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  1. This is a meme, nice try though AI You can't ever retire
  2. So we went from "Can we please have the ability to trade treasures without breaking Alex's new rule" to "Pls unnecessarily monetize more things" I'm somehow completely unsurprised.
  3. No, they didn't. There's 0 excuse to cheat and hold the entire game hostage. What? Holy [email protected]#$ Deulos. This is by far the worst take you've ever had. You really think that Alex deserved to be doxxed, threatened, and have pedo allegations thrown at him because he upheld his own terms of service? That's just straight up demented. Absolutely no one deserves the level of OOC attacks Alex got as a result for finally moderating his game. The fact that you think that permanently devalues any future comments you make as far as I'm concerned. You need to take a serious step back if you think anything of what they did to Alex is okay. I don't care about your IC take of NPO being some sort of a victim nearly as much as I do that claim. No player, moderator, or admin should go through what Alex had to during that time. Grow the [email protected]#$ up.
  4. Edited accordingly. Must've misremembered. Regardless, DB isn't innocent of all this either, y'all are just generally not loud enough and not nearly enough of a threat to bother with.
  5. Superdead is a rebrand of an old IQ-era DB player. Before they edited it ^ was a recognizable DB name from the IQ days.
  6. This is an awful take. Did we win in the end? Not really. We lost way too many good and influential players and despite us getting players back, there's a huge gap still. It's noticeable. The loss of those players have hurt the game significantly, and milcom/IA/general competence of the game is still suffering for it.
  7. And people are freely giving it to him, after years of the same behavior. Not sure why people still bite.
  8. I wasn't talking about you. More power to them for having an open "Frick the Macros" RP going on, tbf. It's interesting, even if a bit suicidal in nature given the target they put on their backs.
  9. Leave it to certain people to derail an IC convo into OOC politics. Let's stick to laughing at the micro for basically signing a suicide pact instead of whatever this is thanks.
  10. Alliances in each sphere, please?
  11. You have e404, TKR, CoTL, and TO as allies. All of which I know for sure have spy tech. This may seem like a wild suggestion, but maybe communicate with them? Ironically he just made more of an advantage for people with tech by doing this. Used to you could really easily train folks to manually find spy count. Now it's slightly more complex.
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