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  1. Funniest Event: Biggest Controversy: Everything House Stark did this year Best Declaration of War (please link): Best Wall of Text (please link) Best Leak (please link) Best Meme (please link) Best Discord Server: The $yndicate Best Ad (please link) Best Community Contributor: Velyni Vas Best New Player 2023: Flaredragon101 Sexiest Voice: Zed
  2. Player of the Year: Vein Most Influential Player: Tarroc Most Likely to Succeed in 2024: Flaredragon101 Best Alliance Leader: Lucas Worst Alliance Leader: Sketchy Best In-Character Poster: Goober-San Best Villain: Tarroc Nicest Player: BelgiumFury Most Controversial Player: Sketchy Most Missed Player: Hughes :Best Nation Page: Best Fighter: Spyware Best High Government Member: President Tom Most Online/Likely to respond in 1 minute: KT shills Best War Criminal: Lysander
  3. Alliance of the Year: The $yndicate Most Improved Alliance: Carthago Best New Merged Alliance: Legion of Dawn Best Rookie Alliance: Weaponized Assault Penguins Best Alliance for New Players: The Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed in 2024: Carthago Most Likely to be Rolled in 2024: Singularity Most Honorable Alliance: The Legion Best Fighting Alliance: Eclipse Worst Fighting Alliance: Mayhem Best Alliance Growth: The $yndicate Best Foreign Affairs Team: The $yndicate Best Foreign Affairs Move: WELP rolling ODOO Worst Foreign Affairs Move: HS’s peace terms against CTO Alliance with Best Propaganda: Carthago Most Missed Alliance: Requiem Best Alliance Flag (please link): Best Holiday Flag (please link): Biggest Alliance Decline in 2023: House Stark
  4. I believe you may have misunderstood what our theme is. (@AlexW@Xi Jinping You have a dissenter to eliminate)
  5. 16 January Horsecock steps down as leader of Hand of Fate (and subsequently enters a 6 month VM) Legally, it is O’Fortuna, however Fortuna is the colloquial term for it.
  6. Alliance of the Year: Eclipse Most Improved Alliance: Aurora Best New Merged Alliance: Paradise + Afterlyfe Best Rookie Alliance: Requiem Best Alliance for New Players: The $yndicate/The Enterprise Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Rose Most Likely to be Rolled in 2023: The Knights Radiant Most Honorable Alliance: House Stark Best Fighting Alliance: Eclipse Worst Fighting Alliance: The Commonwealth Best Alliance Growth: The $yndicate/The Enterprise Best Foreign Affairs Team: Rose Best Foreign Affairs Move: Eclipse and Rose hitting GGO Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Cata hitting Midgard Alliance with Best Propaganda: Eclipse Most Missed Alliance: Hogwarts Best Alliance Flag (please link): Best Holiday Flag (please link): Biggest Alliance Decline in 2022: Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
  7. Most Influential Player: Wana Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: @Odin the Allfather (t$ Odin, not to be confused with TEst Odin) Best Alliance Leader: Pascal Worst Alliance Leader: RightHonorable Best In-Character Poster: Goober-san Best Villain: Vexz Nicest Player: BelgiumFury Most Controversial Player: Poseidon Most Missed Player: Justin076 Best Nation Page: Dryad Best Fighter: Goober-san Best High Government Member: Callisto Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Penpiko Best War Criminal: Yang
  8. Sorry that t$ didn’t want to bail you out of getting rolled!
  9. Best of luck to you all at Rose. It’s always neat in a way to work with corners of the game I don’t typically work with. The last few months have been somewhat up and down but I feel confident in saying that this is the right move for all of us. I for one am glad that I no longer am forced to be nice to Vexz.
  10. Half of the design team is Hollywood (3/6, with 2/6 from Celestial and 1 from Clock), Pre himself has closer ties to Hollywood alliances than Celestial alliances, and the people in here opposing it are from Celestial despite pointing out that it would help their alliance. These kinds of changes are just things that Pre and the design team have really wanted to implement for *years* and they are fairly similar to other proposals that have been floated over the years.
  11. Hey Hidude, thanks for making this in-depth post, it's definitely nice to be able to look at the objective facts and wars instead of having so many rumors flying around and being unsure as to what's true, it can be easy for rumors to spread like wildfire and for them to grow out of hand until they become a gross exaggeration of the truth. Thank you for gathering the stats so we can properly analyze. As one of T$'s main Milcom figures, I figured that I would have some valuable insight and analysis for this, although I will admit that I procrastinated far too much on this to the point where there is a chance that nobody reads this, or maybe nobody would have wanted to read a long post anyways from someone who's just a hivemind low gov snake. So let's talk. The main divide here appears to be a question over what slot filling is. The definition of wars lot filling as per the rulebooks is: Pablo already did an excellent job at addressing this but I do think this indicates that the spirit of the rule is that you cannot declare war so as to help the person you're attacking and so as to prevent them from receiving damage. For example, if we had Rose declare wars on e$ members, that would be slot filling because they are clearly in an allied relationship and are obviously declaring wars to prevent e$ from taking damage. Intent can be difficult to prove, but obviously if you're at war with a sphere, you are not declaring on them to help them. If you declare on someone with the sole purpose of beige farming, that only hurts them as they give you free time to restock and rebuild. The solution is to just have better beige discipline. If it's illegal to declare for the sole purpose of beige farming, clearly it's not very tightly enforced because lots of nations get away with it all the time and have all the time over the years and nobody has cared enough to ever report them. I've done this several times in the past, mostly to get out of being blockade cycled so that I can restock (omg T$ gov has been slot filling for years, they're such rulebreakers that they do it even before joining T$). I'd assume that nobody else ever even noticed those wars or bothered to check them out. That's a large part of why I'm in favor of just letting you declare wars on clear enemies and do whatever in them. If a random T$ member declares on a random TKR member, how many people would normally notice whatever attacks (or lack of attacks) are done? People would only notice in high profile cases involving high profile members or by random chance, in which case the rule would be enforced, but most of the time it would likely slip under the radar (as it has for years). I don't consider it fair to strike a small proportion of wars while the vast majority go unnoticed, so either the rule shouldn't be enforced this way or we'll have to start closely monitoring every single individual war during a global to make sure there's no "slot filling" going on. A gray area comes when you attack a party not involved in the war. In that case, I'll say that it can be considered fair to have that be ruled as slot filling because that is far easier to detect and notice, especially with all of the technology the game has nowadays. That appears to have been Rose's issue in Guns n Roses for I don't believe either Arrgh or KT were officially involved in that war, although I was fairly inactive back then and was not involved in that war so I may be misremembering. It's for this reason that I can concede the current Celestial/Arrgh wars as Arrgh is not technically a combatant in this war, they've just had a few off hand raids after the first round. Hand of Fate blitzed us on blitz night and was a significant contributor to zeroing our military so I don't see how you can claim they're just innocently raiding. Arrgh's raids don't really affect a thing in terms of how the war is going. Hand of Fate's hits on blitz night did affect this war and they have, in fact, dealt more damage to Celestial than any member of Hollywood. Just because they have a bit of a different objective than Hollywood does not mean they are not at war with us. I await my downvotes from every HoF nation ever. Ultimately, Sheepy should clarify the rule and exactly how it applies. Obviously he's not gonna monitor every war so some rule violations will get away, but it's best if the rule is clear so that there is no debate over this. I can't say I particularly care if he rules this to be a slotfill (although is it really worth having a rule that's difficult to enforce most of the time) but I would absolutely like for it to be clear and explicitly stated that this is slot filling and should not happen. I would like for the boundary to be clearly denoted so that there's not a question over what is slotfilling and what is not.
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