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  1. Gudea

    Insane Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Maia! I'm a fan of your artwork....and remember to NEVER mix meds with alcohol, unless ya wanna get down hardcore! WOOOOO!!!!
  2. Actually, the reason you gave is a reason for wars NOT to last for multiple months. "Complete and total victory" over an opponent or opponents isn't possible, except by the opposition deleting their nation(s). In my opinion, this current war was actually over back around July, or August at latest. All that can be achieved under the current war system are temporary beat downs, followed by periods of peace. What should be happening in peacetime is the formation of new pacts, alliances, etc., creating new constellations of powers and maybe some old ones hangin' around.....leading to another war. Sound familiar? Kind of like in the real world....for better or worse, I suppose.
  3. @hope - Seeing as how some people have a problem with your alliance name, here's an idea for a possible change: oooOOOooo! Isn't it soooo special? I'd even make an oh-so-fabulous flag! Totally non-offensive, non-objectionable, non-violent and absolutely fluffy-wuffy boo-boo! YAY!!! And maybe change your alliance name to, say, The Tinky-Winky Candy-Ass Teletubbies. That should silence any further expressions of crabbiness, right? Yeah....I know you're all about it.....Bwahahaha!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!
  4. @Prefontaine - I just got outta bed, but here's a thought I had about units. Suppose that ground/naval units cannot attack air, like now. Maybe they should have a defensive values. ie. 100 planes attack 100 ships, then the 10 ships would be able to eliminate max quantity X attacking air. Same with ships attacking ground forces. Even without a navy, ground forces would still have coastal defenses. Even without air, defenders would still have SAM's. This way, it would work in values for units not portrayed in the game. Regular wargames always had variable attack/ defense values for different unit types. Nothing new there, and it might take just a small change to the combat equations. This way, planes don't really get 'nerfed'. The ground forces get a little defensive buff vs. air/naval attack, and ships should get a better anti-air buff than ground. It would probably take care of the 'Ghost Fleeting' phenomenon, too. The one ship could possibly be eliminated by the ground defenders assumed nation coastal defences, depending on number and type of ground force. Rather than portray the units for purchase, build them into the equation for combat resolution. Naval units would have better air defense than armor units. Armor AD would be better than infantry. And fortifying can have the same effects vs. air/naval units attacking ground forces. Getting the defensive values right might take a bit of testing. And any game changes should really wait until the war is over. Me get coffee now....hope this was reasonably coherent....
  5. Gudea

    peace talks

    That log post was epic! Put Marianna in High Gov't immediately! Quote: "Please say we can choose someone else, other than SK...." I'll buy that! That line made my day!.....ROTFLMAO!!!
  6. No problem....anytime, man. The next vote you should put up is for the creation of two alliances - Thunderdomes A & B. This way, all the players that been around since the Crucifixion on Cavalry can hash out their differences. Let's see......any ideas for the first match-up? Given the friendly banter in this thread, let's start with Boyce the Great vs. Aragorn, Son of Arathorn! And look up Seb to handle any handicapping and handling the bets! Like the good ol' days....ah yes.....a day of gladiatorial combat in the Colosseum!
  7. Ok, @Malleator, I voted no, so I'll answer truthfully and completely as possible. 1. How much longer do I want the war to go on for? - Not much longer, maybe no longer than the end of October or mid-November. A lot of folks have gone inactive or quit. It's hard to miss. 2. Will this be P&W's first eternal war? - Hopefully not. I doubt the P&W economy was designed with permawar in mind. Prices are already crazy. 3. Can eternal war be sustained? - See above answers. 4. Is that what the players want? - Probably not, and it would be illogical to assume so. If anyone likes war so much, there was always Arrg!, Mythic, or maybe some other raider alliance to join. 'Normal' nations/alliances don't benefit from wars, since their nations make money from infra, raw materials, manufacturing, loans and taxes. Logically, raiders should love wars (plenty of targets/ cheap rebuild!), but no one else should be in love with the idea. 'Regular' nations/alliances only benefit (materials prices!) from wars they profit from, ie. stay out of. Or they are trying to defend themselves, or accomplish some geopolitical objective. That's my 2 cents, anyway.
  8. That's fine. For myself, it's just a long, drawn out, and boring affair that goes on and on for no good reason anymore. When I get bored of it all, I'm out. I've been war gaming for over 40 years, on boards, tables, and screens....and this is no war game; just a geo-sim with a way to handle wars. The war system is very dull, and, over time, very boring. I'm not complaining about the war system, since I don't expect much from a geopolitical browser game. Overall, I'd say P&W does everything well enough, considering. It's more about how the players themselves handle things. Maybe the meta's the problem. I leave all the heavy-duty political wheelin' and dealin' to the Fearless Leaders on all sides....after all, I'm just an old, lowly Private in this war. Something fitting for the War, since I've been dustin' off the vinyl lately, so to speak:
  9. Of course I want this war to end. P&W isn't exactly an exciting war game, and I don't want to run a micro nation forever. If the war doesn't end, then a rebuild isn't going to happen. Maybe not end the war tomorrow, but I'd be cool with the war being over around the end of October. I still have some personal objectives I want to finish. Given I'm not in government, and my Alliance is ruled by a King, my expressed opinions are only those of this lowly Serf-Noob, and no one else. Someday I might get lucky enough to get a promotion to Clown or Varlet!
  10. I am looking at who's doing the whining. @Alex started the thread, and nobody's talking about insta-winning wars. And I'm not in the habit of crying to developers. I might provide input if requested, but that's about it. And, in this case, input was requested. If you don't care about Alex and his server(s), then you don't care about Politics and War, or the little time-killing games in it. No Credit sales = No server(s) = No Politics and War = No Keno, Baseball, or Dice. Your statement, "I could care less" is obviously illogical. You're really just feeling put out about the possibility of not being able to quietly spam free in-game cash anymore, right? After all, putting ads on the Baseball page doesn't correct the problem of large sums of money being spawned into the game out of thin air. You didn't address that problem at all. The quantities involved amount to something akin to a 'legitimate exploit'. $13 billion in one case?! Over a period of, say, 5 years, that's over $7 million a day profit! That's ridiculous! What you call "idiot wallet warriors" are the reason Politics and War (or almost ANY game!) exists. Non-paying players ALWAYS ride free, but only on the coattails of Wallet Warriors. Somebody is ALWAYS buying something one way or another with REAL money to keep games going. You can call the headquarters of the NFL, NHL, NBA, or PM Alex to confirm that. In this case, Credit purchases need to be the only 'legitimate exploit'. It's not Pay-to-Win, but Pay-for-Less-Grind-Time. Your opinion of Wallet Warriors is unrealistic and irrelevant. It's the real world, so face facts: In the end, it's all about the money. Get that, Einstein? And there's nothing wrong with that. I don't work for free, either!
  11. There not shooting at each other yet, so......Idk.
  12. @Alex - Spamming money into the game via Baseball, Keno, or shootin' dice is a really bad idea. If players want to make more money, then they can raid, or work out their city builds to be more efficient, ie. infra, manufacturing or mining. The games were supposed to be something to kill time between turns in P&W, not a money spamming machine, right? Therefore, the games are being abused. End 'em all. If people want to spam money into the game, then they can buy credits, and keep your P&W server(s) going! It's not a pay-to-win game, since anyone can still do the grind. And never mind the whining - they just don't want to lose the free ride they've been getting spamming games. The only ones complaining are the ones getting too much free dough clicking a mouse button. The whiners need to remember that it's the Wallet Warriors that keep the game funded...like it or not. NB!: Alex make no $$$$ = No Politics and War!
  13. I voted Black Knights, but just a downgrade from the hypothetical paperless MDAP to a MDP or maybe a NAP/PIAT. This way, NPO can still hang out with t$. The new narrative will involve representatives from NPO's Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) making Forum statements 'proving' NPO NEVER had ANY paperless deals with BK EVER, and that NPO NEVER, EVER reneged on ANY of their treaty obligations with ANYONE at ANY time. And if NPO EVER DID renege on ANY treaty obligations, then NPO was RIGHT to do so. Just a personal observation: What a 3-alarm dumpster fire this war turned into, ain't it?!
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