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An OWR Announcement


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Best of luck

Roll Squeegee pact with Redarmy and Ameyuri

Blues Brothers pact with Redarmy

Leader of the Elyion Resistance. If it's backed by NPO, you know it's evil

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Throughout my lifetime in this game and my two nations I've gone from being allies, enemies, getting rolled, being allies again, being in protectorate of OWR, getting saved from that protectorate by OWR and being a member for over a year, to having your support in establishing my own alliance.

It really could not matter whatever negativity anyone might bring forth about OWR. You guys, no matter it was 6 years ago or just a month back, have made this game compelling and exciting for me. I owe a lot to all of you and it breaks my heart to see you go. Orbis won't be the same.

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1 hour ago, Bendigeidfran said:

OWR's disbandment has as much to do with losing the war as the flavour of Cinnamon Toast Crunch has on whether or not I wear fishnet stockings to bed.

We had some great times trying our best to ignore this game's toxicity but ultimately we'll be better off as a community ourselves without this game constantly throwing wrenches in our attempts to mind our own business. We played this game for many years and we pushed through far worse in-game situations than this, whether you liked us or not a well adjusted individual would be able to appreciate that this isn't just a random alliance disbanding after its first war. A large number of our members have already quit the game entirely, most likely a few more will as well over the coming weeks. 
To all the people saying crap like "Good", you're part of the problem. People mass-quitting the game should never be a positive thing to the people playing that game, diversity in ethos is what makes games like this work, without it you're just playing with the same awful war system over and over watching the numbers go up and down.
The game isn't special, all the best parts of it happen outside of the game between the people that play it. It's a vehicle for personal interactions and the construction of stories and it can fulful that role very well when people respect the fact that behind the facade is a group of actual human beings which have understandably developed a strong connection with each other and with the concept of their alliance over the many years it existed.
We've seen kids go from school to university to owning their own houses within the lifespan of OWR, we've had people get married, have children, have their lives fall apart and rebuild them again, within the lifespan of our alliance and OWR was a rock through all of it because no matter how the real world treated you, you could log on to Discord and the game, and you'd be amongst friends.
Regardless of your feelings about us, how we conducted ourselves or how we played the game, anyone who doesn't see the tragedy in the loss of that is a sociopath.

Imagine getting this worked up over a comment made on the internet.

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Sad to see this alliance go, good luck in your future adventures.

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1 minute ago, Bendigeidfran said:

Don't flatter yourself, that was a general statement made to the community at large. Thank you for proving my point.

If a single slightly negative comment "proves" your point that this game is super duper toxic and I am a sociopath then maybe you should indeed take a bit of a break.

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On the bright side @Sval, @Mayor said he's no longer in Clock! You guys are no longer a t$ vassal state! @Mayor, @Ducc Zucc, @Horsecock, @Thalmor, please help whip up the next thing you think $yndicate should do with your no foresight having ass lmbo. @Horsecock, HURRY AND MAKE THE THREAD BEFORE YOU CONTINUE SEEING SYNDI POSTING THIS MUCH. IT CAN'T CONTINUE MUCH LONGER! @Thalmor CRANK UP THE RADIO, THE IMMORAL $YNDI MONSTERS ARE BACK!


All the best in your future endeavors tho @Sval. It seems like you guys have a pretty healthy community and may your grouping enrich the next game you play :D 

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I have had the pleasure of speaking to many of your gov members and Sval was instrumental in helping The Band of the Falcon get up on its feet. Wherever this withdrawal takes you, I wish Sval and Co. the best of luck!



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I met Sval and OWR in easily the hardest time I've had in this game aside perhaps their departure now, for numerous reasons, largely unrelated with the game and rather potentialized by it and toxic treatment by members of the platform. They along with several others at the time, offered me hope - support that I did not receive anywhere else because of the political, IC, realpolitik nature of the game. They inspired me to take a chance on the game, to try to provide that same emotional support to members of the community whenever possible. 

At the end of the day, it's my opinion we as a community, often still forget that IC-OOC line, despite several precious, good natured people. It's nothing short of a tragedy to see them disband and move away from the platform. I wish them the very best of luck, and apologize wherever I may have failed, because you deserve the best. 

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I originally started playing this game in a time a few of us would remember, truthfully I couldn’t assume who does or doesn’t. I was a member of Brotherhood of the Clouds in 2015, where I had a great relationship with an alliance and all the members, as far as I can remember at least. I quit playing The game some time around the end of 2016. After deciding to play again at the tail end of 2020 I bounced from alliance to alliance, searching for the true community I remembered when I was a young lad in middle school. I never found it in the first few months of alliance hopping. Group after group of people working together, but none interested in the people that made the alliance up in the first place. 
I joined OWR a bit over a year ago, and was able to feel that sense of community again, with all of the interesting people I got to know, and who got to know me. 
It was a good ride, maybe even the last good ride this game has to offer for me. Thanks everyone in OWR for putting up with me, I bet it was a pleasure.




im at work and I don’t care if it’s hard to read, I’m illiterate.

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