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Swampfall Propaganda


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If you attack my nation, I swear, I will open the gates of hell in your face. I will attack you with all force humanely possible. You know what I'll do? Firstly, I'll blockade you. Secondly, I'll bomb you. Thirdly, I'll send my soldiers over to wreak havoc. Lastly, I will send F*UCKING missiles to your nation to destroy all that juicy infrastructure. You have been warned. P.S i will still raid your nation

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21 hours ago, Darth Revan said:

I would have posted a meme but Swamp's lack of counters on anyone is a meme in of itself

Yeah. I've fought about 8 people by now. No counters yet.

I would have also made a meme but the fact it seems a lot of Swamp Members don't know there's a war is the funniest thing ever, especially the interactions with them. It's hilarious. I had one guy say his bloc was $ea of Green after I told him it was Swamp.

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