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  1. Waffle House Declaration of existence Credit to Evie for writing this! *The scene opens, introducing our main characters, Jacob Apple and Duncan Croford. Duncan invited Jacob out for breakfast at a Waffle House, saying he had a huge bombshell of a proposal to offer him. We arrive now at the beginning of their discussion.* Jacob:” Greetings Duncan. Please have a seat, I was just about to place my order.” *He waves him over, with a friendly smile on his face* Duncan:” Hey Jacob, why did you arrange this meeting?” *Duncan sits across from Jacob, placing his order as well* Jacob:” Oh, I have my reasons. But come on, relax, enjoy a meal. It’s been a while since we have done that, old friend.” Duncan:” I suppose you’re right.” *Their orders arrive, and as they are eating Jacob brings up his proposal* Jacob:” So, you're still in charge of the Brotherhood Family?” Duncan:” Always have been. Same with you for the Stratosphere Marine Corps?” Jacob:” You know it. Now, I've been thinking. Our alliances are doing well on their own, but just imagine how much better they would be if we merged together. Just imagine it. Our merged alliance, moving on up to at least top 20. Don’t you agree it’s a good idea?” *Duncan sits and ponders what he is bringing up, as he begins to speak* Duncan:” You’re painting a very pretty picture to me, Jacob. I would love to take you up on your offer.” *They shake hands, both of them grinning from excitement* Jacob:” Now, what would this alliance be called? Stratosphere Family? Brotherhood Corps?” *Duncan sits and thinks, and suddenly gets a grin on his face* Jacob:” What are you grinning about over there, Duncan?” Duncan:” Why don’t we name our alliance after the place we made the decision in?” Jacob:” Waffle House?” Duncan:” Waffle House.” *They both stand, and recite the same line” Both:”As of this day, Brotherhood Family and the Stratosphere Marine Corps are now merged, and our new alliance shall be known as Waffle House.” FIN
  2. I agree with the S tier completely.
  3. Where is your proof that we planned to attack the Immortals, cause you have shown no real reason to attack, and if anything Oblivion has sent numerous spy ops on us. We are willing to also work diplomatically but I doubt you guys are.
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