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  1. I am looking at who's doing the whining. @Alex started the thread, and nobody's talking about insta-winning wars. And I'm not in the habit of crying to developers. I might provide input if requested, but that's about it. And, in this case, input was requested. If you don't care about Alex and his server(s), then you don't care about Politics and War, or the little time-killing games in it. No Credit sales = No server(s) = No Politics and War = No Keno, Baseball, or Dice. Your statement, "I could care less" is obviously illogical. You're really just feeling put out about the possibility of not being able to quietly spam free in-game cash anymore, right? After all, putting ads on the Baseball page doesn't correct the problem of large sums of money being spawned into the game out of thin air. You didn't address that problem at all. The quantities involved amount to something akin to a 'legitimate exploit'. $13 billion in one case?! Over a period of, say, 5 years, that's over $7 million a day profit! That's ridiculous! What you call "idiot wallet warriors" are the reason Politics and War (or almost ANY game!) exists. Non-paying players ALWAYS ride free, but only on the coattails of Wallet Warriors. Somebody is ALWAYS buying something one way or another with REAL money to keep games going. You can call the headquarters of the NFL, NHL, NBA, or PM Alex to confirm that. In this case, Credit purchases need to be the only 'legitimate exploit'. It's not Pay-to-Win, but Pay-for-Less-Grind-Time. Your opinion of Wallet Warriors is unrealistic and irrelevant. It's the real world, so face facts: In the end, it's all about the money. Get that, Einstein? And there's nothing wrong with that. I don't work for free, either!
  2. There not shooting at each other yet, so......Idk.
  3. @Alex - Spamming money into the game via Baseball, Keno, or shootin' dice is a really bad idea. If players want to make more money, then they can raid, or work out their city builds to be more efficient, ie. infra, manufacturing or mining. The games were supposed to be something to kill time between turns in P&W, not a money spamming machine, right? Therefore, the games are being abused. End 'em all. If people want to spam money into the game, then they can buy credits, and keep your P&W server(s) going! It's not a pay-to-win game, since anyone can still do the grind. And never mind the whining - they just don't want to lose the free ride they've been getting spamming games. The only ones complaining are the ones getting too much free dough clicking a mouse button. The whiners need to remember that it's the Wallet Warriors that keep the game funded...like it or not. NB!: Alex make no $$$$ = No Politics and War!
  4. I voted Black Knights, but just a downgrade from the hypothetical paperless MDAP to a MDP or maybe a NAP/PIAT. This way, NPO can still hang out with t$. The new narrative will involve representatives from NPO's Ministry of Truth (Minitrue) making Forum statements 'proving' NPO NEVER had ANY paperless deals with BK EVER, and that NPO NEVER, EVER reneged on ANY of their treaty obligations with ANYONE at ANY time. And if NPO EVER DID renege on ANY treaty obligations, then NPO was RIGHT to do so. Just a personal observation: What a 3-alarm dumpster fire this war turned into, ain't it?!
  5. Maybe a re-balancing of raid/war booty takes would solve the problem. If individual nations were to lose a much smaller percentage of their accumulated wealth to a raid or lost war, then there would be much less incentive to shift wealth to a bank or banks. Individual players would probably keep more of their wealth in their nations, while raids or lost wars should yield in total (nation + alliance bank booty) about the same average amounts as currently to winners/raiders. This would entail making the percent total of bank lucre shelled out to war victors and successful raiders larger. This should cause a decrease in money and materials hidden in banks, and a decrease in bank numbers and their relevance, due to banking being more risky. Alliance banks will still take measures to protect Alliance assets, of course, but their bank assets would be a lot less, since they wouldn't have to hide the large amounts of cash or resources on deposit from member nations. I'm not sure this would work out for sure; I'm just kinda thinking out loud, and generalizing. I'm not sure about what the numbers should be to make this happen. Alliances are made up of individual nations. An Alliance bank sitting on a mountain of cash and resources which are, on average, around double that of each member nation combined has on-hand is completely unrealistic. Current stats are: Total $ in Nations - $208,990,453,036.68. Total $ in Alliance Banks - $408,474,906,769.89. Total number of Nations in game - 13,127. Numbers as of May 23, 2044 Orbis Time. Numbers like that are like the United States handing NATO or the UN around 2/3's of it's wealth for safekeeping! Never happen. Players are incentivized by the current system to hide most of their nation's wealth in banks, which, in turn, has made Alliance banks and the Offshore Banksters way too important, not to mention way too numerous. Speaking for myself, I have a crap-ton more money and everything else sitting in a bank compared to the peanuts I keep in my nation. I seriously doubt it's just me operating this way. Not very realistic, is it? Only on the Planet Orbis, baby! What's sittin' in a bank ain't just the shekels and materials collected by our friendly, neighborhood Alliance Tax Collector we all know and love, now is it?! Maybe this idea will also keep the, uh,...."Privateers", shall we say, operating normally, as well as slash the numbers and importance of the Banksters. There's just way too much of everything sittin' in the banks of Orbis anyway.
  6. Wow!!! I remember that cartoon!! Thundercats.....HOOOOOO!!!!
  7. Where in my post did I suggest that I "talk about politics so much"? Ah. Now I know who Keshav is: NPO's 2nd. in Command. Actually, I haven't got a clue who almost any Alliance leaders are, but that doesn't really matter. What matters is what I said in my post. @Sphinx - "My reasons were much more than just "war rep", its amusing you guys are still going on about that. Haven't you got new talking points yet?" That's what the allegedly leaked log I read said, man. I wasn't "going on about it", nor did I bring it up as a "talking point", but as an example. Correct? The point @Shadowthrone made about having a rational geopolitical metagame was obviously lost. OK.
  8. @Shadowthrone - Man, those words are pearls! I said about the same thing in a post weeks ago. Going to war over mindless stuff like boredom, fun, or a leader being dissatisfied with their Alliance "war reputation" totally destroys any potential for a rational geopolitical metagame in P&W to even get off the ground. Dude, ya oughta be in government, if ya aren't already!
  9. Sir Scarf is absolutely right. Wars are caused by the mindset of the players. Like Surf's Up, for example. I couldn't see the point of that war in the first place. It didn't seem to have any. It was pointless at best, and counter-productive at worst. Start a war over boredom?! 'Sigh'.....not a good idea. This current war, for example, started over leaked info. The info leak involved discussion of an impending attack on both Blocs involved as combatants in Surf's Up. This resulted in both ChAoS and KETOG Blocs joining forces to strike the plotters first, rather than wait to weaken themselves through further conflict. Offensive Defense. A good idea. It's also a very rational and predictable response. Yup. The root cause the wars in the above examples were both how players were thinking, which resulted in plans made, and actions followed. No way to deny it. That's just the way it is. Player thinking and strategizing IS the Metagame!!
  10. It's not about replacing or changing game features. I explained to you what the game IS - a Geopolitical simulator. What you expect @Alex to do is a somewhat extensive redesign of P&W. That's like expecting Milton Bradley to redesign Monopoly to please an insignificant minority of people that want to pretend it's a RPG! P&W, like Monopoly, is not really a RPG. Get it now? If you want to pretend it is, that's fine by me. Now, I fully realize that Alex is tearing off more $$$ with P&W than Buffett and Munger could ever tear down in a thousand years, but have some mercy on the dude. Balancing out a Geopolitical sim is work enough, especially after counting all the dough he hauls in per day. Seriously though - Trying to balance out the Political, Economic, and Military spheres is good enough, without worrying about adding useless fluff. Just that seems like it's still a work in progress after a bunch of years. Maybe the RPG crowd can ask Alex if he can design a Geopolitical RPG. I'll bet he'll do it....and be more than happy to! Oh hell yeah!!! But, when he starts throwing price quotes around, I know you RPG guys are gonna fund it, right? Personally, I outgrew RPG's back in the 1980's. They were fun for awhile....but always somewhat pointless.
  11. @Zephyr - If you've played P&W for any amount of time, it's impossible not to notice that Politics and War is a down-and-dirty Geopolitical simulation game. Social policies of any nation have NO EFFECT on the only three things that matter in Geopolitics, in-game or in reality. The three things that matter are: Political Factors - Associations between nations (individual players), alliances (groups of players), and blocs (groups of alliances). Of course, it's obvious that selection of leaders, advisors, etc. in Political, Economic, and Military affairs is also a Political matter; Economic Factors - Monies collected through amount of infrastructure, city improvements, drilling and mining, manufacturing, banking and commodities/stock trading. Also maximizing city efficiencies through pollution, crime and disease control. At the Alliance level, setting levels of taxation, and the alliance bank turning an extra buck or two through trades, interest charges on loans, etc.; Military Factors - Size and composition of national forces, national and alliance war stocks in money and manufactured materials, and effective protection of national and alliance monies and war materials. All of the above have a DIRECT or INDIRECT effect on EVERY nation in P&W. Social policies have ZERO effect on ANY nation in Politics and War. I haven't bothered looking at my nation's social policies since I set it up. Why bother? For what?
  12. Anyone who bought into NPO's pathetically, yet absolutely pure, pristine, and unadulterated bullshit needs to: A: Never produce offspring; B: Get to a Poison Control Center IMMEDIATELY for an emergency vaccination!:
  13. That should work fine. New players would definitely be able to build/buy faster, and the standard bonus increase of 200k is not exactly a game changer, but would up my net income around 8.5% @ 11 cites and 106 days old. And who can say no to free coin?!
  14. You're reading my mind, man!
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