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  1. Malal

    Times Up

    Telling us in the middle of a skribblo game is cheating @His Holy Decagon
  2. People must be too distracted by the glitched discord webms to continue to fight
  3. You only started complaining about it again since [redacted] has been killing your tanks every day and then you ran to vm immediately after I killed your spies for the lols. The issue is that the spy system works very well when you are in an actual alliance, it's no one else's fault but your own that you went to the admin alliance and can't stop people from spying you through threats of war.
  4. "this project sucks because it's designed for whales who have run out of things to build" actual braindead take lmao. Give them more achievement projects then and make the game more fun and interesting for everyone else
  5. I also disapprove, notice me plz
  6. It's literally right there though????
  7. Lmao, HOF is part of our coalition? @Ducc Zucc you legally have to stop raiding us now.
  8. you're supposed to sign this before you hit them, not after. smh
  9. You're confusing reality with the made up conversations you have in the shower again
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