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  1. Thank you for taking over the in depth CB explanation this time, Yoso. Been a busy week and wouldn't have had time to explain it as well as you.
  2. I say what I mean and mean what I say, friend!
  3. A tumbleweed rolls across a road in a quiet town. The sun is setting. The streets are quiet, and all lights are dark except for one tavern. Inside the tavern were the remnants of what the world had come to know as the Quack gang. They were a large gang, and one others tended to view as a threat. They'd been discussing going separate ways for the last few hours, when a man burst in. "Look at this," Shifty said, handing the gang a slew of papers. Plans for a rival gang that based themselves in the Swamp to try and take us on again. Plans for certain members of Quack to b
  4. No room in Quack for backstabbers, sorry friend.
  5. Insult noted. The one who is soft no longer resides in our hallowed breakroom (that doubles as Partisan's weightroom. Did you know Parti lifts?)
  6. Quack is falling apart First SK retires, now OWR has a coup?
  7. Wait, where am I supposed to get TKR leaks from now? o7 friends, may retirement suit you well.
  8. Yes, my IC propaganda of... saying CoTL had no knowledge of it and I'm keeping everything OOC as a result of that. The rest of that isn't worth responding to because you're doing precisely what I said you were.
  9. @Kevanoviayou really made me actually login to this godforsaken place just to shut you down publicly. Fine. Let's play. Let's start at the basics. You're one of the pioneers of using OOC stuff for IC reasons. You leverage OOC relationships constantly as an attempt to get IC benefits. In fact, you were in my DMs sucking up to me and publicly sucking up to me until t$ folks took issue with you watering down the situation by saying "Akuryo used to be good", and got suddenly when you provided with testimony that she wasn't good then either. Then you decided, once Partisan and I both bl
  10. My condolences on your choice in protector. Hope things go well, welcome to Orbis.
  11. Mate I don't even know you but half the things I've seen from you are you mentioning you have a girlfriend. You're almost as bad as another certain FA that got engaged when Snekman was beating them in a FA discussion.
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