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Notorious Outlaws Rebrands to The Sith Empire with new DOE


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52 minutes ago, hidude45454 said:

Someone here pls explain to me what tf happened yesterday. From whatever Locutus and public logs existed it looked like:

>2IC coups leader

>Leader coups 2IC

>Leader bans 2IC and all high gov


Like, what is the series of events that led to this lmao

Micro moment 

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After going through so much trouble to get rid of the previous high gov, the first thing you do is post a 2 line DoE with a stupid theme. Man, micro leader these days are soo damn confident :mellow: 


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My first experience with Notorious Outlaws was dealing with their previous heads of FA and IA. It left me feeling that NO was run by complete morons. Then Mexifornia contacted me through mutual friends, fixed the situation, and explained that the situation was never acceptable in the first place. Seemed like the most level headed aspect of Notorious Outlaws, to me. Getting rid of those two was a good move.

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You guys should use NSO's flag 😛

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New Polar Order Imperial Regent
Diety Emeritus of The Immortals, Patres Conscripti of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations, Lieutenant Emeritus of Black Skies, Imperator Emeritus of the Valyrian Freehold, Imperator Emeritus of the Divine Phoenix, Prefect Emeritus of Carthago


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