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  1. Deep condolences from USN, may RedArmy as well as other PnW players who passed away rest in peace.
  2. Wet Bandits, I'll be waiting for our next rematch
  3. That's why it's half anarchic, duh. I still control them in a way but not so much.
  4. Ok first, I'm not really that salty about it not being easy, I'm just saying that it's hard for a micro to grow now than in the past. Secondly, you can still grow without a decent protector, it's just that raiders like you usually aim at targets like us when having a chance. Thirdly, my alliance is half anarchic, I don't command people to do things that they don't like. You should be able to understand, unless Arrgh is not anarchic. Yep, reality is usually disappointing
  5. True, but at least it should be acheivable, not near impossible
  6. Let me give you a simple challenge. Name a micro with no treaties that still survives and prosper ‘till this day. Can't think of any? Yeah right, that's because they're dead mostly due to piracy or random attacks from other alliances. Those who still survived are suffering from raids every single day and night and are forced to either disband and join another alliance, sign a treaty with the big alliances or quit the game due to the frustration that they could no longer handle. Nowadays, if you want to start your own alliance, you'll have to join a big alliance, get stocked and then make your own alliance which is usually treatied to the alliance that you previously came from. Or you'll need to have a good connection to one of the top 50's alliance and discuss about treaties before you create your alliance. It's just impossible to play the game in a micro alliance with no treaties now that everyone is always craving for loot. Having a crappy treaty with an alliance that is not in top 50 will also gives you endless pain from raiders that your protector can't handle. Many micros tried to treaty with each other to protect themselves against threats from the world, and what's the result? Yep, still dead or barely alive. The fact that you can no longer have your own alliance without having to depend on the big alliances just really shows how cruel this game can be. The big alliances keeps getting bigger and more whale while the small ones gets raided to ashes and blown away if they even try to post a DoE on the forums. ( Yeah posting that stuff is just a death sentence to your alliance if you don't have a treaty beforehand ). The raiding mechanics aren't bad, but it's just a pain in every part of a micro because somewhere in PnW, there will always be that one toxic player that likes to loot micros all the time. So, in conclusion, will there be a way for micros to survive in Orbis without a treaty? Can they ever have a good time enjoying the game independently? From my experience of having to lose an alliance in the past and had to reroll, the answer will always be a big fat NO and it'll probably never change. Thank you for reading my useless midnight Orbis Ted-Talk with poor grammar ( I think ). Have a good day. ( P.s: I'm bored and posting this probably wasn't a good idea. Also alliances on white blocs aren't peaceful as you think )
  7. No More Coal would sounds like a good name
  8. Told my guy to make the DoE at least a bit formal, welp didn't expect it to be lit asf.
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