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  1. The US disburses the most money of any nation on Earth by far in humanitarian aid. Something like $8.25 billion last year. And that is the figure for just what is called "Humanitarian aid" from the Federal government. That doesn't include any private contributions made to NGO's operating here or overseas. 😵 Americans are quite generous....other governments less so.
  2. Buy from Trade screen, or Donate to P&W.
  3. It's quite likely Putin's biggest fear right now is someone from the Russian military or FSB doin' 'em in. Immoral? I'm not so sure of that. "Whaddya ya call it...when the assassin kills the assassin?" - Col. Kurtz, from Apocalypse Now!
  4. Has it been a year? 🎂Congrats SK 2.0 Name Withheld on your 1st. birthday!🎂 Mayest thou prove thyselves somewhat worthy of being Queen Adrienne's King Wizel's Royal Serfdom! God Save The Queen King! 😎
  5. Of course you're allowed to have a defensive coalition! Ya got one right now! See? Things can be done but, for practical reasons, it sometimes might not be the best idea to actually do some things.
  6. From a low infra/city count Roqpocalypse Raider gettin' into a lot of my targets first, to King of the Heralds of The Knights Radiant....ya come a long way, baby!! TKR-sters! Abase yourselves before His Mightiness: King @Wizel16! Now, ya need to increase taxes on the peasantry for one each new Palace, Throne, Harem, etc....😎
  7. Do all of your Objectives found on your Nation page, let yourself lose more of your Infra to around 1K - 1.1K max, drop your pollution/disease and crime down to 0 with a Recycling Center/Hospital and a Police Station, and make Alex/Sheepy happy by running Rewarded Ads for up to $2M extra $$$ per day. Don't go over 5 cities, and raid your azz off. There's big $$$ that can be made raiding effectively. Bank all money and materials raided, even raws(!), and save 'em for when you're manufacturing - ya can't beat the price for free raws when manufacturing your own war stocks in the future! And don't buy cities or projects (just get Prop. Bureau) yet until ya got everything raided for both City Planners and to get to City 11. It sounds nuts, but it's worth doing. You can get rid of the Commerce stuff, too; too soon for that. Keep the subways. And lose those Hippy-Azz Windmills and run Nuke Reactors! Here's a good build for ya: 1 each Nuke Reactor, Hospital, Police Station, Subway and a 5-5-5-3 full mil build, and max the Infantry, leave the rest at 0. Maybe swap a Shipyard for a Uranium mine (cheap fuel, if needed). That'll keep infra to 1.1K, and pollution and disease at 0. And do the Propaganda Bureau to boost your troop build speed. Don't exceed 2K land for now; if ya got it, keep it. Myself, I'd scrap the infra down to 1.1K for more effective raiding, ie. lower nation score = more juicy targets. Happy Hunting!
  8. 🥰Happy Birthday, Knights Radiant!🥰
  9. I tried to remove a .gif image from the Custom Description section in Edit to fix my Nation's score graph problem, but I think I messed something up. Something isn't deleting. I can't fix it, so I'm here e-mailing the P&W Coder Priest-Nerds of the Gods to Exorcise the Demonic force(s) in Possession of my Nation's Custom Description section.🎚️💻 🎚️ No rush. My Nation, Outremer 147110, is still fully playable as far as I can tell; I just miss my graphs and changing .gifs around. Stay Disinfected, Folks! Love, Gudea
  10. If you think Nazism = Conservatism, you need to get back to class. Nazism = Extreme Right. Conservatism = 'Regular' Right. Fascism and Communism, for example, are politically polar opposites. There's an old book called "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", written William Shirer, I think it was. Maybe ya get something out of that to add to your 'research'. Your line of reasoning seems to be: ie. Extremist regimes, Left or Right, are both composed of control freaks, are oppressive, use plenty of 'political police', etc. = Have commonalities = They are the same = All are extreme Left....is illogical. Chairs and tables have commonalities, but they are not the same. You've bought into a whopping logical fallacy. I might not be an authority, but I have the ability to reason. Try to refute this: All Extremists = Illogical, Radical Screwball Nut-Bags. Discussions with such are guaranteed to be a waste of time.
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