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  1. They did it when they were raiding my old alliance, because that was our main strategy. everytime they declared on us we would declare on their inactives, so they started filling them themselves.
  2. Congrazzles afrika korps! Carthago, Make Princess Yummy Chan your Leader ? (Yami vi Britannia)
  3. Tl;Dr the alliance noone has never heard of wants you to know that another alliance you never heard of may or may not declare war on that alliance you heard about that one time...
  4. Its kinda strange that when this was requested before, it got a lot of praise but now he gets hate. This is also a very great thing and should be implemented. If not this than making it cash/raw/MFG/Food instead I would also like
  5. Post them to a discord, then open the picture in discord click open original and use the img url by click "insert other media">"insert from url" Or use an img host site like Flickr
  6. Ask Alexio is the best choice, but I also like Ask Alexio.
  7. Hello ^^ I'm not new to the game but I'm new to the forums
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