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  1. Or give the person the option to either Buy to n infra or Synchronize to n infra. If the former, it will only make infra-related changes if the infra is below that point. For the latter, it would function as it currently does. Additionally, you could upgrade the Synchronize function to allow to auto-resolve issues if that option is selected.
  2. Since I'm neck-and-neck for most wars lost, I was wondering if I could get a little pip for that once I do achieve said "achievement"
  3. Psh, that exchange rate is insane! More like $10 for 100m in-game, at least the time I did it back in May. Which reminds me, I had a convo with Alex just yesterday, in which he confirmed for me (again) that this isn't against the rules. But go ahead and try to use the mods as a weapon against in-game politics.
  4. Greene

    Orbis News

    Issue 11 has been released and is currently being circulated now.
  5. Greene


    The cycle ends here. Duat and Chateau Inc. are proud to stand up against the bullshit of chauvinistic pigs. #SexismEndsNow I am incredibly proud of the hard work done by Steuart Geharon of the Orbis News in jump-starting this.
  6. Greene

    Orbis News

    Click for Issue 11
  7. Currently looking for one (or more) people to create me two awesome flags. The first one is for my alliance, and the second is for my nation. I'm definitely aware that these would be costly, and for high quality work, I'll pay. Ripper was going to give a go at them, however he's advised I try to find someone else to tackle these challenges. 1. Animated flag designed for Duat that starts with the main Ripple II flag, and then "shimmers" into each of the four Deity flags. All the flags can be found at www.duat.pw 2. Animated flag designed for my nation, Ministry of Magic, that starts with the Ministry logo, having it alternatively glint, phase in and out, spin, basically have the seal be somewhat "bored" and do different things to entertain itself. Maybe roll out of out of the picture altogether and then roll back in a moment later.
  8. This is the best club I've had the pleasure to join since I signed up for Costco a few years ago. 10/10 highly recommend
  9. Since the game currently stacks offers, I think an easy solution could be to just stack and "update" the price if you list more than one of the same resource.
  10. If you can't afford to play, but you're actually good at playing the game, come find me on Discord. I've bought four seats and am looking to hire some folks to sit down and win me money. The people I hire won't know who else is hired, although the game masters will know that they're playing with my money (since I've already sent the cash and am now gathering up the people). Precautions are in place to help ensure that cheating and collusion doesn't happen. As for why I'm doing this, it's smart business sense.
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