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  1. Patrick: "NPO wasn't bad we should have kept fighting. Alex was wrong to ban them. I was just following orders. *Gets kicked* Patrick: "Stop reforming Camelot it was better when we were trying to get people to delete"
  2. As the Hand of IA I have a speech prepared
  3. I know Alex has replied saying it is not this theory but he also asked for duplication of the bug. Well I got 5 ground attacks out of 12 MAPS just now in the exact same circumstances. I had 12 MAPS, waited a few turns just wasting MAPS, and then attacked when I had the clearance to beige. It seems that the first or the second attack was the one that didn't take MAPS away from my observation. I did not realize until I saw the beige that I had done more than 4 attacks. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=943489
  4. Good luck with your buisness!
  5. Of course. It's my offshore to skim from. Even arthur is banned from it
  6. A few people have been asking about our war with Pantheon so I thought it would be best to give you all a update here. Pantheon was approached a few days back about peace and they declined to take part in talks. Given the situation, we intend to call this war a victory and move on. We will not declare any new wars in this conflict and will treat new declarations from Pantheon as raids. We wish Pantheon the best moving forward. Proof of Victory: Special shoutout to Inst for making this possible
  7. Wait im on his shitlist? I dont know the guy. Now speaking of my shit list Vader...
  8. Is there the same % chance to get each item per roll or is there a drop table?
  9. More like the Phoenyx Wont Stop Talking War
  10. You fell victim to one of the classic blunders
  11. I dont know if i should upvote the effort or downvote the no tldr
  12. If infrastructure score is removed are you suggesting replacing it with an improvement score? So basically the same thing but you dont lose score as drastically in war because improvements are harder to destroy.
  13. Any change should be made to spies and not the spy satellite. Spy satellite should work the same way.
  14. what? perma-vm nation living in the past? inconceivable!
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