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  1. Honestly, it's a terrible idea. We've been here before with Cybernations trade circles and all it does in that game is generate a lot of stress for the poor sucker in each alliance that ends up having to organise them. They're just simply not fun and will do nothing other than widen the gap between haves and have nots.
  2. Yep i agree with that. Although a lot of alliances once big enough to be sanctioned in CN have already made an appearance in Orbis at some point. UPN, WTF, Fark, Polaris (NpO), GATO, R&R, Legion and now IRON are all here and ODN, VE, Ragnarok, GPA, GOONS & NPO have in the past. That's also not including any communities which have come across in all but name, of which there have been many
  3. Ahh, what wondrous tidings it is to find this sweet, sweet oasis in amongst these harsh desert lands!
  4. All the best to you Commonwealth in the future, you've got some good people
  5. The Greater Unitary Republic have been one of UPN's longest standing protectorates and have grown fantastically well over the last few months. Therefore we jointly felt that it was only right that we acknowledge the changing relationship between our two alliances and upgrade our previous protectorate arrangement to the following funky new MDoAP Treaty of Curacao Preamble By signing this document, all the signatory alliances agree to the articles stated below and enter into this agreement with full knowledge of its contents. Article I - Article of Non-Aggression Neithe
  6. New UPN Charter and Government UPN has been through a lot of changes recently, old members coming back, new city & project building programme taking place, new directions and foreign policies, but perhaps the biggest change is little known in that we have recently changed our charter and government structure to place the alliance in the care of a democratically elected Senate, who will serve for 6 month periods and are in charge of appointing a new Prime Minister and Ministers of the alliance (including from their own number) Elections took place between Ch
  7. Ave Legio Also, good to see classic and well-written treaty texts are back in fashion
  8. Congrats everyone on a hard fought war, it's been fun. Personal admiration goes out to House Stark for some well-timed counter attacks early on it the war
  9. I'm glad that's finally cleared up, it'd been eating into my conscience too long!
  10. Been a long time since I've seen that name. Ave Legio and Purple Love
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