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  1. Flubb


    You know it baby
  2. Partisan confirmed for loominati
  3. I bid 100k just for shits and giggles Otherwise, stupid thread is stupid
  4. Flubb

    The Obsidian Accords

    o/ BK o/ TKR o/ InGen Also First!
  5. Flubb

    Tropes vs Women in Video Games

    I actually watched all of that. Just shoot me now
  6. Flubb

    Charming Friends Declaration of War

    Can we all just admit that this is "stop liking what I don't like" and move on with our lives?
  7. Flubb


  8. Flubb

    Charming Friends Declaration of War

    We at Papa John's Pizza Hut understand your concerns and thus have agreed to drop our catering contract with Reichswehr
  9. Flubb

    Any 14/15 year olds playing P&W here?

    Because this doesn't make you sound like a sexual predator.....
  10. Flubb

    Cyber Warfare

  11. Flubb

    Cyber Warfare

    I think the main difference (at least in my scenario) is that hackers would bring an element of preparation, not just by having hackers, but upgrading systems and shit so that you dont get !@#$ed over. Hackers could have the chance to !@#$ up your command and control as well which is different than just spies destroying shit.
  12. Flubb

    Cyber Warfare

    But this is a game, and hollywood hacking is awesome see: hackers. There could be a project like a cyberwarfare command, that allows you to recruit hackers. Hackers could be killed by spy attacks. There would be upkeep costs. Hackers could perform defensive functions like setting up security systems that take x amount of turns depending on the number of hackers you have, and they could also perform offensive functions like launching attacks from another nation or detonating missiles in a country, or preventing missile launch and attack capablities. The success of these attacks can be offset by the number of hackers in a country as well as any security measures already set up.

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