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  1. I think you miss the point. Poor people of today, left with little, are often the result of the inequalities of yesterday. The racist generalizations that people of minorities were "less trustworthy" stem from long ago, and thus minority families were then given less opportunities. Minority neighborhoods have faced inequality throughout history, including Romani families, Jewish families, and black American families, it is not the fault of the people in ghettos that they were disenfranchised from voting rights, given less power over themselves than others, and given less opportunities in education, in getting paying jobs, receiving loans, and more. This led to many minority neighborhoods becoming poor, with less access to education, being exploited by corporations, among other sad realities. Moving into a neighborhood where they are the racial minority is also dangerous because they are targeted by people who are raised with these racist generalizations, that are less compassionate towards them for their generally lower class and status. Excuse me? The government of the time was racist and ripe with segregation, COINTELPRO was a mechanism to keep that government in order by snuffing out resistance. The people rising in protest, that were targeted by the FBI in COINTELPRO, were against the authoritarianism, racism, segregation, the taking of land from American Indian tribes, and more. The FBI, who worked in the interest of the government, were clearly fighting to continue these practices by targeting activists within these communities. They tried to make Martin Luther King Jr. kill himself. If that isn't racist, then your worldview is clearly blocking some vital stream of information from you. Some of the drug traffickers were counter-resistance groups backed by the CIA, which leads to the connection. Ever take the time to think of why? Being out of opportunities drives many poor people to crime, and America has a history of denying opportunities to minorities. Suicide rates and crime rates increase in poverty. They stop minorities more because they usually have less opportunities to survive. The rate at which black people are killed by police is also higher than white people killed by police. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/06/04/economic-divide-black-households/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigations/police-shootings-database/
  2. @Alex You accidentally striked me instead.
  3. LMAO, I got a game strike because Sheepy accidentally striked me instead of the person I reported for nazism
  4. Sheepy being bad at game design, along with Prefontaine's horrible suggestions and Sheepy deciding to ignore everyone other than him makes me really angry, and I just can't deal with this game anymore. I'll be active just in CotL discord. Other games are far more fun than this, and I thankfully have friends I would rather spend time with than be annoyed over this forum. I meant to put this in Farewells and Goodbyes.
  5. I strongly dislike this. It basically is trying it's hardest to make blockading, and thus trading in general, not as important. The self-sufficiency meta would just make interacting with the market basically useless. Cheaper tanks - Leads to people maxing out their milltaries easily through producing steel or using small amounts of money. Reserve system - I dislike it, it's not well thought out from how I understand it. It basically means we'll have to micromanage more (if we're only given a short time for troops to be in reserve) by decommissioning troops to be at peak efficiency if we're going to be attacked. Munitions and gas being used less - This basically just makes trading/having money less useful and manufacturing things for yourself more useful, I get that it's meant to help the defender in long wars, but I feel like this isn't a good way to handle that. In the current meta, strategically having stockpiles of these things should be encouraged, and this is basically just a."blockades shouldn't be damaging, trading isn't needed anyway" suggestion. Giving resources to an ally through a blockade - I also dislike this, like before, it makes blockades less impactful, we need a replacement to beige. Not blockades.
  6. @Alex Offending nation: Darby (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=208002) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wehrmacht https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luftwaffe It's specifically nazi, not World War I German forces. I'm just surprised his navy wasn't called kriegsmarine. Also, Sheepy, please for the love of the human subconscious, add a damn filter so we don't have to manually report these for you to manually deal with. Thanks.
  7. An espionage mission to break a blockade would actually be better idea, I think. Not as a solution to the current issue, but just a thing to add after it's resolved somehow, if it's balanced properly.
  8. This would only be used in perma-rolls of large alliances in wars and doesn't do anything to help smaller players, and even then, it's minimally useful at best and a detriment at worst. I think the broken state of the game with no beige needs a replacement or a revert back to how it was, not a piece of cardboard slapped over it to pretend it's working.
  9. Yeah, he needs to realize that he is a community manager now (or get someone else to be), whether he likes it or not.
  10. I have an idea, how about Sheepy makes a new browser game with the stuff he learned from P&W so it's not so fundamentally flawed in so many places, and stops changing things for the worse in this game?
  11. BK is early 2010s internet culture as an alliance.
  12. I recommend reading about red-lining, COINTELPRO, federally funded crack epidemic, ghettos, stop-and-frisk of minorities, and more. The federal United States has done a lot to frick over black Americans and by extension their children, and it's coming of a place of ignorance or malice to say racism is not as much of an issue. The "justice" and private prison system in the US is awful to everyone who isn't rich, but poor black Americans are the most mistreated under it.
  13. I dislike credits with pay-to-win uses and $40/month subscriptions as a player, it feels exploitative to people who are addicted/competitive towards the game in my opinion, like microtransactions in mobile games/gacha, and also means free players don't have the same reserves that those who spend money have. But sadly it seems to be the standard for free-to-play browser games and apps in the current games industry.
  14. Since you have multiple nations with the same leader name, I'm guessing you're trying to trade with yourself and it's not working. It's because having multiple accounts in-game is not allowed, you'll have to delete one of them, or contact the server admin to do it for you. @Alex, I think this is a situation for you. Not necessarily a report since I don't think they were aware of the rules and they seem to not be a native english speaker? Idk.
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