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  1. It's entirely possible to effectively multiply all the numbers in the game by 100 by simply removing the decimal point from everything. There wouldn't be any real changes to the game except all the numbers would be bigger than before.
  2. [citation needed] imagine like, writing a transcript and uh, thinking about what you're gonna say before you say it and stuff
  3. By not donating to the No Pixel Orders Nuclear Gifting Fund™ you are defacto supporting war dodgers and VMers.
  4. But not NPO 🤔 I see how it is, you just love war dodgers and VMers
  5. >tfw I'm asked for my logs with DTC so he'll look bad but then he leaks them himself Also @dtc justice you still haven't donated to the cause yet. It's literally Christmas right now, look into your heart and help those with infra receive the gift of nuclear cleansing
  6. NPO man... nice? Also too many words and not enough pictures, so here's a meme.
  7. Just got around to seeing this thread
  8. >removing all the F-bombs Didn't realize you were such a coward, barely better than a war dodger at this point
  9. You made pheonix into a girl? Let the simping begin. #pheonixdidnothingwrong #pleasenoticemepheonix #toxicmasculinity #hashtag #idonated10000forashoutout #whiteknightsforpheonix #Beautiful
  10. I will unironically pay 10bil for the alliance with an IOU
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