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  1. And So the Dust Settles

    While TUE may have not been the first alliance that I would have chosen to be in for a global war, I am proud of all of my fellow members and government who kept a positive outlook and committed themselves to the war. We had some successes and some failures, and I know for many of us this was their first serious war and for that, I am happy that they garnered this experience. It is Politics and War and for many when you are losing a war from the initial blitz, it can really drain your confidence. Considering we were able to pull the war back and put ourselves in a favorable position makes me very happy, especially since we did better than some of the core IQ-sphere alliances. Not sure why everyone is so !@#$y about the 6 month NAP. Do I like it? No, but at the end of the day people who fight in a war are allowed to decide whatever length NAP they want, so if you don't like it maybe you should've fought and been in negotiations At the end of the day though, this global kept me interested and helped me beef up my war stats so I'm content.
  2. A WiFi DoW

    i feel like if you're going to try and defend your protector you should at least have a better shitpost
  3. Worse than Christmas Creep

    The "Let's See How Many Alliances in the Top 20 Can Avoid Going to War" War right now we're at more than half
  4. The Nordic Sack of The United Empire
  5. Mandate Mechanicus

    ur DoE is gay gottem
  6. That awkward moment....

    i was hoping for a fun parti thread but capy ruined it :(((((((((( #rollcapy2k18
  7. Conspiracies w/ Shifty

    TKR merges into NPO
  8. Welcome To Your Tape

    Unmask the Spectre
  9. when areyou rerolling and making a new alliance
  10. Silence of the Gods

    what's with people signing alliances that aren't in the same tier as them
  11. AIMing to be danker

    i thought AIM was joining IQ i left dissapointed
  12. Peace

    hit someone who can fight back next time you !@#$
  13. Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    sorry @Ogaden but im sure my public complaining and war declaration show you that i care less about this than you
  14. Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    should i be flattered im the only person in TUE who's declared any wars on Arrgh or worried
  15. The Imperium Responds to Unprovoked Aggression

    didnt past leaders of Zodiac threaten KT a while back not a suprise