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  1. Seeing as it was Yui and not Sphinx that was involved with peace talks in Knightfall, you should be asking her. I'm sure you'll find a more accurate picture. I don't believe Sphinx was even an observer in talks.
  2. I think your memory is a little off. Regardless, it ultimately doesn't much matter. It was hardly a major issue like you're implying.
  3. There, there. You're safe now, friend.
  4. Yeah, no. We were abundantly aware of who presented what term - the terms were clearly labelled with the names of the alliances/blocs who submitted them after all. Where you're getting this idea that we believed IQ responsible for every term, I have no idea. What we did blame IQ for was the attitudes of their representatives throughout talks. Particularly for such a one-sided war, the constant degradation, insults, and superior attitude displayed any time we talked or tried to voice our concerns regarding terms or ask for clarification did little to invite our participation. If you're looking to understand why talks stalled for so long from our side, that was the single greatest contributor. And, to be clear, it wasn't just IQ that adopted this attitude but your representatives were the ones who displayed it most prominently. I'll let you in on a little secret though. Believe it or not, your trade bot term was not the term we took most issue with. Putting forward the idea that it was the only term we fought or cared about I'm sure can be easily contested by anyone who had the misfortune of having to argue their terms with me as well. You guys were simply the most inflammatory about your term and that's why it took longer to reach a consensus on. Given the time it took to reach a consensus, it is understandable how you might arrive at that conclusion, but it wasn't the reality on the ground.
  5. That is around what our score was before Knightfall, pretty sure, and yeah, it was just before we got hit. I think without militarization, it was in the low 400ks. Maybe high 300ks.
  6. It's definitely pretty player driven Glad you're enjoying things so far
  7. Welcome! Hope you're enjoying the game so far
  8. Yeah, Miller is hardly crying about it but I can understand jumping to that conclusion with the amount of salt and tears on this forums sometimes. He's just saying you can't exactly go around thumping your chest about your war prowess and superiority when you joined this late in the war. We're not talking about fairness, that's completely irrelevant, and we're not upset about you joining in. Just objectively, you joined late in the war and on the larger side which would give you an edge over the people you joined the war against. Period. We all know why it happened and that you didn't exist at the start of the war but you can't deny that's an objectively true statement. As he pointed out though, you've been doing well so props where they're due. P.S. As entertained as I am by it, please explain the surrender post thing to nippy. 👀
  9. To be fair to everyone, a lot of alliances have a disproportionate amount of members off-AA and different ways of managing membership during the war. I do appreciate the screenshot and the work you put in and it's interesting to see. I just think you won't get a truly accurate picture until probably a week or two post-war, after everyone rebuilds and starts to clean up their membership lists.
  10. Though there is no doubt that both sides to this war can maintain the status quo indefinitely, and though we are sure that there may be parties on either side who would view this as a preferable outcome, we believe we must also consider whether this is the most desirable long-term outcome. To allow a chance for hostilities to cease, it is time for a compromise to be sought. In this spirit, the undersigned parties do hereby proclaim their acceptance of the prerequisite Coalition B demand for an acceptance of a surrender once other terms have been negotiated. With this prerequisite fulfilled within the given window, we invite Coalition B negotiators to present the remaining terms upon that we can begin progressing negotiations. Though we are content for the war to continue until mutual agreement can be found on the terms which are to be presented, we hope our counterparts will mirror our willingness to find a speedy resolution. /signed/ for Coalition A parties Arrgh Church of Spaceology Empyrea The Fighting Pacifists The Golden Horde Grumpy Old Bastards Guardian Oblivion The Knights Radiant Knights Templar Rose Seven Kingdoms Silenzio Soup Kitchen Valinor
  11. A noble endeavor. Save a city for me to nuke after, kthxbai.
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