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  1. Wow, how dare you use a slur? I'm going to have to report you to the mods now.
  2. Opus Dei? But IQ had such a nice ring to it...
  3. I've always prided myself on doing onto others what they've done unto us. I've been on the receiving end of actual trolls and flamers during peace talks and when this was brought up with other coalition members on the other side we were always told to suck it up. Therefore, even if I decided to flame and troll it would be 100% fair game so long as one alliance on the otherside was an ally of them and did nothing to stop them. Not my fault that no one ever reigns in their allies or tells them to cut it out.
  4. Honestly? I posted one line in the Ayyslamic Crusade's "peace server." Wasn't a troll so much as pointing out that negotiations had been secretly underway which wouldn't have gotten everyone so heated if Rose had informed your coalition that they had been in peace talks with us since day 1 so it wasn't really my fault imho.
  5. And this is the case I was making earlier @Hodor. We have had to constantly deal with this toxicity for years which is why I called you out originally. I'm sure you understand how frustrating dealing with these kinds of people can be now.
  6. On behalf of GOONS I am offended by this question
  7. I fully stand by both of my fellow coalition members. In order to help resolve this issue I will reluctantly accept money to spy KETOG. We all know that launching spy attacks is very boring but for the good of the coalition I shall charge a measly $10mil per launched op. Please remit payment within 30 days of the attack.
  8. Talking about terms presented and the reasoning for them, we had to fight a long time to get the garbage viceroy term dropped. This thread is about people vming and still using the forums to talk about the war. Therefore, the war, the reasons for it's length (terms or lack thereof), and related posts are on topic tbh My Malal roleplay is mostly for the OWF because, as I've stated for years, the OWF doesn't matter so I may have some fun with it. Malal and Under are two separate entities that I try my best to rarely overlap.
  9. I'll admit I was expecting a spin or defense, it's refreshing to see that sometimes people are willing to own up to their mistakes. You're too good for TGH.
  10. Funny you bring up the war where we were told we had to change TC's name, had to accept an infra cap, were banned from recruiting, and also have a "totally not a viceroy" installed to make sure we wouldn't send aid to IQ. The defense EMC made for all those demands was that we lost the war and therefore we should suck it up and accept any and all terms forced upon us. How about you take EMC's advice and suck it up and accept any and all terms we demand as well? You lost, didn't you?
  11. I said your coalition but since you want a quote by yourself I found this in a couple seconds of searching
  12. If you think not offering white peace on the first round is bullying people out of the game then, again, you've been bullying us since day 1. Your side didn't want to even begin the surrender negotiations until this month and even now are litterally stalling lmfao. Daily reminder that when things get heated in the negotiations and we propse a 24hr break to cool down we're litterally shitler and killing the game. But when ketog/chaos/rose/etc. take 4 days to get back with us on a term it's our fault for giving them a term they don't like. Goddamn the spin is garbage and you should feel bad for attempting it.
  13. Your side of the game has been super toxic since day 1 and driven out large numbers of people who didn't want to deal with you. It's a big part of the reason that very few people from our side of the game use the owf; because we got sick and tired of you years ago. You're only complaining about toxicity now because you got completly stomped in a war and want to rail against us and the only way you know how is to !@#$ and moan on the OWF.
  14. Oh dang, you $100% totes got me with the good ole "calm down bro" meme from 2007. I'm so triggered over this OOC attack I guess imma have to demand reps for it and refuse any further negotiations until TKR agrees to stop supporting your nazi-esq toxicity :^)
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