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  1. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    OWF in a nutshell
  2. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    There's two meme threads?!
  3. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    There's a whole thread of them.... https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/23445-propaganda-time/
  4. Nizam Adrienne

    Propaganda time

    TKR is a threat... to Christendom This is Becky Anderson, reporting to you live from the front lines of the war between TKR/TCW/TRF and KT/TGH. In a surprise turn of events, our network has stumbled across evidence to add to the ongoing political debate, this time involving TKR’s own leader. Further evidence from the Nazaraen national fact book corrobates this story. You heard it here first, folks. Adrienne, the leader of TKR, practices a quasi-Islamic faith. Is this the beginning of an Islamic deep state in TKR? Rumor has it that this influence may extend all the way back to Abbas. After all, Adrienne Majid, Abbas Mehdi. Coincidence? I think not. Jury’s still out on how the Knights Templar will respond to this shocking new development. Back to you, Todd.
  5. Nizam Adrienne

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    Echoing others' comments here, I think the addition of CBs is a fun aspect to the game. Sure, they might not technically be necessary. After all, this is a game, do we really need a reason to war? But I agree with others that they add more to the game by contributing to the PR/propaganda aspects and future gameplay. The politics part of the game is important too.
  6. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    Pretty sure Pantheon's still an alliance, so what disbandment?
  7. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    > That's putting words in his mouth, isn't it? Was giving a hypothetical scenario. Bringing information like this to someone's gov only patches the leak, not stops the plot. > Merger I don't see where TCW criticized the merger either. Do you have a point?
  8. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    Oh, honey. If you think that was getting hissy, you're in for a very rude awakening. (Also, hissy not hussy, unless you're trying to up the insults here.) Regarding the Spanish Armada link, you specifically said "not sure why you didn't hit them if you knew they were plotting against you". The "oh, talk to them first" is pretty garbage advice. > Adrienne: "Oh, hey, Keegoz, we have these logs showing a KT high gov member extensively discussing with a KT member their plans to isolate us and hit us. Know anything about that?" > Keegoz: "Nope, they have nothing to do with FA direction, sorry." > Keegoz (to KT gov): "Guys, we need to work on our opsec." But glad we can both agree you would have stood by them in this instance and so preempting you alongside them was a pretty justified action. Nice job pulling in the world police narrative again but, to clarify, I don't give two shits if you like TKR or not. You're welcome to say whatever you like but don't be disappointed when we decide to call you on it. Also, what exactly is the relevance of that screenshot? It was pretty well defined by both sides that those who wanted to stay in Pantheon would and those who wanted to leave would. I seem to remember you making the same offer as TCW around this time as well.
  9. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance!

    First we never do anything, now we're doing too much? Take your pick, Buor. Also, there are some massive holes in those points regarding TCW/MAGE you're bringing up. Guess that's what happens when you listen to the rumor mill. The "that happened before we signed them" argument has been dead and beaten. Give it up. I really don't know how many times in how many different places I need to repeat this, but we have logs of your ally's high gov member discussing how to isolate/hit us. They took place within two weeks of you signing, with most of them taking place the day before. Your alliance's name is mentioned directly and, even if it weren't, it's not like you wouldn't defend them. Additionally, your posting on the forums lately has been blatantly and aggressively anti-TKR and I'm not going to stand by and watch you do the same thing to us that you did to IQ: shit talk and coalition build. Reminder that you used to be in TKR not all that long ago so I'm not a total stranger to you. Do you think I'm so much an idiot as to not be able to put together a correlation between you calling us a threat to Orbis politics on the OWF and then later that same day, sending Justin, former Prime Minister of TCW, over to talk to TCW about dropping us? Especially when coupled with the logs we got handed two weeks later? Come on, Buor. Trying to find fault with us for defending ourselves when we have sufficient evidence that there was a threat there is a little rich, especially seeing as we're only following the advice you gave to Spanish Armada not too long ago. Besides, I thought you liked to fight and your alliance was made for it, so why are you whining? If I recall correctly, you even told us a while back when you thought we were going to hit you before the NB attack, that you'd gladly accept a rolling for the trolling you guys were doing on our discord around that time, so long as it wasn't while you were in the middle of your own war. So, sit back and enjoy the war, Buorhann.
  10. Nizam Adrienne

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Day late and a dollar short, love.
  11. Nizam Adrienne

    Let's Dance

    Nice thread name But seriously, good luck in your new home
  12. Nizam Adrienne

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Again, Buor, that log was from one day before you signed and they name-dropped you as well. Like I stated already, given that and your recent tensions with us on the OWF, it isn't an unreasonable assumption to think you weren't involved in their plans. The timeline really is irrelevant. Did you expect us to sit around and wait for you?
  13. Nizam Adrienne

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    B-b-b-b-but DEIC deepstate?
  14. Nizam Adrienne

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    The more solid evidence was on the part of KT but, as you said, you would defend them if hit. And given the tensions shown on the OWF by your alliance mates towards us and our ally as of late (and given your warmonger theme and NAP with most of the rest of Orbis), it really isn't unreasonable to assume that you all wouldn't be gunning for a fight with us alongside your ally.
  15. Nizam Adrienne

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Was referring to the messages being deleted

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