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    100 upvotes for Rado's twerk. We want this to happen. You want this to happen. (He deleted the message in Great Job! chat, so we have to pseudo do it here) This is the song in question he'll video tape himself twerking to.
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    Hello Orbis, Marginal-Micro-Former-Meat-Shield-Co-Leader of The Horsemen here. Just a simple announcement (Full Disclosure, I'm 44% drunk) but unfortunately we will be severing all ties with The New Pacific Order, effective immediately. We have always been a loyal bunch but We were lied to, for whatever reason....and I don't even care to investigate the reason..or explain the reason...as even in our dissolution..The Horsemen will do our best to be loyal....even to an alliance that doesn't deserve it. So NPO, best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find the happiness and Orbis Domination you are looking for but as for The Horsemen, we do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our allies. My responsibility to my guys is number 1. Maintaining an alliance with a group that only sees us as a meat-shield cannot continue. I'm keeping this brief. If I continue to type, vitriol and nonsense will come forth. Also, the average attention span of the modern human is 300 words or less. Ok, full, full disclosure..i'm 74% drunk. -The Dude Oh yeah..we withdraw from this nonsense (war).
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    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame It was a beautiful day in Francoberg, Roqovia’s capital. The public forums were quiet and the waters were stagnant, just as their citizens liked it. At the center was Roquentin’s palatial hamster cage, where the Lords of IQ had gathered to make their ritual offerings of carrots and treaties. At each side of Roquentin’s exercise wheel stood his most loyal advisors: Dio the Dildio and Auctor also known as “Diet Inst”. Roquentin was listening to the complaints of his many subjects who were seeking shelter from the great menace known as Chaos. Among these were NPO’s protectorates such as InfoWars, Goon Squad, and the Black Knights. BK in particular was concerned as they had just finished a massive dogpile against TKR and were caught immediately planning another massive dogpile against TKR. “My lord you must help us contain Chaos”, Leo the Brave and Beautiful leader of BK begged. “They are arguably the 4th, maybe even the 3rd largest sphere in the game and a massive threat to us.” “and why are they fighting you?” Roquentin asked. “Because they found a plan where we said we would fight Chaos and you would hit Keto. I told them it wasn’t true but can you now please hit Keto while we fight Chaos?” Leo answered. “and what were chaos and keto doing before they found this out?” Roq asked. “Uhh… They were fighting each other...” Leo meekly answered. “An obviously fake war! They are fighting each other to give the illusion that they would be willing to fight each other,” Diet Inst said with disgust. “pathetic i agree. as if such empty actions could cause us to stray from the path of dynamism” Roquentin murmured between bites of carrot. “but if we are pinning keto down, are you confident that 4:1 odds will be enough for you to defeat chaos on your own?” the Rodent of Consolidation asked. Leo sweat nervously. “Uhhh we might need some help there too...” he admitted. “Forgive me for speaking Roq, but if we help then everyone will know our split was fake.” Dildio said. “no we will just say the people who suggested our split might be fake these last few weeks forced us to reform,” Roq said. “Didn’t we say that exact same thing about EMC for over a year?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “Also we have logs of them planning to his us!” Diet Inst insisted. “But we only have logs of people wanting to hit IQ,” Dildio said. “exactly,” Roq grinned. “Plus we could just say we have more logs that we can’t share for... reasons,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn’t we say that in Trail of Tiers?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “We could say it's to kill the whales,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn't we just use that for Knightfall?” Dildio asked, momentarily bringing the room to silence. “so uh... it is agreed. we will involve ourselves in this war and it will be everybody elses fault,” Roquentin proclaimed. Leo threw himself at Roq’s furry paws and wept in gratitude. As the meeting ended and once he was sure everyone was gone, Roquentin pressed a button that was hidden by a layer of wood pellets. A hologram of a pigeon flickered in and Roq knelt before it. “It begins my apprentice. Soon there will be no stopping us,” the image said. Outside the Stronghold of The Knights Radiant The armies of TKR amassed by their Stronghold’s gates where they were joined by their friends and partners. Among them was CuppyCakeYums the Cat Thief, who was munching on his favorite snack. Waddling next to him was JtTeE the Adored and beside him Manthrax the Sad dragged his feet. Hidden towards the back was Ameyuri the Fox selling her usual illicit goods. As they prepared Queen Adrienne spoke. “Our enemies have reunited. Last time they threw everything they had at us and we proved we would not crumble. Today we turn the tide. Today The Knights Radiant and her friends will beat back the Desolation. Today we fight!”
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    “So, it’s settled, friends?” Jazz asked, looking at a ragtag group of leaders assembled before him. Adrienne nodded tersely, silent as usual. She was a dull one, Jazz thought, all work and no play. A harbinger of boredom, to be sure. Kev, who was cradling a seemingly bottomless bowl of soup in front of him, slurped loudly, pausing just long enough to give a thumbs up. Charlie, who was sharing not only the mammoth soup bowl with Kev but also the fork, gave a mumbled answer from behind his mouthful of noodles. Jazz glanced over at Skwidgy and Bezzers, who gave noncommittal nods from the couch as they continued playing Minecraft. “Let us celebrate then,” Jazz said, lifting his glass. Adrienne reluctantly clinked it and then returned to her workstation next to the bar, putting on her oversized headphones with a closed off demeanor that begged for people to annoy her. A quiet figure slinked out of the shadows to do just that and the sounds of Insane Clown Posse blaring drowned out the party music. A split second later, the sound of glass splintering caught the attention of the room. A sheepish Kev held up his fork while Jazz, broken glass in hand, looked like he was having a hard time deciding between annoyance and amusement. Squeegee, holding his can of Orange Crush, piped up from the couch, “Heh, good job, loser.” The Chaos compatriots were an odd bunch, Jazz noted as he took survey of the room. Blink glanced around, noticeably disgruntled at the lack of rum. He adjusted the eyepatch he wore as a reminder to others of his superior raiding ability. Ripper sidled over to him, hoping to reignite a discussion on the merits of one-shipping. Cooper, ever the shy and demure one, sat in a corner of the room, furiously scribbling in his notebook. In another corner, a girl wearing a pikachu costume appeared to be attempting to stew a lobster dog. In stark contrast to her, Adrienne’s apparent right hand man, GoldyHammer, was already drunk and running around the room, professing his love to anyone that would listen. Thrax seemed to have had some success in engaging Adrienne though. The two were now enthralled in discussion, comparing notes on various animal genitalia. “DUCK WANGS!” Thrax guffawed. “HILARIOUS!” All of a sudden, a loud crash emanated from the side of the room and the goons scattered. Bits of dust and dry wall snowed dow n from the sky. “YUGI PUT TANK IN HOUSE!” a voice yelled out. The goons looked shocked but the Chaosites were unphased. Jazz looked over at Skwidgy questioningly. “Ah, that’s just a normal Thursday for us. We have the repairmen on speed dial, don’t sweat it,” he said, before resuming Minecraft. Jazz shrugged and carried on. Cooper put down his notebook as Marx offered him a drink. Jazz’s eyes lit up as he spotted and lifted the notebook from the table. “What’s this?” “A term that TKR actually accepted?” asked dancemasterlee, looking over Jazz’s shoulder. “It can’t be!” Perrydotto grabbed the notebook and quickly glanced it over. Smirking, she stood up on the drinks table, accidentally knocking over one of the mixers and earning herself an indignant look from Adrienne, who resituated her computer on her lap. “AHEM!” she said, looking triumphant. The room quieted and turned towards her, save for Bezzers who, surprised at the sudden speech, knocked over a glass of tequila. It slowly dripped onto the floor. “It was a tale of mercy!” she exclaimed. The crowd gazed back at her, silently bemused. She continued on. It was a tale of mercy. A radiance of sorts And boards of controversy. The GOONS cheer, “eat my shorts.” Oh orange men, how to plead? In chorus, they all say Something awful indeed There is news, to relay. It was a Blink of an eye. The knights had seen enough So it’s time to find Versailles. The goon, we honor as tough. Enemies by circumstance. Friends of genuine intent. We begin our final dance: Surrender, we consent. From the depth of war it seems, A new vision appears Of Toxx n’ SJWs we dream, A joint future is near. As the grenades fizzle out, My queen it’s time to look Look without a single doubt GOONS read us like a book The tale lives on: mercy spurned As knight becomes comrade. Others have much to learn But GOONS, oh boy I’m glad. She finished and, with a flourish, gracefully hopped down from the table. Archibald clapped Cooper on the back. “Good job, kid,” he said. Cooper blushed furiously and looked down. Tl;dr Chaos surrenders to GOONS. Let us shake hands and use the salt to line our margarita glasses. Another Jose! /s/ The Lunatics /s/ GOONS
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    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1722&display=bank The great birds of The Terapin Federation have journeyed long and far on our quest to find the best memes or Orbis. Indeed, after such a long and arduous journey, some among us wondered if we would ever reach the end - the ultimate meme. Tired, we rested in a quiet spot, a peaceful guardian site. Wait, what is this? Money? And food too? Lying unattended, where anyone could take it. An unfortunate soul must've dropped it. Well, a stroke of luck! Our journey can continue, freshly fed and funded! Thank you, kind stranger, for your donation to the Build NG New Cities Fund!
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    As I await a reply from Alex, I thought I should appeal to have my home ID removed from the ban list. My old nation first named Foxhole then Ruination did not benefit from whatever tricks my brother Pooball used. I did not know about the exploit until Akuryo first posted about it here. I am honest member of the community and feel I have been treated unfairly just because of my family relations. I ask Alex and the mod team to review my situation again please. Blink
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    It is my determination that this was in fact war slot filling. Three nations declared war on an inactive allied nation holding approximately $35 billion worth of money and resources, and once that nation became active again, the wars were peaced out and the funds transferred to an "offshore" alliance bank. This situation seems unfair to me, that no one else had a chance to raid the inactive nation. It's a bit of a gray area, and I am applying moderator discretion here, but I have deleted 10% of the money and resources contained in the inactive nation's inventory at the time of the war slot fill as a punishment so as not to encourage this behavior again. You can check my figures here: And as a reminder, the Game Rules are guidelines and do specify that moderation discretion must be applied when enforcing the rules. You can review the Game Rules here: https://politicsandwar.com/rules/
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    I threw most of this together as a quick dark theme alternative a couple years ago and have been gradually expanding it for greater customization. More specifically to allow for color selection rather than purely a fixed theme. It's reached the point of being quite usable and in need of a larger testing audience. To install it you'll need a user styles manager such as Stylus (available for Firefox and Chrome). Then all you need to do is click here: Some screenshots below of its default color scheme: No more tiny bank input fields! And of course if that color scheme isn't manly enough for you there is always the option to do this:
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    1. Do players (kastor) that don't create good topics, even matter in the macro of the game? no no no but bold FTFY
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    ThE sYnDicAtE aNd iTs AfFiLiaTeS hAvE nO inTeNt To ExPaNd ThEir WaR oN tHe CoALitiOn CuRrEnTLy FigHtiNg ThE bLAcK kNigHtS aNd ThEir ALLieS bEyOnD gUaRdiAn AnD gRuMpY oLD bAsTaRdS.
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    Dear Orbis, Some of you may not know me, many of you do. I'm one of the crotchety old-timers who wanders the halls of browser based nation-sims. Now that I have removed myself from the political arena and become that which I once hunted (to near extinction), I have time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I like writing these long diatribes from time to time, even though I doubt many people actually read them. Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. I've often talked about how it's important for the leaders of alliances to take responsibility for the health of this game. There's a symbiotic relationship between the game staff/creators and the big players. I'll avoid talking about Alex, I've done that enough in the past, but often as players we're to afraid to take risks. Considering my current position in the game you might find that sort of statement hypocritical, however I'd say I've done enough to create game content. Two names that come up a lot when talking about major events in the past are Partisan and Prefontaine. Neither of which are around to create those anymore. There are others past and present, yes. But it's hard to rally major events in the current (and the past year or two) political environment. IQ has a strangle hold on the mid tier. TKR-sphere has an strong grasp on the upper tier. When the rest of the game needs to unite to stand a chance at taking out a tier, that's bad. This last war was an attempt to break that up. I want to lift the curtain on some of what was planned, and how it failed. The premise of the war was two fold in the original plans, to take the long running leaders of the game for a loss and to shake up the political world to allow for the creation of new spheres. The first part was a success, but the second was a failure. The original plan was to end IQ post war. Part of IQ was in on this plan. Partisan was going to take Syndicate and ally to NPO. Syndicate was going to keep Rose or House Stark as an ally and drop the rest. NPO was going to keep BC or Polaris as an ally and drop the rest. During this period CoS and TEst were going to give them post war protection for 2 months to avoid their upper tier getting steam rolled while they established a new sphere and allowed the game to shuffle up. The war dragged on, Partisan left, and thus the plan died. Thus BK/NPO stayed tied. NPO and Syndicate have a ton of treaties (protectorates largely, sure, but lets be honest about how protectorates go here). Had the war ended earlier, the plan still might not have worked, but both sides are at fault for the peace talks. Just because this failed, doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying. I understand feeling like there's too much to risk being a large alliance in making big moves, but this is a game. If you try something and lose, at least you played a hand. You're dealt a new hand soon enough. Lots of times moves come from smaller alliances, support those. Take TGH for example. They have active leadership, experienced fighters, seemingly motivated. We need more of that, and we need more of it in alliances that can make large swings. Imagine what would happen to the political landscape if NPO left BK, allied TGH who teamed up with CoS to then hit someone. IQ's core broken up and possibilities arise. Or TKR/Guardian leave tCW and roll them along side TGH. People often get too held up in the mentality of keeping allies for far too long, or only allying friends. Take a risk. Befriend an enemy to accomplish something together. Then when you're done one of you might backstab the other. These sort of moves MAKE the politics here. Looking at the treaty web and knowing how every war is going to play out is boring. One of the big surprise moves of the last war? CoS declaring on Guardian. TKR-sphere believed CoS would fall on their side of the war if at all. tl;dr Your allies don't have to be your friends only. Your foes don't have to be enemies. Hold your leadership to make things happen, or if you're leadership take a chance. We hold onto political grudges too long. Grudges make the game, but like treaties you should keep the same ones for too long. Back to my cave.
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    As promised… In another time, in another realm, the ideas I am going to present were not alien. The following concept was understood at-least implicitly by many, and practiced regularly. Most were unsuccessful in wielding the information given to them in any meaningful manner, yet those who did shined in that realm and beyond. Often, we have seen people who either attempt to take upon the role of the villain, or at the very least promote and support those who do. In the classical sense, the villain is to be abhorred, to be reviled, to be denied and rejected. As children, we saw, in fairy-tales and in other assorted stories, that the villain almost always lost. Why then, would one wish to adopt the role of a villain? It seems counter intuitive, but there is legitimate reasoning behind why one may wish to engage in such an activity. Let me first state that it is important we always maintain the realistic view that this is a game. While our actions within the confines of the game may be indicative of our personality outside the realm, believing that a player's adopted persona is the representation of their out-of-game self is the height of folly. Let us speak of Orbis first. Politics & War at its most fundamental level is divided into two major areas: mechanics backed actions, and user generated content. The two are not entities wholly independent of each other that operate in entirely different areas. Much to the contrary, there is great overlap between the two; anyone who has paid any amount of attention to P&W will note that there is a clear relation between a political entity's dominance in the sociopolitical arena and in-game competence. One could say that this game is 2/5th a nation sim, and 3/5th a socialization game. Having observed this, we understand quickly that for our actions in-game to hold any meaning, it is necessary that the story of the game - the In-Character dynamics - be perpetuated. What does it mean to extend the story of the game? It means that with our actions in game, in our conversations on Discord, to our posts on these very forums, we must be contributing in some way to the overarching narratives within the game. To build a hundred-member strong alliance, all securely within the middle tier, and do nothing with it is stupid, worthless, and should not be done. It means you are building just for the sake of building. To build the same alliance and craft a period of time within Orbis' history that provides engagement outside the immediately present mechanics is what makes this game fun, its what makes people say: "I had a lot of fun in 20<xx>". Eventually, if you keep fighting wars and a narrative does not accompany them, you will grow bored. There are very few players who are able to manage not burning out while doing so, and almost all of them, at one point or the other, have turned to politics. Let us move on. We know that P&W is more than just what we build in game, but a collection of tales and stories criss-crossing with each other to form the fabric of this game: the timeline of this realm. Knowing this, let us ask: does a story with no foil for its 'heroes', no villain, ever be as entertaining as it would be if it did have one? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no. The nature of these games is that a sphere, an alliance, even individuals and ideals to rally against always makes the game more interesting. One need not always play the bad-guy, but in the end, a game's story is only as interesting and engaging as whatever villain exists. We have seen time and time again, the times where the most political turmoil and intrigue have existed have been when the multitude of alliances in Orbis have attempted to overthrow whatever power they believe exists. Conflict drives the game, without it you may as well play Farmville. Meaningless conflicts - in that they are not adding to an overarching narrative or goal that sees political maneuvering and positioning accompany it - can be fun, and indeed have been fun, but after the nth time, they too turn stale. A villain is one who knows how to antagonize others with purpose. Being an &#33;@#&#036; for no reason is not playing the villain, it is not antagonism in politics, it is just that: being an &#33;@#&#036;. Being a villain requires the understanding of one basic fact and the willingness to use that information: genuine gameplay antagonism begins with the realization that every player you come into contact with are of some use or the other, be it as friends, informants, allies, or even enemies. You may wonder how enemies are 'useful'; history tells us that threats to one's way of life and the status quo allow an otherwise weaker side to galvanize it's troops in order to oppose 'the enemy'. More than this, however, it requires the willingness to, for a lack of a better word, use people to further your goals, which feed into an overarching narrative. It demands that you understand the motivating stimuli behind individual and alliance scale actions so as to leverage the players. You may think of it as writing a play, where your in-game competence is your budget, equipment and so on. Your actors, the way you use them, the script… that’s all your interactions and behavior towards them. In the end, perhaps the most significant part of what makes you capable of pulling off the role of a villain is the way people perceive you and your actions. The golden rule is that what you actually did isn’t relevant, what matters is how people perceive it and how well you are able to influence that perception. In that sense, your reputation is of the utmost importance. What is also important to note is that you need not play the villain for eternity. Unless you commit to actions that go far beyond the norms of the game, there is always a chance for you to come back and adopt a different persona, though it is only natural that the community takes time to accept that. That said, however, I think special mention needs to be made of what doesn’t constitutes as playing a persona, and what is not conducive whatsoever to one’s ability to play the villain. It is not conducive to your long term persona keeping or your reputation to do what many a player is wont to engage in: fruitless and frivolous bashing of other players for no gain over an extended period of time. A good way to think of it is like this: You can rip on some people all of the time, you can rip on all people some of the time, but if you start ripping on everyone all the time, your words ring hollow and people stop listening to what you’re saying. Once people stop listening to what you’re saying and disregard it as “just another post by that crazy guy”, your ability to influence actions immediately drops almost to 0. Similarly, it is important to know who you’re targeting, what you’re targeting them on, and when you’re doing so. If the person is of greater value as an ally and a friend, then don’t attack them or what they say, but try to reach a more personable compromise in case it is really necessary. If what you’re attacking them on is a position held by your allies and friends, that too will come back to bite you in the ass. Finally, if you’re attacking them before you need their help (even if temporarily so), you’re screwing your own plans over. This much is common sense, but apparently still needs to be told. Playing a villain doesn’t mean you can’t have friendships, it means you’re capable of compartmentalizing in-game/politics with RL and outside-of-character bonds. I’ve personally found that the most fun is to be had when I’m airstriking my friends tanks and talking with them in Voice Chat while doing so. This provides a good segue to my next point, the crafting of meaningful bonds and the power of listening. Whenever you are talked to/with, you are supposed to listen: Receive. You might skim something and miss a part of what they're saying that changes the meaning totally. Subtle changes are important, so read messages fully, twice. Understand. Try understanding the purpose behind their message, what they're attempting to tell you, and what kind of response they expect. Consider: Now consider the message's importance, and what your potential response will tell them. Does it benefit you in terms of going ahead with your plans, or does it pose a hindrance? Before replying, always do the three things above. It will help greatly in formulating a response. Plus, this skill (the ability to comprehend the situation) isn't only helpful in politics but in everyday conversation too. You are expected to understand civility and tact, and how to use them to further your goals. Do not dictate terms to others, do not issue ultimatums. Entering rooms like a petulant child throwing a tantrum is not you conduct negotiations, even if you have overwhelming power at your hand. Do not flame or bait unnecessarily, unless it achieves an IC goal. If addressed aggressively, you must remember that you have to show you are better than them, either by wit or restraint. Having said that, it is equally true that at times you must be firm with your point. As someone playing a role, particularly that of the villain, you are not a timid, subservient follower. Do not compromise for the sake of civility, do not be non-confrontational when it helps with your goals, but be smart about your opposition, picking unnecessary fights does not do anyone good but those who wish to make you look bad. In this sense, listening and responding on its own are some of the most powerful tools you have in crafting meaningful relationships and bonds, both for the game and outside the game. If you (can): Compartmentalize and separate IC motivations with OOC emotions, Understand who fights for what, why they do so, and are willing to use said information Listen and help people grow into a position where they can and are willing to help you, Understand that power can only be hung to for so long before changes need to be made, You can fairly easily adopt the role of a villain. This isn't a "guide" so to speak, nor would I claim it is. Its a loose collection of thoughts that turned rambly half way in because my dumbass hasn't slept for more than a total of 5 hours in the past two days.
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    I would like to instead propose Nine Million Nuke November where we try to reach the magic total of 9,000,000 nukes detonated and make everyone starve I think my proposal has a better chance of success
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    The Penitus Oculatus are an organization which answers to the Emperor. Our primary task is protecting the Emperor, and as such, we are elite bodyguards. We will use anything necessary to fulfill our task. Our Purpose: Penitus Oculatus Agents serve a number of tasks. They are tasked with discovering spies within the Empire through tact and their mind, but they can also be tasked with stealing, poisoning, stabbing, injuring, or murdering targets to serve a greater cause. Inspectors are involved with investigating crime scenes, such as when someone related to the Imperial family is kidnapped. They are also able to send out scouts to investigate events or places that might threaten the Empire. Another part of our duty is ensuring the safety of the Emperor, the prince, and other members related to the Imperial family. Government Lineup: Commander: Darth Revan Administrator: Cypher Inspector: Zygon, Darth Ataxia, Avakael, and Viseli Special Spokesperson: Prefonteen Discord server: https://discord.gg/fRWqrt3 But wait...We have just started a quest!
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    I'm thirsty for new resources so why not add water, a vital resource for human survival. Water would function similiar to food but it could serve more functions (dams for power, etc.) Water would also be required like food, and unlike food can be contaminated or polluted by nukes. Contaminated water would raise disease and lower population. To lower contaminated water levels you would build water treatment plants. Water production itself could be increased by a water reclamation plant national project. Things could be changed about water, but all I want to see is water as a resource. Also remember what Uncle Jonas says "Listen to masses and respect my ideas" ^what water would look like kinda
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    Hello, as of today, I, Chris, will be resigning as an administrator and as a staff member for Politics and War. Currently, I don't have the time for it in my life and it's a bad time in general for me, as it's hard to find the time for it amidst a sea of other things. I am mainly doing this because I want to focus on my career. There is no bad blood between me and Alex or me and the community, I simply need to focus on other things and this has been taking up too much of my time. I am unsure if I will keep playing the game, but for now I will also be taking a short break from it as well and placing my nation into VM. Thanks for having me! Chris
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    I agree the avg Nova member doesn't deserve punishment, but for Poo to claim he didn't know where those resources came from is so clearly an insult to our intelligence. I can say I know exactly how much tCW has in our offshore, and I'd wager every single alliance leader does (Keeping track of that is our job and I'd be failing tCW if I didn't know). The fact is the growth of the top gov members of Nova was illegally obtained, I personal don't want to see them banned, but I feel they should be reset back to one city and have their inventory wiped at the very least since otherwise their lies have gotten them off Scot-free. (Apart from destroying their credibility with the wider community.)
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    Greeting Orbis PC Principal stopped by earlier today and set things straight After a long conversation we came to the proper decision to change the term slayyve to "Unwilling Employee". The term slayyve may be hurtful for some and so we apologize for that, all law suites should be directed to our Trade Mark Lawyer @Sir Scarfalot. Next we would like to apologize to @Sphinx @Epi @Elijah Mikaelson and all the others the term Slayyve may have hurt. Moving forward we promise to be more PC, and have signed the pledge to be more PC. Any questions regarding this change please contact @Sir Scarfalot *This change may or may not actually happen
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    You make your own fun in these things. When the game gets dull, I return to my family's farm and like farm for a few months. It ain't much, but it's honest work.
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    @TheNG' These words people threw around - humans, monsters, heroes, villains - to Leohann Kabbaz it was all just a matter of semantics. Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around memeing dozens. Someone else could be labeled a villain for trying to stop them. Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human. The time of semantics was at an end, Leohann Kabbaz knew. He had risen- a spiritual union between the edgiest rival factions. The ultimate fusion of wit. He was the Alpha. The endgame. Leohann Kabbaz' gaze rested on the figurine in front of him. A meek, distorted silhouette reeking of expired jokes; more vinegar than salt. Pitiful. This champion was but the artefact of an eon long past. And like his heritage, he too would soon be lost in the abyss of archived memes. Leohann smiled. "Ah you think shitposts are your ally? You merely adopted the meme. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the forum until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but blinding! I am the great shitposter. There must be no other. Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be memed up into 198 pieces. Those memes will be repeated until what is left can be used only to paint 9gag. Whoever takes one grain of salt or one drop of tears… more than his ration, will be moderated for 155 years. If I, LeoHann Kabbaz, want the birds to drop dead from their memes… then the birds will drop dead from their memes. I am the wrath of admin. The forums I pass will see me and tremble. But whoever follows me and this trainwreck, will win untold upvotes. But whoever deserts…" A faint sigh escapes Leohann Kabbaz. His eyes shift up and a grimace contorts his face; eyes twinkling with the purity devoid of any restraint only a madman could posess. "Do you want to know why I use Photoshop? Paint is too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions. In… you see, in their last memes, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were not funny?" The pigeon just stared out into the waves. Leohann Kabbaz considered shoving him over the railing. Sure, he was hundreds of years old, but could he swim?
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    Hello, I just wanted to announce that just like everything I have created in life, ORB Website will be closing down in August. I am a failure and I have failed the ORB Site just like everything I've ever created. Now that the haters are writing their posts about how they saw it coming, I'll give y'all the true true. My RL is pretty darn crazy, my career has taken giant leaps which has pushed me into a position to be pretty gosh darn busy during work (where I'd usually spend a lot of time writing articles) and outside of work where I end up working from home/traveling (where I used to finish/write more articles). I am extremely happy with my career and where it is taking me, so I should probably focus more on that real-life career. Apart from that, its fricking summer and I have a dog. There is the sun to enjoy, lakes to swim in, places to visit & my dog isn't going to be here forever, so I want to work to give him the best gosh darn life any dog could ever have (he goes hiking with me and travels with me when I can have him). The website also is paid for out of my own pocket, I've messed with advertisements here and there trying to take a little bit of that out of pocket cost, but to be honest I've made $5.43 and I won't ever actually see that cash - you have to make a certain amount before you get a deposit and its not really worth the pain....and I really don't want people suffering from ads and popups....and its just hard to have a staff that is willing to write frequent articles and keep up with politics. So the site goes away - the server will still be there - server is easily manageable and I (and others) want to do some shows on there, plus I enjoy y'all on there sharing your life with each other there. PLUS Orbis Tribune posts up news there and that's just fricking rad. I appreciate y'all who helped the site out, participated as staff, and all of y'all who paid PW Cash for subscriptions when we first started. That cash went towards contests, payments, and stuff related to ORB more than it went towards my personal nation - so thank y'all for being cool with that. If y'all aren't in the ORB Server - come and join, hang out, earn some ORBs in the economy or just enjoy the random games we have pop up. There will be no next time for this, so seriously, thank y'all who actually supported the site. Love you forever...or until you cheat on me. Also, the Soup is Hot & So is Charlie and Kev.
  32. 23 points
    When your shit post gets deleted but it's wildly popular so you keep having to serve it up in the DMs
  33. 23 points
    @Elijah Mikaelson It's almost like when you sign MD treaties with the largest sphere in the game, who enjoys planning dogpiles on people 4 to 1, because they are Brave and Beautiful, you might have to actually defend them at some point. Stop complaining about your own FA choices. Citadel could have broken off and gone independent and tried to sign some alliances to bolster their numbers, but instead you opted to stay tied to the safety net of BK. Well unfortunately, that means you in BK sphere whether you like it or not buddy. And now BK is calling that in and because you can't be mad at them, you run around the forums pretending it's everyone else's fault. Its not BK's fault, It's not TCW's fault even. You made your own choices. At least have the resolve to accept the outcome.
  34. 23 points
  35. 23 points
  36. 23 points
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No peace terms, only white peace (cit.) Also fixed
  37. 21 points
    Like many a one night stand, what seems like a good idea at 2 am at a bar quickly turns into a 8 am quick escape. Goons was like that for BK. While the dancing was fun, its time to dash (especially when she started talking politics). This has no effect on the war coalition and we will continue to cooperate till its conclusion. Pursuant to our treaty we have given our 72 hour notice. -Leo
  38. 21 points
    In a time where toxicity is rampant on the forums and there is not an ounce of empathy in a game where 28 city whales prey on the weak and defenseless 8 city nations, only one place offers refuge for the weary, the kindhearted, the poets, philosophers, and the peaceful. My inbox apparently.
  39. 21 points
    Ah, was waiting to see how long it took BK to call in the rest of IQ. Welcome to the war. Thanos, buddy. I hope you realize how pitiful you are, even if your allies and friends are too moronic to see it. Dragging them into a losing war, poor things.
  40. 21 points
    we just growin rn fam Also: Have fun with the 5 ground attacks under 1 minute lol. EDIT: Some people have told me the nations don't exist and thus the screenshots can't be proven, but fear not, Glorious Leader and Stat-padder Extraordinnaire @Frawley saves wars and attacks. Note the timestamp. 5 ground attacks were launched in one war between 12:40:30 and 12:41:01. This should literally be impossible.
  41. 21 points
    I am not sure if it's right place if it's not please move it somewhere else. Prepare for bad grammar and complains. My main issue about this game is that too much relaying on community. Every interesting things which are happening currently in game it's up to players. This game is so dull rn that only community keeps it alive. It is sad that game doesn't make any significant progress. There is nothing to do in game rn. No interesting addition to nations or alliances like researches to get bonuses, something like that. Maybe new military unit to make next war more interesting? Idk Why not make something which force alliances to fight more often over some bonuses or sth. People don't fight too often because they don't have reason to burn pixels. How many times we can fight just for lolz or grudges? And maybe some small change from time to time in war mechanic to make every war more interesting? I don't expect huge changes but this game should be interesting itself. Right now, only community keeps me in this game. I really force myself to log in game. I spend more time at discord... Tell me what you think. I am old player not the oldest but totally bored with lack of new interesting content. And yeah I am free to play player so I am not feeling comfortable to criticise it but well...I don't see reason to support this game when I see such stagnation. I only support games which have constant progress. I am tired of trying entertain myself. I did many stupid things but I am feeling burnt out. Ehhh... I expect interesting new things in game. I saw pretty nice ideas in suggestions at forum from members and seems to be mostly ignored.
  42. 21 points
    Good, strong, professional alliances fight long wars. Weak alliances can't. We've reached a stage of the game where a lot of the fat has been boiled off and a few bad rounds aren't that intimidating.
  43. 20 points
  44. 20 points
    TMC sees your ROH and raises you a "Who Cares."
  45. 20 points
    I'll keep it short and simple. t$ nations are using some kind of hack to win wars before you can blink. Why does someone always have to pull this BS. I'm posting here so @Alex actually does something about it. Here is what I'm talking about: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=518155 EDIT: I said "nations" but have only provided one example. It seems that the nation in question is doing it intentionally, but it may be only him and a few others, it's not right to blame all of t$ yet, and I was wrong to phrase it that way. I have asked the person who revealed this to me for more examples as they said that multiple nations did it.
  46. 20 points
    RIP the first fallen alliances brought down by Noctis.
  47. 20 points
    Well, that's disappointing. After talking with Wilhelm and seeing your continued hemming on the sidelines, most of us in Chaos, contrary to your insane conspiracy theories, were actually willing to believe you about being separate. Its a valuable life lesson I suppose. Always assume NPO will take the path of most consolidation.
  48. 20 points
    I hacked the servers to pull this info out for you.
  49. 20 points
    prove your might? Boy if I had to beat a bloodied and already beaten bloc to "prove my might" I would know I have hit the absolute bottom.
  50. 20 points
    Preamble My mummy doesn’t believe me when I told her I met ayyliens. One day I was skipping in the rose garden, thinking about how I &#33;@#&#036;-a-lot, and met a talking taco. He took me to his leader, some purple fella with a thicc chin, and we had a great time. I told him about my plans to teach others how to launch the biggest loads and he agreed to make sure no one bullied me on the way! The time has come for the ayyliens to learn how to unleash the load as well. This’ll show my mummy! ARTICLE I – Non-aggression Neither signatory shall engage in any acts detrimental to its counterpart. Should such an incident occur between the signatories, both parties agree to seek solutions through private diplomatic channels. ARTICLE II - Mutual Defense The signatories agree to defend one another against any and all military aggression from third parties. This can be in the form of military, diplomatic, or economic resources. The degree of aid to be provided is contingent on the request placed by the defendant. ARTICLE III - Optional Aggression Either signatory may request assistance with the planning and execution of an offensive war against a third party. Such assistance, though encouraged, is not mandatory. ARTICLE IV – Intelligence Both signatories agree to share any intelligence they have obtained and that could prove useful or vital to the other. Should any intelligence pertain information concerning a direct, imminent attack, on either signatory, both signatories are mandated to respond appropriately in a joint force. ARTICLE V – Non-Chaining In any scenario where either signatory finds itself attacked as a consequence of fulfillment of third party obligations, the Mutual Defense clause as stipulated by article II will be void. Assistance in such a situation can still be requested for by either signatory; however, its fulfillment will be optional. ARTICLE VI – Cancellation Should either signatory decide this agreement is not in their best interest, the other signatory must be informed 72 hours prior to their withdrawal. Upon the passing of said hours, all articles are void. Tl;dr: Black Knights and Camelot sign a MDoAP and hereby declare both will abide to the articles stipulated above. Signed for Black Knights Signed for Camelot King: Arthur Wizard: Epi Lord of Foreign Affairs: Bill Rice
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