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Not all wars have to start at update.


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o/TCW you guys fought brilliantly against polaris and knocked them out now it's time for Acadia good luck :) 

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Bad for their opponents, good for them.  They've been wrecking people and nobody's retaliating.


They were critical in the initial stages of keeping some of our guys afloat.


I'm conflicted.  On the one hand, this helps my (personal) side.  On the other hand, it helps mensa

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o/ TCW


Good work out there, guys. 

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a.k.a. Chaunce


Chaunce - Today at 9:55 PM
with the watermelons there isn't much space left
I still have a lot of room to improve
Manthrax Has Venomous Bite! - Today at 9:57 PM
Hee hee. Room indeed.
Sabriel - Today at 10:01 PM
I feel like, if the other AAs knew how we act, they'd feel a deep sense of shame in knowing that they consistently get beat by us.
when we talk about how many vegetables we can fit in Chaunce's ass.
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Smash face, wreck dat a$$. 


You're da best <3

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“ Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. â€

–The First Ideal of the Windrunners,


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we've only done offensive wars, no counter from anyone, but now sense we are mostly untouched, we must extend our hand to our allies within the sphere. No longer should we hide away in the darkness waiting to be hit, we must step out and bring the fight to our enemies. 

o/ Syndicate 

Good luck Acadia o/ 

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The Commonwealth of Resplendent Political Party


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