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  1. Give up, go home, and join BKayy
  2. I knew BK would have to end someday, but I didn’t think I’d watch it die in the single most pathetic way imaginable. Yoso was right when he said we should beat you more often.
  3. I just want to take this moment to attention whore and remind people that I was the architect of OO. You can carry on with your lives now.
  4. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=178512 Ruler Name: Literally Jesus Nature of Violation: This is clearly vulgar language and a mean comment prohibited by the game rules. I am deeply offended that someone would use and direct such vile language at another person. In-game Communication All forms of in-game communication, including but not limited to, messaging, war declaration reasons, alliance announcements, leader, city, or nation names, and nation and alliance descriptions must be appropriate. Vulgar language, mean comments, Nazism or Nazi related names and titles, Terrorist organizations related names and titles etc. are not allowed and will result in your nation receiving a strike.
  5. Hello Orbis. This is Flubb with a message for the Orbis community, a message that is being voiced by casual players like myself across both sides of the war and outside of it: Ramp things up a bit, will ya? The PW forums are little more than extreme sunshine and rainbows. This type of behavior, which is most commonly seen in alliance governments and serious players, is unhealthy for the game itself and the thousands of casual players who aren't really involved in alliance politics. The mentality shared by both coalitions "I’m right, you’re wrong" leads to nothing but mutual understanding. While I'm all for politics on the forums (I play a game called Politics and War, lol) when it gets to this point someone needs to draw a line. I don't want to play the blame game, I'm not finger pointing here, but people just need to get angrier. We play this game for fun, and I wouldn't call what goes on in these 30-page threads fun. Please, let's try and make PW a bit more fun and a lot more toxic.
  6. I bid 100k just for shits and giggles Otherwise, stupid thread is stupid
  7. o/ BK o/ TKR o/ InGen Also First!
  8. I actually watched all of that. Just shoot me now
  9. Can we all just admit that this is "stop liking what I don't like" and move on with our lives?
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