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  1. HI! Thx for your reponse. I totally agree with you. The cryptopunks collection was intended to be what motivated other ppl to post their own collections. Imafe someone making a meme about the current war and it becomes viral. It would be great if that person posts the meme as a NFT and benefits from something that the community really liked, don't you think? Btw, im lowering the price of the cryptopunks collection to a 100K. I wanted to gift the money earnied with the cryptopunks collection to the 5 first ppl who contributed with their own collection. My objective is not to make money lol. I just wanted to create something funny and functional to the community It's a great idea. It can be a terrible experiment in lots of ways as you said, but I'll think about the idea for a while to see if something that actually benefits the community comes to my mind!
  2. I offer you 1M for this NFT. Please, in order to make this NFT public contact me on the NFTs Showcase discord server https://discord.gg/YChxfrjH https://www.barrons.com/articles/covid-alien-cryptopunk-sells-for-10-million-in-sothebys-sale-01623336573 Im offering 2M for this NFT 3M 10M
  3. I answered these issues above. If you still have questions don't doubt sending me a message!
  4. having a one day old nation doesn't mean i'm a one day old player of the game
  5. Yeah but lol this is not running on the Ethereum blockchain. If something like this happens the real author can tell us and we execute the takedown without problem.
  6. The ownership of the art piece can be found in the discord server. Deloitte is the institution that certifies who the owner is. You can still copy and paste the image. If you are a beta. Can you find a pic of the Mona Lisa on the internet, print it and then post it on your living room? Yes, you can. But it's shit bc it is not the original one
  7. Hey so I've been playing around with the idea of bringing NFTs to the game and I think it can be something pretty cool. The objective is to bring fine art to the game so people can sell their art. You can sell your memes or collect iconic pictures. How does it work you ask? Everything is explained in the server that displays the art pieces (https://discord.gg/BXHH9bneKE) but here you have it aswell. What is a NFT? A NFT certificates ownership over a digital asset stored in a ledger. The ledger is, in this case, Deloitte. NFTs are usually images. If you buy a NFT you become the owner of that picture and us, Deloitte, will certify it. It's as if you owned the Mona Lisa. We are basically providing the possibility to buy fine art in Orbis. --------------------------------------------------- How do I buy one? Go to any collection under the SHOWCASE category. There you can find all the NFTs from a collection displayed. Under every NFT there is some info: -Title -Owner (ingame name & nation ID) -Price (price the NFT was bought by it's current owner) -Availability (the owner can decide if the NFT is for sale or not) -Royalty (royalty that the author receives every time the NFT is traded. It is usually a value between 5-10%) If you want to place a bid on any NFT open a ticket at #open-a-ticket indicating the NFT's title and the bid. --------------------------------------------------- How do I publish my art as a NFT? Open a ticket at #open-a-ticket. We need the following information: -The image/digital asset you want to exhibit -The title -Your name/artistic alias The starting price you are willing to sell your NFT at -Your royalty. *Ask information about this in the ticket
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