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  1. Nizam Adrienne

    Declaration of War

    1. Everything there was clearly dated as being before the formation of N$O. The logs clearly reference IQ, which isn't supposed to exist anymore. There was a loose idea that came a month post-Knightfall and a month pre-Orbis Shuffle, not even remotely close to the smoking gun you're trying to paint it as. There was no divvying up of alliances by us like you saw with the BK log and no discussion of it outside then and soon to be allies. In other words, no plan and no coalition building. We were recovering and discussing potential future paths and then IQ split. Given that we're at war with the BK half, guess you're aware of who we saw as the bigger immediate threat in the long run, seeing as they took every opportunity to try and escalate things with us since the end of Knightfall. We had no such qualms with NPO. 2. Chaos was not formed in order to hit NPO. That is what you asked and that is 100% true. Forming alliances and lasting relationships for the sole purpose of attacking someone is, in my opinion, idiotic. When we formed Chaos, the goal was not to hit any specific grouping, and I believe we said as much in our opening statement. Our goal was to embark on a new FA path with people we hadn't been allied to before and that's what we did. 3. Your DoW literally points to recent events from this war, not vague discussions from months ago and other than a random log from an unidentified person, there's no evidence that this was part of our plan. I am happy to show you log after log after log of us being against hitting NPO this war.
  2. Nizam Adrienne

    We are here for the Whales

    Nice to see how well my comment aged here, smh.
  3. Nizam Adrienne

    Declaration of War

    I'm sorry, what?
  4. Nizam Adrienne

    We are here for the Whales

    He says, while lacking the reading comprehension to follow the explanation t$ gave about why they didn't enter earlier:
  5. Nizam Adrienne

    We are here for the Whales

    I would have to agree here. While I'm not a fan of the move N$O made, as they well know, if they were going to enter fully against Chaos-KETOGG-Rose, why would they go through the song and dance of posting those rules to try and keep things separate and, if those rules meant nothing or were intended to bait KETOGG into countering (which you could have just not posted the rules and achieved most likely), why haven't they jumped in yet? I still think the timing of the move was not smart, to say the least, and I think most of the criticisms and concerns raised over it are warranted, but I do think with those points in mind, N$O is genuine about wanting to keep it separate as much as they are able to. Hopefully they don't prove me wrong here.
  6. Nizam Adrienne

    Bloody Horsemen

    Best of luck, Horsemen I look forward to seeing what you guys will do next.
  7. Nizam Adrienne


    (sorry, couldn't resist)
  8. Nizam Adrienne

    Name the ketog vs Chaos War

    War, Interrupted
  9. Nizam Adrienne


    Lucky Strike Makes Fine Tobacco
  10. Nizam Adrienne


    LSMFT, Chaos and Rose
  11. Nizam Adrienne

    My last request after deleted my nation

    There are more reasons to minimize infra damage than being nice, Roq lol. They weren't holding back, it was a conscious strategy decision. And an annoying one at that, once we realized what they were doing. Thanks for giving us permission
  12. Nizam Adrienne

    Alliance Hostility Web

    🤷‍♀️ You got better.
  13. Nizam Adrienne

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    There's not an explicit rule about your alliance leader brother not be able to send you a loan from his AA in-game but you saw fit to arbitrarily punish Blink because "they were helping each other", which I believe is the inconsistency Thrax was pointing out here, so I would agree. And that wasn't even the original reason supposedly for the ban. Whatever you decide on when you have to make these decisions, be consistent. What would help the community "heal and move on" is knowing what you are going to do to make sure this doesn't happen again. This isn't solely Nova leadership's fault - you knew about these issues for years and you didn't look into a way to get them fixed. If it weren't pooball, it would have been someone else eventually. We all know you're not a computer science major and we're not expecting you to be perfect. We do expect you to find ways to fix issues when they arise and to find people to help fill out your gaps in your knowledge, especially when you have people paying for this service. Alex, you have people - IT and programming experts - that are here, in your game community, offering to help for free. There's not an excuse here. Use your resources.
  14. Nizam Adrienne

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    o7 Uriah o7 Nova Riata I wish every last one of you the best of luck in what comes next. You deserved better. ❤️ Adrienne and TKR
  15. Nizam Adrienne

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Last night, I received a message from pooball with a request for me to post something on his behalf on the forums. I was on the fence about posting it but I know a lot of you have questions about how and why this happened so I thought it would be worthwhile to share with you all here. He's not expecting forgiveness but wanted the opportunity to apologize and explain why he did what he did. "Hello everyone its Pooball I know you all dislike me right now and im now banned in game and on the forums but I wanted to explain a few things to you all. Please take your time to read this. Firstly I would like to apologise to everyone and come clean with this this cheat. I did know it was going on and even asked others to help me with it. Everyone who was taking part in this cheat has rightly been banned now. I first noticed that this could happen back during knightfall and at the time I did report this bug to Alex so that it could be fixed at the time Alex doubted me so I done it again and sent him the details but then never had a reply. Not trying to start a big argument now but I had seen others doing the same thing during knightfall. Now anyway a few months before knightfall I started doing a lot of trading I had a lot of people sending me money so that I could trade with more money meaning I could make more money buying bigger bulks. All my trading at the time was 100% not cheating and things was working out very well I had billions invested from many different people over Orbis. Anyway I started to hear a lot of people talking about this big nap ending so I thought great ill buy loads of rss and then sell them during the war. At the time rss was a lot higher in price so for example I bought roughly 500k alum at 2700 ppu. I had many trades like this and then the war hit Nova and I had to send everything away to be safe. Prices started to drop like crazy and I was making a huge loss when it was time to sell everything. Some safekeeping was never returned along with some money but it was my problem so I had to fix it. What money I did get back I ended up buying more rss with to lower the avg price that I had paid but this still didn’t work as nothing was selling on the market. I started to get a lot of angry people demanding for their investments back and managed to avoid paying anyone for along time. This really stressed me out as I was by that time doing so well with Nova and I didn’t want members to lose out due to my mistakes with non alliance issues. I was getting 50+ dms in discord from angry people asking for their money back I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to just delete and reroll leaving people losing so much so I wondered what the glitch would do with trades. At this point I didn’t care if I was cheating I didn’t want to let anyone down North 14 knew I owed so much and was stressed about it all so he helped me. No other gov or member or any other players knew this until now so please do not punish them any more please accept them into your alliances and treat them like you would anyone else. I made a lot of good friends and again im sorry to you all. I would also Like to thank everyone who helped me and I wish you all well. I would also like to add that Blink did not know about this even if we are brothers, He 100% would have made me not do it or even reported me. I dont expect any favours from anyone but he really should not be banned. I will stick around on Discord for a few days if anyone wants to talk to me."

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