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  1. Sup dudes. I count beans and hail Satan ?
  2. People are talking about share prices for $5 rn
  3. Truely depressing. I will never bank or work with Dusty again.
  4. I'm upset I wasn't consulted about this. Lol
  5. I may have suggested this before. But we do war quite a bit. We don't trade like we could and it's kinda outdated imo. So my suggestion Is. Alliances tarrif other alliances. Example being TKR puts a 5% tarrif on Pantheon. Any Pantheon nation buying goods from TKR has to (automatically of course) pay 5% more on the sale price of goods. This could be a neat thing to add to war terms as an ingame political tactic. We have nation Embargoes. We should have tarriffs. Also some way we can (encourage) trade amongst allies or in alliance members Say a 3% Ally discount or 5% Alliance discount. Where you pay a reduced price for the goods to better encourage trade
  6. Thanks Arrgh for buying my next city for me. i really appreciate it. cx
  7. As a member of Gringotts staff we are currently investigating the issue of bank movements to Cuzzelles nation. We recognize and understand the rules issued with such bank hiding and are working to our fullest extent to fix the situation. Being as the banks owner and CEO is away on business atm he will issue a more official report upon his return. We appreciate your concerns and comments but at this time we ask that the talks be kept civil and no threats be made until an official decision is issued. Thank you again.
  8. HadesFlames had a second account? ? Who knew
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