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  1. We're going to continue to go in circles here but let me cut to the chase. You have provided absolutely no proof this was ever my intention. I have no idea where you would have gotten that impression from, you won't say, and you've implied repeatedly it had to do with impressions over any direct phrases, which makes me trust you even less that you have any factual basis to go off here. I've pulled up possible conversations I've heard said it might come from and nowhere in there did we discuss the possibility of me hitting your sphere. The closest conversation I had to that was someone asking me if I was worried about your sphere hitting mine. Furthermore, with what's been circulating in back channels, I am convinced your entry had nothing to do with us and was instead because you wanted to enter the war, whatever the reason. We were nothing little than a convenient means to do so because you believed you could make a convincing CB using us, although "test[ing] the cohesion of the opposing side" is an interesting statement. Considering that last war, your coalition supposedly threatened anyone that might have had plans to hit any portion of the coalition with war from the whole of it, I'm really not sure what you expected or what you were hoping to prove. "Everything you said revolves around N$O. We know you don't have a problem with the other two." No idea what this means. You don't believe your allies would have defended you? I very much doubt attacking you would not have had the effect of dragging in most, if not all, of N$O. And you have a string of reading too much into IC ads and taking things out of context.
  2. To clarify, I can see why you view us as a threat independent of your CB and a large part of that comes from what I know you believe of us, namely your belief in a TKR shadow gov that hates NPO and has unchecked influence on our FA direction. That's what I meant when I said I could see where you were coming from. This isn't a rallying point for you because your stated CB is still garbage and your beliefs about us are grounded in rumors and paranoia. I've said it many times and I'll say it again. I had no intent of swinging around on you this war and, as has already been shown on here, I spoke out against expanding the war to your sphere. I know you guys don't trust me but you don't even need to take that at face value; there were more than a dozen witnesses to me saying all that before you ever hit and the stated reason you gave for me supposedly wanting to swing over, that I believed you to be working with BK, was refuted publicly here on the OWF prior to the attacks and in DMs with your alliance's gov. You made your rules, or t$ did rather, and we were going to play by them. And if you believe nothing else, consider what a poor move dragging in all of t$ sphere on the side of BK would have been strategically - we like a challenge but we're not stupid. If you were worried about retaliation for your actions post war/down the line and wanted to improve your chances post-war, that's fair. That is part of the game, after all, and there are consequences for every action you make. You picked the wrong alliance/sphere to worry about for that though. Returning back to the propaganda bit, if you want to view our propaganda in a personal light, that's your prerogative. However, it's a decision that only serves to make things sucky for you on an individual level because it's a decision to take things personally, which can't possibly be enjoyable. So let me be clear: I don't know your history and I don't want to - it's none of my business and it's irrelevant to what I'm trying to do when greenlighting things. When we make ads, it's based on in-character actions; that ad wasn't directed at you specifically but at your alliance's actions, which I felt was clear. You are not mentioned in it after all, not your name, not your pfp; the ad only contains your alliance's flag. If something confuses you or you feel like it's an OOC hit against you, come talk to us. I'm not a mindreader and expecting me to understand your history and intuit that you might take it personally is an unrealistic expectation.
  3. Ah, so another internet thing I'm woefully out of touch with. Good to know.
  4. I actually wasn't aware of the Rose-t$ one. I was referring to the TGH-t$ one.
  5. Awww, thanks, Roq. Glad to hear you think so.
  6. If you're gonna push the first reason, I'm gonna bring up t$ again At any rate, why are we back to talking about TFP? Thought we'd already hashed that one out to death a month ago. Surely we can find something new to argue about.
  7. Oh, well, that's a rather more intense statement than I'd anticipated. Don't you worry, your father and I will be having a long talk when he gets home. Self-esteem is very important for a growing boy.
  8. Oh, sweetie, does he not act nice to you?
  9. @Roquentin, honey buns, when are you coming home?
  10. Have to get to 2048 to win though...
  11. Forgive you? What are you even talking about at this point? Edit: Misread. You do you, Keshav. I'll be off shirking my responsibilities elsewhere
  12. https://tenor.com/view/hamster-gif-12446356 (p.s. that was a royal you, not a "you, Roq" and the message wasn't "let's blame Roq" but good to know that was your take-away so thanks for the response anyways)
  13. https://tenor.com/view/hamster-exercise-cute-fail-gif-3358922
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