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  1. Malal

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    How about y'all get your 2nd grade level drama the hell outta my thread. My threads have a 3rd grade level drama minimum. This shit isn't even popcorn worthy, just sad like TFP.
  2. Malal

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    This is a war; no one is policing actions taken by alliances off the field so long as they don't interfere with our war effort. By Keegoz's logic, we shouldn't counter alliances that attack us because then we're "policing their actions" or whatever. Honestly, TFP should be thanking us since their members have to stay and help fight rather than flee and hide in some random alliance. You're welcome quinchwe
  3. All nations who were members of TFP when we attacked are fair game for our coalition until a peace with TFP is reached. Us informing you that a nation in your alliance is a TFP war dodger is simply a courtesy. Any and all nations who attempt to help protect a TFP war dodger will be countered by the coalition at large. Thank you for your time, have a wonderful new year.
  4. Malal

    UPN DoW Video

    My video from the beginning of the war has 24 FPS for 236 seconds for a total of 5664 "pictures." Assuming a liberal guess of 3 mistrades per day for the entire game, that equals 1888 days or 5.1726 years of returned mistrades. So, I'm giving permission to everyone to use a frame from CSI:UPN for the TKR art tax for the foreseeable future. Please post what frame you used in the other video thread of course and together we shall make the TKR trade bot obsolete.
  5. Malal

    The more the better

  6. Malal

    The more the better

  7. Malal

    Time to Play Hardball

    Nah more like this tbh
  8. Malal

    Time to Play Hardball

    >2019 - 2 days >still writing war decs lmfao stay noob :^)
  9. Malal

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    >2019 - 2 days >still writing war decs lmfao stay noob :^)
  10. Didn't parti already announce he was leaving last month when he left?
  11. Malal

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    The longer the war goes on, the worse it is for EMC as our coalition can still economically grow while EMC is stuck losing potential money and resourses. EMC is only destroying themselves by keeping the war ongoing and divesting themselves of the revenue needed to be competitive in the future. It's a shame that EMC are seemingly incapable of understanding basic economic theory.
  12. It was a bad idea 2 years ago, it's an even worse idea now.
  13. Malal

    Shifty News Network LLC-The Song Remains the Same

    Could you imagine how hilarious this would be if it was real?
  14. Malal

    The Underground DoE

    So this is a protectorate that also functions as a ODAP but can also just be an ODP whenever? k then

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