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  1. I find a different problem. I am not able to watch rewarded ads at all. When I click on the button the ad doesn't start, and therefore I can't get the money
  2. Here's mine, I used the C tier as the "average", plus some of those alliances I know too little about, so I put them in C tier. This is the overall ranking, and I'll admit that some of those are in their respective tier mainly because of "sentiment", such as "They seem cool, they must be A tier". Let me know what you think
  3. Because as I already specified, it's random
  4. I think that now it's a good time to make an Orbis alliances tier list. I also find it quite interesting to see how new and experienced players see the various alliances from the outside, or inside. The rankings can be based on the alliance as a whole, or even just on a specific departement, such as "Alliance tier list based on economy", or "Military ranking of orbis alliances", or even "Alliances based on FA". Feel free to make more than one if you want and please specify what your tiering is based on : ). In the template I added all the top 50 alliances, excluding the training alliances, feel free to use as many as you want, and also, tell me if you want to add some non-top-50 alliance to the tiering. TIER TO USE Here's mine: "Alliance tiering based on Randomness". Just to give you an idea of who is there.
  5. I agree. I would have loved to see a nicer DoE. I like your alliance in-game description tho <3, good luck
  6. Great work! I always like to see well made graphs. Also, one very small mistake, you proabably meant to put Roasis here:
  7. Usually you want to stay at city 3-4 and war others for a long time, but I recommend you'll join an alliance(best to join one of the top alliances), as they will guide you through the understanding of how Politics and War works. They will also most likely provide resources and guides to help you out at the beginning and further down the line
  8. The problem I see with this is let's say you buy the power from alliance A, then you get into an alliance war with them and they promptly decide to cut off your power supply, now you are unable to make any military and your commerce is down to 0. You will need to carefully choose from whom you want to buy the power and at which cost. Not a bad idea tho
  9. I remember my first days where before joining an alliance I'd try to create a self-sustaining economy, where I wouldn't need to use the market. I think that's a common way of thinking of newbies: Market is bad because resources cost a lot of money, be self-sufficient. I think a nice way to address the problem is to make more emphasis on both production bonus(as you suggested) and the use of the market, focusing on which resources will be vital at the beginning(mainly food), and that you can sell the extra resources you produce. Another thing I noticed is that at the beginning you want to build everything almost immediately, when in reality it requires time to get money and your nation up and running. It may be a good idea to give newbies more money/resources at the beginning, or increase the daily log-in bonus base rate. The newcomers need to understand that the game is slow-paced, but at the same time since they are not really invested in the game at the beginning, it doesn't make sense for them to come back, unless they join an alliance and the alliance is good at keeping them engaged
  10. You didn't have to wait, it has already disbanded
  11. This sounds so much like nation states, I'm not particularly happy about this idea, sorry but I don't support this suggestion
  12. Spies should be recruited faster, 4 per day as base and with project reachin 5/6 is pretty good imo. It'd take: 13(12.5 but rounded up) days to get up to 50 spies with no projects 12 days to get to 60 with Intelligence agency10 days with both Int. Ag. and Spy sat If the base recruitment rate is 5, then 6/7 with projects, it'd look like this: 10 days to get to 50. No projects 10 days to get to 60, Int. Ag. 9 days to get to 60 with Spy sat. (8.5, but rounded up) I don't think that being able to reach max spies in 10 days is broken, especially if you keep the spy kill rate as it is now If you're afraid that the meta will shift just to kill other spies, then it may be a good idea to also tweak some spy operation numbers, like most of them aren't useful enough to break or make a war, like killing 20 planes ususally isn't a lot, it should be increased a bit, like 50 air at most sounds good to me. But it's not my job to make those numbers, I just think that spy ops should be made stronger(apart from nuke, missiles and spy kill)
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