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  1. There are some things money can't buy; for everything else, there's DawnCard™
  2. Y'all seemed a bit busy this year. We'll see what happens in 2023.
  3. Remove me from op, I never signed anything I'm just over here vibing tbh
  4. An island of garbage in the ocean? No one told me we were fighting the Br*tish 🤮
  5. I would recommend reading through one of the old NPO or Alpha threads if you want to see what fun is. I wanted to have fun but like, words cannot express my disappointment in the two of you. This is just boring, at least try to make a coherent narrative that lasts longer than a single page next time? It's not hard, half the playerbase are literally children so you don't have to put a ton of effort in. Just remember to at least try for your next dow?
  6. okay but your dow says [quote] We have never claimed, and do not claim, we were the reason for his deletion. [/quote] and claiming it as a joke is still making the claim my guy. Like, this is an absolutely pathetic attempt at spin. It's so bad it isn't even laughable, just kinda dumbfounding. I've never bothered reading a TFP thread before, is this normal for you guys? I sure hope not cause like, lmao
  7. lmao I think you need to google the definition of "respect" Also, you're not very good at shitposting tbh. It's okay to delegate it to your MoFA or something, you're the leader (I assume) and so you can do literally anything else with your time instead of this and you'd actually gain some respect by doing so.
  8. I don't respect your alliance enough to learn your gov position titles 😘
  9. Yep, and let me say for the record I would absolutely never lie and that this was a 100% legitimate offer and the head of your econ decided that a better idea was to let me permanuke him. No wonder TFP's econ is so shit. "we did it as a joke" to "your just cherry picking by posting our alliance page description" in less than a single line. Bravo
  10. Huh, what's that in the middle? hmmmm, I wonder what that is
  11. Found the code, it's "two weeks"
  12. Malal

    Times Up

    Telling us in the middle of a skribblo game is cheating @His Holy Decagon
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