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  1. A game limit and income nerf is a good idea. 5 second between just seems to be annoying though. Overall, I think it's a good change.
  2. Leo says back to the mines with you.
  3. This is the ground-breaking news service that this world deserves.
  4. I will have my vengeance, as soon as I rebuild my airforce.
  5. I always knew NPO would betray us, ever since @Dio Brando torpedo'd me in WoWS. Please join me tonight for a dramatic reading of how to prepare a hamster.
  6. pls keep your weird fantasies to yourself
  7. Clearly he isn't trying hard enough. Typical weakness of the charmander lover.
  8. have you considered talking to someone who isn't objectively stupid.
  9. Your love of Charmander is why your parents divorced
  10. I consider your Legate of Foreign Affair's name as a personal insult. Nevertheless, welcome to the gang.
  11. Why would you suggest something so horrible?
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