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  1. 1. Right now, there are two buttons (2k and 20k) that allow you to increase your players' stats. Could we have a button that would merely 100 that stat? Perhaps make it a pure 0.25x gain since the range is 0.15 to 0.35? Implementing this suggestion would reduce the number of clicking necessary to get a player to 100, which could make the game a little less cumbersome. edit: I want to be clear, that I'm not advocating the removal of the two existing buttons, but instead suggesting the inclusion of a third "max" button. 2. Allow those who have donated for a custom baseball logo also to have a custom stadium image? Rolling out this suggestion would be along the same lines as the City Headers that are customisation through VIP but would be pegged instead of "team customisation" which comes through the logo change donation. This customisation could make donating for a more customisation team more attractive. Perhaps also allow players to upload their team jerseys or at the minimum a minimum allow them to configure customised hex colourings? 3. Auto-hide the blow-by-blow table that shows how the game went. While a lot of folks may find that enjoyable, some don't need to see the granular details and instead only want to know the final results. Alternatively, relocate the play next game to above that table. 4. Change the current random challenge to instead allow players to set a random bounty on the challenge. For example, if I wanted to set a 100k wager on a random challenge, then some random challenger would be able to automatically play against me and one of us would win that money. This would make it easier to play challenge games and also make it more fun for folks who want a more random chance.
  2. In connection with my suggestion regarding utilizing alliance projects to make Alex's suggestion to cap banks workable, I'd like to roll out a few more possible projects that could be used to create more specialization at an alliance level. I'll edit the OP as I come up with additional alliance projects to suggest. I also hate that I'm calling them alliance projects, so if someone can come up with a better adjective, let me know! Membership Soft Cap Right now, alliances are allowed to have unlimited members. One suggestion could be to have a soft cap on that. Let's say we set the default cap to 20 members. The first 20 members to join the alliance are free, but anyone who is accepted after the cap costs their alliance (RNG up to ncount over cap)% of the alliance's bank. So if you have 24 members and still only have the cap of 20, you would lose between 0 and 5% of your alliance's bank when you bring them in as member 25. The cap could be raised to offset that. This creates a more decision-based approach. Is it worth it to bring this new player in? Also creates something more for alliances to spend their money on. At a lower level, it would not likely be cost effective to buy a project to increase member count cap, but at a higher level, it would undoubtedly be. If combined with the suggestions to improve bank capacity, this would force alliances to consider whether it is better to diversify or centralize their members. Taxation Efficiency Right now, alliances have perfect efficiency. If they set the tax rate to 20%, it's 20%. That's what goes into the bank. My suggestion for this project is to implement a variable efficiency. So lets say that instead of guaranteeing that 100% of what you're taxing actually makes it to the bank, have it be RNG 80-100%, with the rest of the funds remaining on the nation. No money is actually lost, but it creates an incentive to check your nation more often, and gives raiders a chance to make money, especially if the suggestion to protect bank balances goes into effect. The Taxation Efficiency project would significantly reduce (but not eliminate altogether) the chance of nations inadvertently retaining a portion of their taxes. So something like (10% chance of the nation keeping 5-10% of the taxes that turn). This suggestion also helps reduce the efficacy of 100% taxation and requires alliances and nations to actually pay just a little more attention to their balances.
  3. So as I understand it, your suggestion is to have [if trade is unsuccessful, charge 5%] right? If we're going for a full revamp, I'd love to also see something implemented where you could also lose an extra 10% to have the source be kept secret. So like no one knows who listed the trade, just that it's listed. And that 10% would come out time of trade creation, and be tacked on in addition to the 5% penalty for having a trade fail after n hours timer or being cancelled.
  4. Conversely, have the "Western" titles as the default, but since we all know Alex likes it when we spend donation credits for customization, let you basically utilize VIP to change the titles (and character names) to whatever you want. Position would still be, but having like 3 government positions, and each month (?) the bonuses randomly reset due to elections, but you can pay to reshuffle early, or contribute to a "re-election" fund to increase your chances of keeping them.
  5. Seems like the lion share of complaints are directed at having a cap on the bank's balance. The issue is that any formula will inevitably be too low for some and too high for others. I have the easiest solution in the world: let alliances implement their own cap. Someone mentioned alliance-level projects in this thread already, and I'd like to expand on that in greater detail. Alliance projects would be significant expenditures that would yield awesome benefits to the alliance. For the purpose of this thread though, let's lay out an idea. Repeating Project: Bank Capacity Increase Banks start with a cap of 1n. Whatever Alex determines to be the final resting place for that cap is mostly irrelevant to this suggestion. Each time the alliance wants to increase their bank's "safety cap" (I'll explain why shortly why I am calling it a safety cap), they pay a exponentially increasing price (similar to city count) for +0.1n cap. So if an alliance did 5 increases, they'd have a total of 1.5n bank capacity. This solves the issue of larger or more affluent alliances needing to retain their larger bank balances safe, while creating a greater level of flexibility in alliance management. Alliances can decide if they want to have that money simply retained at a nation level and susceptible to wide-scale looting, or if they want to spend capital to safeguard future monies in the bank. But wait, there's more! Remember when I said "safety cap" - I have two suggestions that could either be implemented separately, or in tandem. I think these will sufficiently mollify at least a few detractors. The alliance cap is just an immunity or safety cap. What that means is, up to the aforementioned capacity balance that's protected, the funds cannot be looted. Once the alliance hits that cap, anything above that cap becomes susceptible to looting. To balance out the fact that banks now have safety caps, anything above the cap is able to be looted at a factor of 10 (I support even higher factors, but again, I think x10 seems reasonable). This helps encourage alliances to stay below their cap or spend funds to increase their cap. The second part is what I really like. Again, allow banks to receive monies above the cap. The difference here would be that bank efficiency or graft (we can play around with wording) applies to this mechanic. Once the bank hits their cap, any funds going in would find a random (RNG) percentage go poof. So if you were at the cap and someone deposited 100m into your alliance's bank, you might only receive 68m of that deposit, since the other 32m (RNG of 32) was stolen en-route by the Sheepanostra. In both add-on suggestions, the alliance cap is implemented, only as more of a soft cap with serious side effects to exceeding it.
  6. Or give the person the option to either Buy to n infra or Synchronize to n infra. If the former, it will only make infra-related changes if the infra is below that point. For the latter, it would function as it currently does. Additionally, you could upgrade the Synchronize function to allow to auto-resolve issues if that option is selected.
  7. Since I'm neck-and-neck for most wars lost, I was wondering if I could get a little pip for that once I do achieve said "achievement"
  8. Psh, that exchange rate is insane! More like $10 for 100m in-game, at least the time I did it back in May. Which reminds me, I had a convo with Alex just yesterday, in which he confirmed for me (again) that this isn't against the rules. But go ahead and try to use the mods as a weapon against in-game politics.
  9. Greene

    Orbis News

    Issue 11 has been released and is currently being circulated now.
  10. Greene


    The cycle ends here. Duat and Chateau Inc. are proud to stand up against the bullshit of chauvinistic pigs. #SexismEndsNow I am incredibly proud of the hard work done by Steuart Geharon of the Orbis News in jump-starting this.
  11. Greene

    Orbis News

    Click for Issue 11
  12. Currently looking for one (or more) people to create me two awesome flags. The first one is for my alliance, and the second is for my nation. I'm definitely aware that these would be costly, and for high quality work, I'll pay. Ripper was going to give a go at them, however he's advised I try to find someone else to tackle these challenges. 1. Animated flag designed for Duat that starts with the main Ripple II flag, and then "shimmers" into each of the four Deity flags. All the flags can be found at www.duat.pw 2. Animated flag designed for my nation, Ministry of Magic, that starts with the Ministry logo, having it alternatively glint, phase in and out, spin, basically have the seal be somewhat "bored" and do different things to entertain itself. Maybe roll out of out of the picture altogether and then roll back in a moment later.
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