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  1. He means Lord A A Ron. Common mistake.
  2. What Alt said. I’ve been an inactive mess of a Pacifican but even I know just how much time he has to put in for his RL; hell, anyone who’s ever gotten the opportunity to know him will say the same. Here’s what’s truly impressive though: despite spending about twice as much time as most people working, he still manages to invest his time maintaining and improving the stats site. But I mean, some people don’t change I suppose.
  3. He mentioned coordinated, so probably not. 😛
  4. Dio Brando

    peace talks

    I’m almost offended.
  5. I’ve had a good few months away. How are you all? :) 

  6. I’m almost jealous.
  7. I swear that was the most hilarious thing that happened that month.
  8. Congratulations on the post, Valk! I would say “called it”, but I think pretty much everyone knew it.
  9. Agreement with the post’s content aside, part of me chuckled really hard that you effectively said “Facts not feelings, !@#$”. Never thought I’d see the day :3
  10. I’m probably late (as usual), but it’s good to see you posting again.
  11. Yea my big saber makes me feel pretty smug too
  12. Enjoy peace. I hope you have a nice rebuild.
  13. Good luck on the rebuild, mate
  14. I’m ok with this.
  15. Jokes on you, I filed all the appropriate forms and waited three business days before joining.
  16. I don’t think Rienne’s that old. please don’t kill me
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