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  1. "thanks cthulu for this idea"... Goodness, all I did was suggest you make your own post when you suggested that I rename my latest one. Well like, maybe if he starts raiding 770, and changes this to a [DoW]....?
  2. He blocked me when I told him we coulda been friends, and we coulda been protecting his members in our range. *shrug*
  3. lol Why are ASM members downvoting, when they have a D level treaty with Blankie Gang? *shrug*
  4. LOL You're right, that was Aiya, and I need to put my dang glasses on.
  5. Why just leave the peace terms on *seen*? They're quite generous. We're not even asking for anything, really. Just publicly declare peace and admit what everyone already knows from those screenshots in my previous forum post addressed to The Arch Trinity of 770, as well as the screenshots I posted in the comments to your lying response post about an illuminating and holy learning experience. If it really was such an illuminating and holy learning experience, then just do the right thing, accept the terms, and show your members that you might actually care about them just a little bit. Why do you not care as much about your members as I care about your members? If you do, show them you do, by ending their suffering that you created.
  6. Sending clueless noobs into this, because we declined to merge into 770.
  7. lol WUT ROFL... TLDR, is it against forum rules to call someone a lying sack of doo-doo? lol My posts contain proof (screenies), his posts contain pure unadulterated BS made up off the top of his head. 1) No, Neo got kicked because after I informed Greene's gov about what was really going on (as per the screenies in my forum post addressed to the Arch Trinity of 770), Neo was the only one with the guts to tell Greene off. 2) It wasn't a training exercise, he got that from me. I asked him if that's why he was sending noobs at me, he said "THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" The real reason is we declined to merge with a gang of stupid noobs. See attached screenies, and/or see the aforementioned forum post. 3) "As per Duncan Croford, of the Waffle House, they were intending to sign DEFCON-5 all along" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Duuude I wasn't even in Brofam's FA server until after you started throwing noobs into our meat grinder to get curbstomped just because you couldn't poach us from our own aa lol... Again, screenies. Note the time of my entrance to the Brofam FA room. Central USA time, for Orbis conversion. 4) "There will be the deluge of individuals who doubt my representations" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Duuuuuuuude lol I've got screenies, you've got nothing but BS you're making up off the top of your head! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL And I mean, I know what your plan is, you think you can just keep throwing noobs at us to hamper our ability to get good raids because we're dealing with them, in the hopes of grinding down our bank since you have a lot more money to pay an endless stream of clueless noobs 5m each to raid us, so that we'll capitulate and merge into 770 so that you actually have some viable members in your aa, but that's insane. Theoretically yes, since we're only 7 decent 5c and one 3c total noob to our whole alliance, you can hinder our ability to get good raids, and perhaps even erode our zero tax bank over time since we can't raid you personally to put a stop to it, but even if you ground us down to our last dollar, we'd never merge with a group of noobs. Besides, we poached your only protector, (ROFLMAO!!!!!), A LOT of people don't like you, and I have a feeling that someone or another might eventually come along and give you a bloody nose. Aaah dangit looks like there's a screenie missing on the Greene conversation, I'll see if I can find it, but you get the picture with all the rest anyway, plus all the other screenies in the aforementioned forum post. Dude... Greene.... Like..... WTF dude lol Why make up BS lies that are easily proven as lies?
  8. Definitely the best spot for 3:00am drunken yumminess. :) Maybe someone can create Denny's, and they can be rivals. 😂
  9. I know what Greene's plan is. He has basically an endless stream of noobs in 770 who aren't on discord and don't know wtf is going on. All they know is he's paying them $5m each to raid us, and they don't understand the damage they're going to suffer. Since he's got a lot more money than us, and we can't raid him directly since we're all 5c, he could theoretically grind down our bank by keeping us occupied so we can't get good raids, and his hope seems to be that we'll eventually capitulate and merge into 770. That's insane, it's never going to work even if he reduced us to our last dollar, but that's what his strange logic seems to think of as a possibility. But I bet if it goes on long enough, more people in influential places will become increasingly more sympathetic to our cause. People already don't like him. One of 'em might decide to give Greene a bloody nose. I mean, they did lose their protector, after all. *shrug*
  10. [TLDR] Greene: "Merge into 770." Us: "No, thanks. We're good, let's be friends." Greene: *sends raids, sees them getting smacked down and nuked repeatedly because we don't care about the cost because we're experienced low tier raiders who decom'd cities or entire nations to begin with* Greene: Uuhhh... pls mrg?.... Waffle House: 770, we respectfully decline to retain you as protectorate. Waffle House: Replaces 770 with DEFCON-5 as protectorate Us: *kek* Mr. Greene: When your member informed you she was leaving 770 to join a new alliance being formed, she was very nice about it, and even gave you a parting donation. She didn't have to do either, but that's just her, so she did. You were like ok cool I understand, then the day after we form, you're sending raids at us. And your government members seemed to mostly be in the dark about that (examples below). The only thing you've managed to do is having Waffle House replace you with us as protectorate when they dropped you, and make yourself look... Well.... Anyway.... To the other who Archs: What's up with Greene? lol.... Seems that within the last couple hours, he just kicked me from the server... To the members of 770 et all: Here's why Greene is sending your 7 - 8 city tier at an 8 member alliance, starting with the conversation between him and Powerpuff. More pics in comments because it says maximum of 1000kB. It gets rather entertaining lol.
  11. We refer to 770's massively failing forced merger attempt as, "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due". This has nothing to do with Holy Seas. All actions are defensive against those particular nations in 770 who are actually dumb enough to raid us and get curbstomped.
  12. This is a defensive action specifically against 770's attempt to force us to merge. In fact, we're not declaring on anyone that isn't already hitting one of us. Thanks. The threat is contained.
  13. The Emergency Broadcast System has issued an IMMINENT THREAT warning. Stay tuned to this station for a statement by the the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Ladies and gentlemen, our national sovereignty has been violated. Completely unprovoked, the godless minions of Greene the Antichrist, leader of 770, stream onto our shores in a desperate, futile, and pathetic attempt to convert us by the sword and force us to worship unholy blasphemies as they do. They will not preavil. In true militant radical religious terrorist fashion, they first struck with a suicide attack by New Marcia, which was quickly contained. Our embassy was led to believe this was not a precursor to all out invasion. Shortly after, they launched an all out attack against us. This aggression WILL NOT STAND. Citizens and soldiers, I want to reassure you that our cause is just, and our resolve is unbreakable. We shall not succumb to their asenine demands for unwelcome conversion to their unholy necromancy and idol worship. We are a proud and strong people, who value our freedom of religion, which is one of the founding principles upon which our Great Union is built. We can not and will not be swayed by force. The mindless sheep of the false prophet's flock walk through the valley of the shadow of thermonuclear mushroom clouds, oblivious to the folly of their misguided faith. They may be willing to die for their false prophet, and die they will, but we shall never bow before their golden calf and pay tribute to their false gods. My friends, this war is just beginning, and how long it lasts depends on how long the Antichrist Greene wishes to throw his mindless minions of hell at us in the field of battle. We may take losses on some fronts while forcing a wedge through others, and we may even face an ever growing endless horde of mindless fanatics. But rest assured, in the end, regardless of the tally of the dead on either side, Green has already made himself look extremely foolish, while our global status is not only intact, but stands to see considerable gains. Launch the Polaris! Their threat doesn't scare us! Until they cease, Our warheads will not Rust In Peace! Brother will kill brother, spill blood across the land... Killing for religion, something I don't understand. They bring us Holy Wars... We bring them The Punishment Due. https://youtu.be/9d4ui9q7eDM ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Emergency Broadcast System has issued an IMMINENT THREAT warning. The preceding message will be repeated in 15 minute intervals on this station. Stay tuned to this station for further updates on threat development.
  14. lol No, but Jova and I did come from Cataclysm.
  15. Goodness, that's my old nation link from 2018 - 2019 lol... I was actually invested in your graphics business with that nation. This is my nl now; same nation and leader names. Locus Of Entropy (politicsandwar.com) Maybe I should have put this up top instead of at the bottom... Alliance link: DEFCON-5 (DC5) | Politics & War (politicsandwar.com)Discord link: https://discord.gg/bVGSSCVjmg
  16. The grizzled old general of ancient wars long forgotten, back from retirement to plunder anew... The eager young officer, plundering forth ahead a new generation of booty-grabbing and all out raiding... Both, having become bloated with their conquered territory, found themselves unable to find the glory of the raid so often as they wished. The wizened old general, stroking his craggy chin, realizes there is only one way to once again have the endless supply of lucrative raids he longed for and missed so very badly. With the stroke of a pen, vast amounts of his empire's land and infrastructure is sold off to the highest bidder, leaving exactly 5 cities remaining. Instantly, there is a massive increase not only in amount of raids for the now happy old general, but also in the overall raid profits taken. The sharp young officer, watching with interest, sees the results, and makes the same profitable decision, leaving exactly 5 cities remaining. The potential was immediately recognized. An alliance where everyone is in the prime raiding score range and is militarily strong would be one of the best possible structures for a dedicated raiding alliance. Not only is 4 - 5 cities the sweet spot for raiding, but with everyone close in score, everyone is able to counter for everyone, and the score range threat window is quite limited to begin with. Thus is born: DEFCON-5 ~The Raiding Alliance For The Serious Raiding Connoisseur~ Use this alliance to quickly amass a large non-taxed nest egg as a stepping stone to an alliance with a higher/wider score range, or for the hard core low score raiding elite, you will find a welcome permanent home here. The choice is yours. DEFCON-5 is a military minded alliance of smaller nations focusing on a 5 city range, with raiding for profit strongly encouraged. The concept is simple: 4 to 5 cities is the best for raiding with unlimited lucrative targets, and if everyone in the alliance is near the same score, everyone is able to defend everyone else from attack. This limits the range of nations able to attack us, and anyone raiding our members will be met with coordinated retaliation. 0% TAX for up to 5 cities, 5% tax increase per city up to maximum 25%, to encourage having everyone in the same score range. These taxes fund smaller nations up to the core score range, militarized, and on nuclear power. Loans and grants above the new nation funding program may be available on a case by case basis. Only 3 rules! Rule #1 Maintain military readiness at all times. Your participation in this is of paramount importance to mutual defense. Rule #2 Raid whoever you want, as long as we are not treatied to their alliance. We have very few treaties, you you will have plenty of targets. Your raids are your own responsibility. We will help you find wise raid targets. If you raid a dumb target and get slotted & rolled as a result, that's your own fault, and your own business. Rule #3 When the call comes from the government to help an ally, whether a member of our alliance or a member of an allied alliance, help to the best of your ability. ~That is all~ Discord is not a 100% requirement unless you're a Staff Sergeant or higher. We do strongly recommend Discord, since much of the game actually occurs there, as well as a wonderful community. TO APPLY Apply in game, then join our discord and ping @High Brass or @Low Brass. If you do not use discord, apply in game and a government member will respond via in game mail, with subject line "DEFCON-5 Application". Alliance link: DEFCON-5 (DC5) | Politics & War (politicsandwar.com) Discord link: https://discord.gg/bVGSSCVjmg
  17. I'm trying really hard not to give a crap and take this game too seriously, lest I have to disappear for 2 yrs again, but hey hey, best of luck to your new organization. Inquisition? I tried to talk 'em outta it, but ya can't Torquemada anything, they mean business!
  18. *Le Sigh* "Can't we all just get along?" ~ Rodney King
  19. Thanks for the welcome backs! I really should not be here! I'm going to get nothing done IRL!!!
  20. March, 2019... Orbis still bathes in radiation from the recent global war. Pantheon just got done narrowly escaping destruction via a coup plot that Chtulu had been warning of for months. Alas, his recommendations to prevent this in the future would never be heeded. Despite his exceptional showing in the global war, despite being in a position spanning all governmental departments, and despite being tasked with developing and implementing a new military policy, he knew that Pantheon could not escape the inevitable entropy of its own bloated self, no matter how much of himself he sacrificed to the cause. He chose to bow out at that time, and prepared to offer his well known (or even notorious, depending on your point of view) analytical and strategic planning services, along with a small group of like-minded logicians. However, he knew that he could only spend so much time under the light of the sun, moon, and stars. He is not of this realm, and cannot overstay his otherworldly frame's ability to withstand this dimension, lest he suffer irreparable damage. With this in mind, over the course of April to May of 2019, he returned to the murky depths from which he came... Until now. Once again, the putrid stench of impending global war wrestles his nostrils. With a wide grin, he whispers his freight-train voice into the wind... "Ah, sweet entropy. Yes. It is time to arise again."
  21. You misspelled ich liebe dich. Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch. My issue isn't with the alliance name in and of itself by itself in a vacuum.
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