investigate this matter, and our courts need to punish the living hell out of any individuals and/or organizations that supported this act of sedition and insurrection in any way. Some time in a Federal penitentiary should wake up the perps. QAnon?! HA! Give 'em less time to fill up on imagined nut-bag conspiracy trash in some extremist on-line echo chamber, and more time turning big rocks into little rocks. A 10-20 year sentence with hard labor will clear their heads nicely...and provide the majority of the US electorate they wanted to overrule with plenty of high-quality, hand-made road gravel! Nothing like a little gainful employment for the likes of the Snowflake Shaman! My car's suspension will appreciate it! 🤣 To answer your above questions in order: 1. D. Trump and R. Giuliani incited the crowd to riot; 2. Investigation is ongoing. Possibly the kidnap and/or murder of some or all members of Congress and/or Capitol police; 3. They obviously don't listen to the advice of medical professionals, and prefer the advice of know-nothings. Some were wearing masks, though. Hat's off to you, Roberts, for starting this thread. It seems the Reich-wingers are being punished with silence, at least in my neck o' the woods irl. It seems that way to me, anyway. Or, maybe, I just miss the entertainment their unhinged, lunatic rhetoric provided! 😂
  8. If I remember right, I think Food prices were hovering around $200/unit for a few months last war.
  9. 🤣Awww c'mon...how 'bout $1.51/Unit? It's only a 99% discount. Don't hog all the salt-licks and chestnuts. It's like I'm doin' an intervention here 'cause I care about you, man. I'm trying to help ya out here.... Now, all that Sodium in your diet just isn't good for ya, ya know. It's really bad for your blood pressure. It was scientifically proven over at Gudea Labs that Sodium has a worse effect on an Aussie deer's blood pressure than Noobium.🤣
  10. 🤣Nokia gib Hime-sama an' me some Burritos? YUMMERS!!🤣
  11. I just woke up, @Prefontaine, so bear with. Just a random thought that jumped into my head....let's call it a 'Project Stack'. Instead of adding project slots due to wars won, have the game system 'stack' the associated planners in 1 slot, instead of 2 or 3. Examples: If a player buys all 3 satellite projects, the game could 'stack' the 3 Satellite Projects in 1 slot. The player will be 'rewarded' with 2 extra slots for having 'collected' all the satellite projects. Same-same with the Civil Engineering, Advanced Civil Engineering, and Terra-Forming Projects - all would be 'stacked' in 1 slot, opening 2 extra slots. Same-same for City Planner and Advanced City Planner - both 'stacked' in 1 slot, opens 1 extra slot. Selling a project that's part of a 'stack' of 3 or more projects, a player would need an extra slot or slots open for the remaining project(s) to 'unstack' into separate slots again, due to the loss of the 'stacking bonus' involving the extra project slot or slots. I don't see how wars won equate with project slots....seems that's kinda like a 'random' idea. Project slots equate with number of cities and infra, even though I have the 200 wars won. Good ideas from you an' the rest of the Orbis Think-Tank herd!
  12. I wonder.....how long has CaptainPronin been a member of NPO? He presents irrational arguments just like the other Roq-bots did during Dial Up....and plays the Phony Victim card game just as ineptly, too. His style seems familiar....a very NPO/GOON-ish posting style. A 'new' player, huh? The smell of bull-flop permeates the air.....
  13. Well, so much for our super-secret insidious plot to subjugate SK by means of British invaders, British 5th. columnist infiltrators, and dissemination of subversive British propaganda (using proper English, of course!) from TKR. 'Sigh'.... Long Live Queen @Adrienne Anyways!! And long live King @Benfro!!
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