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  1. This seems oddly familiar.
  2. Return of the King (Coach?)
  3. It has been my experience and the experience of a ton of people I've interacted with that the mistrades artwork exchange has lead to the building of friendships, fun laughs for all involved, and ultimately people getting their money returned where they otherwise would just lose the trade entirely. I know you think everyone has the same victimhood complex that you do, and that reality is as NPO claims it to be, but this is simply not the case. It's also rich seeing you talking about "bullying" when you're literally hitting an alliance on your side because they are beiging instead of handling it diplomatically.
  4. Dude...it's a humor story...not meant as a real description of the game's politics. Lighten up!
  5. " Good projection there, we haven't whined about the lack of dynamism in the game " " We played just fine with the minisphere rules " " I love your rhetoric of trying to kill the game, and I have zero interest that. " " What you and your alliance are doing though is quite interesting. " Who are you still trying to fool?
  6. Yes yes, we've heard your woe is me tale many times bud. You're not convincing anyone anymore. First, they came for Guardian/Grumpy under the pretense of "keeping them within damage range". Then they hit us under the "well you were gonna hit us anyway" excuse. Your get out of jail free cards have run out.
  7. Its only NPO in this specific war. And you 100% unfairly think people are out to get you. Again, victimhood.
  8. And then they trot out the idiots of their alliance to help distract from the fact that they are currently attempting to gain total supremacy. All of this is intentional, pay attention folks.
  9. The most insane contention is that somehow this entire war is an elaborate plan to take down NPO. Only a pathologically victimhood mentality alliance would believe this. But the thing is, they don't actually believe this; they simply wanted to hit us. How they have somehow made this war about them; a war that began with a fight between KETOGG and Chaos, and ultimately ended with KETOGG + Chaos fighting BK and friends (a position we were FORCED into because of the leaked logs detailing their plan to hit us as soon as we rebuilt) is very clear evidence of their not only massive hate boner for TKR but also their intentions of choking out the rest of the game. Which leaves us in only one scenario: If every war is a war in which NPO somehow conceives of it being a plan to roll them, and then use this + hidden logs which can be literally anyone + "a trusted source" to hit TKR whenever they get the chance, we must fight for our survival and we are back to where we were 2 years ago. The minisphere idea, which I remind everyone first became very prominent after NPO !@#$ed and moaned about how the game isn't dynamic enough and its the same old wars, has been shown to be untenable. Some progress was made towards this goal of a multi-sphere environment with contained wars, with KT/TGH leading by example, followed by the formation of Chaos post Knightfall. The problem is that the other half of the game is not playing by these arbitrary rules which we have imposed on each other despite being the ones who pushed hardest for the change of the metagame. And everything came together when NPO tried to kill the game this weekend by blitzing us. It is their riskiest move yet because they absolutely have to win this to gain control. This is the culmination of their 3 years victim narrative, this war right now where they see the opportunity to secure the top once and for all by knocking the rest of us out quite a few pegs. So we will fight. For the sake of the game, for the sake of our alliances.
  10. NPO can't produce a single piece of evidence of us pushing to move fronts and engage them other than "we were told by a trusted friend" and some random log with a blocked out name which means we can't even challenge its credibility. Standard bullshit excuses to engage aggressively and bailout BK. And in fact, we can produce several logs of us actively working to stop any idea of hitting NPO. But that's not what really matters. The people at NPO are not idiots; they are in fact very intelligent in terms of continually playing their victimhood mentality card in order to gain advantages. For the past 3 years, they've whined and !@#$ed and moaned about how everyone was out to get them, so much so that they literally ate the minds of people who felt bad for them and bought into their narrative. Until finally, they have reached the top and can now move aggressively with impunity. The real story is that NPO needed to bail out BK because they need them to meatshield for them. Its very simple.
  11. Imagine making a forum account to post about the opposition being salty.
  12. The IQ hegemony has begun. @Roquentin I await your logs. You better pray to everything that you win this war and severely cripple us. It seems we must fight for our survival since you are dead set on killing us whenever you get the chance.
  13. You're the only one without a brain apparently. How stupid can you be?
  14. Gonna have to see some logs or something that we were gonna move fronts and hit NPO considering we actively shot down ideas of hitting NPO several times throughout this war.
  15. Whether or not you were actively involved in that planning is debatable, and based on the logs I think it's fair to say there isn't enough evidence to suggest you were. However, the subsequent attacks on Guardian/Grumpy in the middle of war doesn't help your case because you're actively impeding our war effort.
  16. >KETOGG vs Chaos war, resulting in billions of damage and the rolling of Chaos >Leaks drop about the two other spheres in the game plotting to roll us after we had finished the war >KETOGG/Chaos decide to call it even and address the mutual threat in BK and Friends But we teamed up first? We were literally at war with each other a week ago. "If you guys hadn't suddenly decided to hit BK after they were planning to hit you, we wouldn't have hit you! Next time don't ruin our plans!" Come on.
  17. I'm old enough to remember saying something similar when I was in leadership; about taking steps to secure one's alliance and how no one should expect you as a leader to intentionally put yourself in harm's way. I also remember NPO and friends !@#$ing for months on end about how this was the reason for static and boring gameplay. Nice to see you coming around full circle; of course, I never bought your victimhood card but unfortunately many did and now here we are, where you are in a position to choke hold the game after eating the minds of those who were naive enough to believe you had honest intentions.
  18. @Biel Voy a donar. Diego, te deseo lo mejor para ti y tu familia, es una tragedia immensa lo que esta pasando en tu pais. Rezaré por vosotros y el resto de su pueblo.
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