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  1. @Alex that was a Troll/Sarcastic comment. This is without a shadow of a doubt a multi.
  2. Relax, his finger slipped on the create nation button. Just an accident
  3. Do you suck at Politics and War? Are you tired of getting whipped every time you finally get that sweet infrastructure? Do you get triggered when other players are minding their own business? Well I have the strat for you with these simple steps! - Have no life - Kiss the admins ass - Search around for the slightest bit of sus activity - Screenshot - Open forum.politicsandwar.com - Make post & ping Alex And the best part is, it will never be Nerfed! ———————————— I think we can all agree this game is slowly becoming worse but a lot of us can’t just leave or do anything about it due to the time we’ve invested into it. (Even though a few veteran players have already left) It’s kinda stupid how this game’s community has very little importance to it’s owner when we as a whole make up most of the damn thing. The community has used it’s imagination to create many different variables towards the game’s Depth. Things such as Global Wars and NAP’s, Functional Government Positions & applications, Businesses, Banks, Etc. Without that the game is basically an Idle Clicker So yeah, not Poggers. Impulsively changing the rules and handing out strikes doesn’t fix anything. (I am happy my Friend Ironfist got his strike removed, thank you for that. And Sidd too, can’t forget Sidd)
  4. Can there be character counters for typing nation/alliance descriptions? Idk I might be stupid and it’s already there but it’s a guessing game for me when trying to add to a bio that’s close to the limit.
  5. I just find the globe with the construction hat unsettling
  6. Damn bro how much Juggernog you drink?
  7. What did you earn? “50 mil” What did it cost? “My account”
  8. Few things relating to alliances that would be cool •An option to automatically set someone to applicant after so many days inactive. •Perks or Projects (already went over that) •The choice to make alliances public to instantly become a member When clicking join instead of being put into the applicant section •Set requirements or costs for someone to apply (Ex certain city count. Tho paying to join aa could be exploited, if you make some kind of barrier it would work out) •An option to prevent Members from declaring war as opposed to just the note (For peaceful alliances) •Set a withdraw limit to allow lower gov to have some Econ freedom without the chance of being robbed •Alliance achievements •Entire alliance embargo, so all of your members cannot trade with a certain aa (I seen this one in the replies) (Yes I know if you have a good enough IA most of these things are no problem but nonetheless are very handy) have any more suggestions?
  9. It would be cool if alliances could earn project slots after so Many members gain a certain amount of infra ( for example something like 50K infra in total per slot). some projects couldn’t be obtained without having a certain amount of members too. Some ideas could be *a vault that allows a certain amount of resources and cash to be stored untouched even in raids (a max of 200M and 10k of every resource) it would require 25 members and the cost could be something like exactly what it holds, 200m and 10k of every resource *a mass espionage tool, spy on an entire alliance but that might be toxic so it could have like 1 use per week or however many Dagum turns that is. It would require 30 or 40 members *this one is ridiculous but a mass weapon tool that nukes an entire alliance With no war turns needed requires 50 members would be ridiculous cost and ridiculous reuse time lol *Troop storage, a project that can house troops to send to members during war if needed. Would also have a max on storage. Would prob be cheaper than the others considering paying for a mass amount of troops Is expensive. Would prob require 20 or 30 members. This could also be added with a troop tax so a certain percentage of the troops a member purchases will go into the housing for later *(this one wouldn’t be a project) but a mass infrastructure tool for your alliance buying infra for certain city count members Basically More additions to alliances would be cool
  10. I pledge to NOT cheat. As often as I can, in as many ways as I can through creative use of in-game mechanics. I pledge to NOT hack, exploit, and theorize further hacks and exploits for as long as I am able to do so. Critically, I pledge my intention to remain completely open about my activities. I pledge to ensure that administration is informed of the vulnerabilities and imbalances that I find the moment that I become aware of them. I pledge, for good reasons including simple self-interest, never to persist in abusing the exploits that administration politely asks me to stop abiding by. Most of all, I declare that NOT abusing simple out of game bullshit such as multi use, RL money trading, unrestrained paid mechanical benefits, libel, disingenuous accusation, et cetera up to and including actual criminal activity is entirely IN the question. Such primitive hacks are beneath the likes of honest cheaters and unnecessary to test. On top of that, as proven time and time again, low-grade shenanigans like that don't result in any form of victory whatsoever against the determination and power afforded by good gameplay.
  11. Hey bro can you hack me some steel?
  12. Hello losers. I have once again appeared on your forum bots and refreshed feeds. Today is a special day. You see, Deathly Hallows did not want to join the Butlandion cause. Instead, they refused to give me what I asked for. So like any rational human being I decided to take it myself, but how?.... One special man lacking of ignorance knew what he had to do. He surrendered everything to me and joined the Butlandion cause. His name, Souparmon IN HONOR OF PANTHEON HE HAS MADE ME PROUD BY COMPLETELY ERASING THAT AWEFUL WAFFLE COMPANY FROM THE MAGICAL STICK HOLDING ALLIANCE DEATHLY HALLOWS. Once again this coup is a statement to you sheep. Forfeit everything to me, and you will become reborn into the Butlandion family. Sing along children: He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got the itty bitty Micros in His hands He's got the itty bitty Micros in His hands He's got the itty bitty Micros in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got a-nuclear facility in His hands He's got a-nuclear facility in His hands He's got a-nuclear facility in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got a-handicapped alliance in His hands He's got a-handicapped alliance in His hands He's got a-handicapped alliance in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His hands He's got all of Orbis in His......
  13. Join your fellow Beige and Gray bloc brothers in the "None" alliance! There are no taxes, no war policies, and no communist gov, helluva deal folks.
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