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    100 upvotes for Rado's twerk. We want this to happen. You want this to happen. (He deleted the message in Great Job! chat, so we have to pseudo do it here) This is the song in question he'll video tape himself twerking to.
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    War Stats The New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness and I are happy to present: War Stats 2.0. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/ It has pretty graphs. It is fully searchable. And everything is sortable, clickable (click someone's alliance to see the alliance stats etc). If you click on items within graphs you can switch on/off those elements. Methodology: This tool tracks every single attack made in the game, it tracks the infra prior too, and immediately after attacks, it tracks how much infra every single one of a nations cities has prior to a beige. It uses the daily average traded resource price (outliers excluded: e.g. 1 Food for 1,000,000) for all loot calculations, resource use costs, and rebuys. State of the War: As we are incredible creative/tired, we have thoughtfully named the IQ/t$ Side 1 and everyone else Side 2 Coming Soon: Leader boards for Unit Kills, Most Damaging Beige's, lists of individual attacks and more! Best Regards, Frawley & Lord of Darkness PS. Sorry Sketchy for starting a new thread, however yours has been derailed sufficiently that I figure this warrants a new one.
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    Nerdsphere, comprised of The Commonwealth, Grumpy Old Bastards, Guardian, The Knights Radiant, and Tesla, admit defeat to Chadsphere (Coalition A), comprised of too many alliances to bother listing, and would like to congratulate Chadsphere on their hard fought victory. In addition, we’d like to make the following announcements: We recognize the Church of Atom as the official Church of Atomism here in Orbis Grumpy Old Bastards would like to admit that they do not know why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch It is our sincerely and dearly held belief, now and forever, that Clarke did nothing wrong The full terms of peace can be found here. /s/ The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of the Interior: Lionstar Minister of Finance: Sphinx Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs: CuppyCakeYums Bot Overlord: Printer365 (Hi Saxplayer!) /s/ Grumpy Old Bastards Cantankerous: Sweeeeet Ronny D Crotchety: Samwise, Presidential /s/ Guardian Memph JtTeE Synthesis Grim /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Adrienne Prince of the Heralds: Schirminator Herald of War: Benfro Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Sojourner Ghostbloods: GoldyHammer, Radoje /s/ Tesla
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    A Valid CB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preamble We, the Undersigned, henceforth known as Chaos (Bloc), declare our intent to cooperate together in our mission to bring chaos to Orbis. Our ultimate purpose is to make the game fun for our members and to keep things interesting here in Orbis. We aim to be a bloc that does not strive for complete dominance in the game in any sense (tier-wise, economically, militarily, politically, etc.). Ultimate cultural victory is excluded from this rule. We are open to working with different groups and helping out others looking to bring a little extra excitement into Orbis. If you are looking for partners in a war, trying to shake things up yourself, or want to 1v1 one of us, feel free to contact us. Article I: The Actual Treaty All members come together as friends and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Members agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a fellow member alliance is defending, except in cases where the member alliance declines help, in which case they are kindly requested to stay the #%$& out. This aid includes, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, moral and lumbar support. Article II: The Lunatics The Lunatics is a council consisting of the leader and one senior representative from each member alliance. Their responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of Chaos. Article III: Membership Joining the bloc is invitation only and as such, petitions to join will not be considered. Any alliance invited to join must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from The Lunatics. If the invited alliance accepts, they may not have outside ties other than one protectorate/MDP partner who is also not connected to the treaty web. Any additional outside treaties will be at the discretion of The Lunatics. Should a member alliance wish to temporarily “exit” the bloc for the purpose of things like 1v1 fights, they may do so. Should any member alliance wish to permanently withdraw from the bloc, they may do so at any time with 72 hours notice to The Lunatics. /s/ The Lunatics Ripper (CoS), Vexz’s Puppet Spaceman Thrax (CoS), God’s Detergent Adrienne (SK), Vexz’s Multi Schirminator (SK), Faceless Econ Guy Charlie Traveler (Soup), Mr. Clean Kevanovia (Soup), Soggy Pantaloons Squeegee (TKR), Sad Meat Clover (TKR), Everything Ruiner Opening Initiatives: Making an effort to assist former Nerdsphere alliances against unsporting attacks from political detractors for one month while they sculpt their pectoral topiary Figuring out why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch Couping Niz before she is able to organize an effective resistance Commencing Operation “Greg's Metropolis” and “The Mexican-Canadian Truce” whilst doing a Great Job!
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    This is a compilation of all the memes that happened last year, or at least the most important ones. We tried to include as many as possible, but you can't fit every single one without going insane Thanks to @Abbas Mehdi , @Buorhann , @Thalmor , @Settra , @TheNG Rising for helping a lot with the memes, the video took many days and over 40 man hours. Strap up, grab your popcorn..
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    It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live As apart of the war effort to remove TKR from power. For being apart of the sphere that sat atop the game and strangled it with inactivity For a little taste of vengeance. And of course, to be dynamic! Terminus Est Declares War upon Guardian
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    tl;dr: CoS declares war on Guardian Mandatory non-chaining Destruction and Optional Annihilation Pact Article I: Sovereignty The signatories of this treaty promise to infringe on the sovereignty of each other, and agree to mutually disrespect the right to conduct one’s internal affairs without external interference. Article II: Intelligence The signatories of this treaty agree that they are very intelligent. Article III: Mandatory Destruction Both parties are obligated to bring it on... Article IV: Optional Annihilation … till there is nothing left of the opponent. That’s optional though. A tank or two can be left standing. Article V: Non-Chaining Both parties agree to not have exclusive rights on the destruction of each other. Article VI: Cancellation Raising a white flag will do it. Signatures: For CoS: Ripper For Guardian: Ripper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving jokes aside, I would like to take this chance to make some political statements: CoS was and remains truly paperless. This does not mean it remains neutral at all times. The alliance had the chance to join either side of the war (an offer was available from EMC) and the choices made were based on values of the alliance and wishes of its members. Although there are many parameters to take under consideration, if only one reason was required to understand the choice of CoS for this war, that would be the challenge offered and the behaviour of certain alliances; as of today: out of the almost 80 nations with more than 26-30 cities, EMC has 40 of them at its side, with the true paperless (CoS / TEst) having 14 of them, and the rest of 25 being distributed in all other alliances. out of the almost 30 nations with more than 30 cities, EMC has 25 of them (!), with the truly paperless (CoS / TEst) having 4 of them. We do respect the fact that some people may enjoy playing it safe, just signing everyone in their range and militarizing out of range. We do understand this may make them feel that that is how the game is supposed to be “won” or that taking it easy is the definition of fun. However, CoS would have no fun in joining a side with such a mentality. And would certainly not lose a chance to try and prove that there is no safe place to hide. Except for VM and deletion of course. Regarding our “ultimate goal”, we have a vision of a more fragmented Orbis, with more frequent, low-scale wars, and less paper strangling the game. Ironically, the side we had to pick has not followed tactics that move towards that vision (maybe the opposite is the case). However, removing the illusion of a “safe place to hide” is of greater priority for us, since we believe that this move can be a game-changer, in the sense of affecting the mentality of the corresponding players. Finally, to the parties from EMC that I was in touch with, I personally apologise for using ambiguity and playing with words to keep you in the dark. However, I hope you understand that telling you that I was already planning to go to war against your side was kinda difficult... I presume you would have done something similar, if you were in my shoes. Although I technically did not lie (you can recheck the logs), I will have to live with the guilt of not being straightforward with you. We hope all parties have fun and enjoy playing the game.
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    I made a bunch of smol, minimalist circles to represent alliances. I started working on these over 6 months ago (@Radoje posted a version of the top 40 alliances a while back) but since the year is ending I got motivation to re-do a version of the current top 40, as well as a bunch of other ones. Anyway, here's the current top 40. War flags were used where applicable and holiday flags were avoided with the exception of Arrgh. I tried to avoid meme flags but for Acadia I'm not sure if the noodley boi is a legitimate flag or not but I put it in anyway. Thanks to Rado for fixing the TKR one and to a bunch of TGH people for helping fix the Rose circle. Here's everything else I've done in an imgur album, including the non-war versions of war flags (ex. NPO, Guardian), alternate flags (ex. Acadia), old versions (ex. KT), and dead or rebranded alliances (ex. Roz Wei, AIM). They're all 100x100 px. Feel free to use these wherever you'd like, but please don't take credit for them. Also, obligatory happy new years~ hope y'all had lots of fun. apologies for butchering durm's flag but i didn't know how to represent it : ( please forgive
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    Community Outreach Program, Vol. 1 Citizens of Orbis! It is I, Charlie Traveler. We're here with an important announcement regarding our recently launched community outreach program. We have identified a problem with the esteemed members of what was once Nuke Bloc - they are sorely lacking excitement! In an effort to rectify this issue, Soup Kitchen, being the community-focused organization it is, has initiated a series of friendly attacks against members of Fark and World Task Force. The decision to help these two wonderful alliances came from a place of love - we expect this to be a quick, action-packed, fun war for everyone involved! In an effort to ensure that this remains a fair 1v2 fight, the rest of the Chaos Bloc members will be watching the ring to prevent outside combatants (like ghosts). I am sure that this will be a wonderful team-building, engaging experience for all three of our communities! Signed,
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    ROSE HAS BEEN COUPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyXE9aSUpUE March 22, 2019 (Rose Tribune) - A communist group has stormed the Sovereign’s Palace located in Rome. When they arrived at the palace, the building was empty. They seized control with relative ease since the Sovereign was vacationing on the beach. One eyewitness stated, “I saw a gigantic angry mob storm the palace. They were hungry and enraged about an uncontrollable immigration system that let a band of unvetted Hobos into the alliance.” The Sovereign was immediately arrested by the new government after returning to the country. The leader of the movement promised fair wages and the release of the food held in government storage. The new administration has already begun to send notices of leave to the Hobos still in Rose.The world awaits further policy shifts and learn more about the installed government. -- In short, Rose has undergone a democratic coup. I am excited to announce our new government lineup: Sovereign: Zevfer Regent: Vack -- Ephor of State: Mhearl Ephor of Milcom: Bopolo Ephor of Homeland: Aquileius Dynamic is currently being held in solitary confinement. In all seriousness, we are grateful for his contributions to Rose during the past year. We hope he enjoys his retirement, and we promise to provide enough food and water during the duration of his sentence.
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    The Covenant Articles I: Non-Aggression and Intelligence Cooperation A. Signatories to this agreement agree not to enter into military action against one another. B. Should a dispute arise between alliances or members of the alliances in this agreement then these disputes will be resolved peacefully through private channels. C. If information is obtained by one signatory that is damaging to the security of any other signatory they are obligated to share this information. Article II: Military Cooperation A. Signatories agree to defend one another in the event that one comes under attack. This includes financial, political, and military assistance to the best of the signatories' abilities. B. Should signatories choose to engage in offensive warfare they must inform the designated representatives of the other as early as possible and no later than 24 hours before action is taken. C. All signatories of this treaty has the option to participate in offensive action taken by another signatory, but is not obligated to do so. D. These designated representatives are required to maintain operational security once informed of the planned military action whether they agree to participate or not. Article III: Burial Protection A: In the event that either signatories disband, the other signatories will place a seventy-two hours protection over the disbanded signatory alliance to allow the other signatories alliances members to find time to move on. Article IV: Amending The Treaty and Modification of Membership A. Additions or removal of any signatories must be done by a unanimous vote of the other signatories. B. This treaties contents may be modified by unanimous consent by the representatives of all signatories. C. Any signatory must give 72 hours notice to the other signatories if they wish to withdraw from this treaty, after which their treaty obligations are no longer in effect. Appendixes: A. Offensive action is here defined as The first party to have declared war upon another nation or alliance, whether it is a direct assault or declaration of intent. B. Defensive action is here defined as when a foreign power declares war upon a nation affiliated with a signatory alliance, or foreign power declares the intent to do so. For the United Purple Nations: Primarch: Hansarius Chief Librarian: Underlordgc Reclusiarch: Ender Wiggin Master of the Forge: emperor666 Lord Inquisitor: Guardofthedragon Signed for The Commonwealth: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Finance: ChristianD Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, Haris Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs: Rueben, RightHono(u)rable, Xea Evangelos Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles Advisors: Kalev60, Who Me, Aesir, Julian (Minion Aficionado) Signed for Frontier Records: Board of Directors - Alexio and DemonSpawn Manager of Human Resources: Lucifer Morningstar Managers of Public Relations: Fulcrum and Nick McScott Manager of Security: Luviel Manager of Finance: Wood Signed for Acadia: Directors: TheNG and George Clooney Resident Ministers: Acey, Amand Kosh, and Curtis Lowe Senior Colonists: Stampy, J D Keller, Josh of Clan Mason, ColoringNick, and Pitabread
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    Alliances of Orbis, The leadership of The True The Vanguard declares neutrality in this war. We will not raise up arms against our enemies in TKR, nor will we fight alongside them against in IQ. The True The Vanguard will remain completely committed to neutrality in this war, and all military build up seen is purely to roll The Revolutionary Front. If we are attacked, we will strike back with extreme prejudice against anyone who takes it upon themselves to bring the fight to us. Take note, that should anyone strike The True The Vanguard at this time, our immediate and only goal will be the complete and utter destruction of our enemy's military forces and their complete and total surrender. For those who wish to fight in this war, we bid you bad fortune in the wars to come. For those who do not wish to fight, but have had the fight brought to you, stop being whiney little pixelhuggers. If war must come, man up buttercup. TLDR: The Golden Horde and KT declare war on The Revolutionary Front
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    Long has LeotheGreat waited. In the tortuous centuries since the death of his world, Leo has tirelessly, and single-mindedly sought one thing: balance. Convinced that the universe of Orbis has become too large, too stagnant, too crowded. If the whales are allowed to grow and flourish, then they will undoubtedly cause both their own demise, and the doom of all others. One by one alliances have been swayed by feminine charm and beguilement, leading to passivity and bloating. Many other alliances have been saved, their members culled, and infrastructure reduced by half - to sustainable levels. But now Leo seeks a more far-reaching, permanent solution - one that will save everyone. To do this he seeks the Infinity Alliances, the most powerful forces in the game, born at the dawn of Orbis to control all aspects of reality. With these, he can finally reach his long-sought goal, and watch the update flip over on a happy game. Now, word reaches him that the first alliance has been found, in the possession of a bloated horde known as The Knights Radiant. Aided by his most trusted disciples, the Black Knights, Leo sets out to claim his destiny. Aided by the children of The Inquisition, they now launch a devastating attack on the Radiant Knights. A decadent culture, these knights guard this stone jealously. Taking it will be no easy fight, but it is no worry, for the hordes of The Inquisition have blood to spare. The red hordes of Pacifica, the prosperous companies of the sea, and a converted Guardians of the Galaxy all have joined this righteous crusade. These knights with a Radiant sickness have wronged all, and Karma, or rather destiny, has come for its dues. Using intermediaries has failed to yield these stones, ...and now, as they say, he must do it himself! Signed, Black Knights: New Pacific Order: Emperor: Roquentin Regent: Lord of Darkness Imperial Officers: Prince Henry, Auctor, Keshav Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord: Seeker The Collector: YangCheng Nova Prime: Ivory Knight Master Technician: KingofBlueBears Acadia: Directors: Lord Proprietor: TheNG Patroon: George Clooney Resident Ministers: Cape Merchant: Acey Intendant: Amand Kosh Sergeant-at-Arms: Curtis Lowe Chief Agent: Acey Infowars:
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    The Black is the new Orange Concordat. Intro: Turns out BK has a no returns policy when we tried to mail Who Me back, so this is the next best thing. Article I: The Black Knights and The Commonwealth agree to come to the aid of one another should the other party come under attack. Article II: Both parties agree to share information pertaining to the security of the other, should they receive such Intel. Article III: Both parties reserve the right to join one another in offensive operations at their discretion. Article IV: Should either party wish to cancel the agreement offerings will be made to the Supreme Ellie Goddess and the Prophet of Ayy Lmao, after which 72 hours will pass before the treaty’s cancellation will comes into effect. Article V: For the duration that this treaty remains in force, Biel will now henceforth instruct people to “Disband your alliance and join BK or TCW”. Article VI: Furthermore for the duration of this treaty, Gorge is granted the title of Princess of The Commonwealth. Signed for The Commonwealth: Prime Minister: Sphinx Chief of Staff: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Finance: ChristianD Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Internal Affairs: Lionstar Deputy Ministers of Finance: Edgeworth, Haris Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs: Rueben, RightHono(u)rable (Its Queens English mate!!!), Xea Evangelos Deputy Minister of Defense: Pericles Advisors: Kalev60, Who Me, Aesir, Julian (Minion Aficionado) Signed for The Black Knights TL:DR: BK and TCW sign an MDoAP Ellie from Yui!
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    Everyone, If you're reading this, you're a fellow player in this game, or a contributor in the community at large. In-game, we all have our disagreements, our behaviors that others don't approve of, etc. Out of game, however, we're all just people trying to move through this thing called life the best we know how. I am posting here because one of our community members, Therana, is struggling in real life. He's a bit too nervous to post this himself, and has asked me to articulate his situation in the hopes that the compassion and support of this game's community will come through for him. Therana's father is a self-employed business manager who has fallen on hard times, essentially because of deals made in bad faith from three of his clients (in a row, no less). Therana and his brother are, respectively, __a part time employee at a discount store and a full time psychology student. They both strive to be as little a burden to their parents as possible (I am sure most of us can relate). In addition to the unfortunate business circumstances that have befallen Therana's father, his father has also experienced health problems and may even be suffering from cancer in his bladder. As you can very plainly see, Therana's family has fallen on hard times. We wouldn't be making this post if the situation was not very dire, and worsening. Therefore, I request on behalf of Therana and his family, that we as a community consider aiding them in whatever way we can. Therana has created a GoFundMe account, for the express purpose of saving his parents' home. With rising medical costs, and the circumstances of business, they must ask for the aid and compassion of others during these hard times. The link for Therana's GoFundMe is as follows: https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-save-our-family-home-1 If you can show support even with a small amount of financial donation, it is most welcome. If you cannot contribute financially, but wish to offer your support here in the forums, it will be received with utmost gratitude. You can even contribute in the smallest way by sharing this post on your discord server, and spreading the word via social media. No contribution is too small, and the gratitude for each ounce of it is immense. Please, consider aiding one of our own. Thank you all very much for taking your time to read this, and an overwhelming thank-you for all of those who will support Therana as he goes through this difficult time.
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    Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to everyone, I come to you here today, to publish an agreement that has been reached to secure the peace between the forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar on one side, and The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front on the other. The conditions under which the aforementioned parties agreed to end the war are as follows: 1. The forces of The Golden Horde and Knights Templar admit defeat to the combined forces of The Knights Radiant, The Commonwealth and The Revolutionary Front. 2. The Golden Horde agrees to acknowledge its true master, Princess Kastor, and honour his image on their Alliance Page for 30 days. 3. The aforementioned parties have agreed that no new wars are to be declared after this document has been published on the forums (August the 14th, 00:15 Game Time). Any existing wars will naturally run off, whether through beige, expiry or peace - entirely up to the players themselves. Therefore, with conclusion of this war, I'm honoured to announce that the Orbis longest War record has been broken - in this Sixty-Nine Days War. suck it james Accompanying signatures: /s/ The Golden Horde The Great Khan: Buorhann The Beklare-Bek: Sketchy Khan of Diplomacy: Hodor Khan of Discipline: Partisan (Alkaline) Khan of War: Shiho Nishizumi /s/ Knights Templar Grand Master: Theodosius Grand Seneschal: Whisper Grand Chancellor: Keegoz Grand Almoner: Vladamir Putin Grand Marshal: Horsecock /s/ The Knights Radiant Queen of the Heralds: Nizam Adrienne Herald of War: Benfro Herald of Growth: Schirminator Herald of Internal Affairs: Radoje Herald of Foreign Affairs: Lordship /s/ The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Felkey Chief of Staff: Julian Rederic Gray Minister of the Interior: Lionstar Minister of Finance: Sphinx Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Sven Shieldmaker /s/ The Revolutionary Front Revolutionary King: Rey
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    It has been many moons passed since my warriors and allies were sent to chase down the identity thieves of our name. Persistence has paid off though. The sphere that all has come to know as "Vanguard" has been dismantled. The Fake Vanguard, as what we've come to really know them as. They were valiant fighters, clutching to a name that was not theirs to begin with. Achieving "goals" of frustrating the world that we inhabit with their false congruity. Piece by piece, they've been taken down. All Hail The True True Vanguard, for we have won our long battle. May they never come back and take another identity from another in this world.
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    Doesn’t keep you from talking sadly
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    Embargoes are an underutilized aspect of P&W, and could become a much impactful area. The solution to this would be to allow alliances to embargo other alliances/individuals. Just as the United States can control if its citizens can trade with Cuba/NK/Iran, alliance leaders should be able to embargo whole other alliances. This would lead to an interesting dynamic and potentially create conflict that could escalate. This would be a new element to trade and create a new political arena with leaders having to balance cutting their own members off from resources, retaliatory trade wars, and the increased tension. This beats the current decentralized nature of embargoes that lacks any real strength.
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    Recognition of War So, I guess welcome back. That didn't take long. But you gotta admit, hitting Alpha seems pretty lame. We've been irrelevant for years, don't you know? On top of that, doesn't look so good when you can't handle your own business against an alliance who hasn't even existed for the better part of a year, and you have to call in extra help. Not mad or upset, just disappointed in you Oblivion. I thought you liked to fight or something? Anyway, we've noted your 11 nations on your AA and also will keep watch on those two 3000k infra whales that left after the war started. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=24900 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=63120 But it's fine, we expect them to say in that AA, and not use another AA's protection for any other purpose other than pixel hugging. This includes jumping back after bulking and declaring wars.
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    Purple Flower Garden was once a dream in the mind of a certain Purplemoon-Yui. She carried this dream with her for many years. Much later, she met a certain Cupcake and told the Cupcake of her dream. Others before had said the dream was silly but Cupcake didn't. Eventually, the time seemed right to try to make the dream happen. Purpley travel a long way to make Purple Flower Garden and once the place was chosen, she invited Cupcake to join her. Today, they have been there for one whole year. The Two Dorky Weebs (as one supporter affectionately named us) would like to invite you to celebrate with them. To get an idea of what would and should be at the party, we got some ideas from others: (Disclaimer, if we visited you to get ideas and you aren't mentioned here, or if we didn't drop by this time, we apologise... we were a little high on icing sugar the last few weeks). Everyone is invited! You'll see there's a definite theme... Ellie is ready! Some guests had very specific ideas ~ (Thraxy might not know it yet but he'll be leading the marching song!). Bring your stuffed animals too! Work in progress: Anyone offering to help with this one? Always. ------ Thank you for being with us today and to all our friends for supporting our dream.

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