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  1. So, I think it makes sense for nuclear capable nations wanting to improve nukes, but when you're the one getting nuked constantly, as I used to be a few weeks ago, I think that nukes are already so damaging to smaller nations and those without a large stockpile of money and resources that increasing the damage they can inflict would make nuclear capable nations overpowered against those who are not.
  2. I took a look at your cities, and you do have enough power plants for your infra levels, so maybe you don't have the resources to run the power plants. Do you have oil or produce a surplus?
  3. Good luck to your alliance!
  4. This is a great DoE, and I wish you luck with your alliance!
  5. Micros = great (With the exception of the two that I founded, because those micros were most certainly not)
  6. I think that delaying superiorities at all wouldn't be great. There have been times where I've had to barely get together enough aircraft to get an immense triumph, and getting air superiority was the only reason I was able to win the war. Delaying superiority would basically mean that I'd lose those wars, and if others have had similar experiences, I think that it'd be best to leave it as it is.
  7. The same thing happened to me a while ago, but I was the one who was able to do 2 naval battles with 4 MAPs (unfortunately I only noticed after I did it)
  8. I mean, there are worse offshores you could have... Consider this. If, for whatever highly questionable reason, you were to have me as your offshore, you'd lose your money to raiders and nations countering me (there are quite a few of those) within a couple of days. Offshore with Luna, you may lose all your money to raiders, but hey, at least it's not being stolen by your offshore! Seriously, though, even though I'm a nation that's never really been involved with offshores because every alliance I've had a gov position in disbanded within a week (that would be three alliances, two of which I founded), I think that it is important for smaller alliances to have a place to keep their resources safe. I know that some raiders, myself included, will raid nations in micros since it's difficult for them to counter, so I'd say that having an offshore would be helpful, even if it's hard to trust some nations with that much economic power.
  9. Imagine not being a very good raider... Couldn't be me, I definitely haven't done exactly what you said in this... (if you’ve seen the current state of my cities, you'll know exactly what I mean by that) I've done exactly the same thing when I got raided. If I'm going to lose either way, why not destroy some infra in the process?
  10. I understand your perspective here, but as a raider, I have gotten into situations where using missiles to target military improvements is the only way I can have a chance of winning, so limiting that wouldn't be great for some nations.
  11. Also coming from a pirate, if someone I raid for loot offers peace, I almost always accept. Not sure how many raiders do that, though.
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