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  1. Should've known I'd have the cards under my control as the role suggests. Excited to see where this goes!
  2. "I swear, they're around here somewhere!" It's night as the party sits down to rest in the ruins of what used to be Cyre. As time as gone on through their travels, it's grown in numbers - a welcome development. Sitting around the campfire, questions erupt. "Is this just a wild goose chase?" "We've been wandering for weeks!" "What could be worth it?" "Don't worry, all!" Solomon proclaims, finding a higher place to stand. "We've been spending this time looking for the Warforged; beings of wood and metal, infused with magic. They fought a hellish war here many years ago, and with their help, we can make strides in our development back home." "But if they fought here, then why have we seen nothing and no one?" A voice yells out. "I'm...not sure. But rest assured, it'll be worth it when we find them. For the time being, let's have a restful night and we'll figure out our next steps when the morning comes," Solomon replies. The group grumbles, but continues through their night. At dawn, a figure appears on the horizon. Quickly, word passes around the camp of this tall, strange figure. Almost immediately, Solomon sets out with a small group of representatives to find this figure. As the group reach the edge of the plateau they set up camp on, a vast field reveals itself. Dozens of figures similar to the one they first noticed hours ago, milling about! As they approach these figures, five come out to meet them, their faces incapable of expression. "I've travelled a long way to meet you," Solomon begins. Article I. Mutual Defense Both parties are obligated to defend the other should they be attacked. Article II. Optional Aggression The signatories may decide to cooperate in their offensive plans if they so choose. Article III. Conduct Both signatories recognize and uphold the sanctity of their relationship, peace and good relations included. Article IV. Sovereignty Both parties acknowledge and agree to protect the other's sovereignty, and exclude themselves from the other's internal affairs. Article V. Intelligence Both signatories agree to share relevant information that directly impacts their security. Article VI. Non-Chaining Both signatories acknowledge and recognize Article I solely extends to the present signatories. Article VII. Cancellation Either signatory reserves the right to cancel this treaty. In such an event, one party must provide the other 72 hours' notice before the treaty is terminated. Signatories: The Sword Coast Fortune Teller: Solomon Ben-David Innkeepers: Pubstomper, Roberts War Chieftain: Hunter Vault Master: Yirmiyahu Singularity Prime Intelligence: Sketchy & Anri Neural Network: Abaddon & Keegoz Assimilation Directive: Tartarus TL;DR - The Sword Coast and Singularity sign a non-chaining MDoAP.
  3. Disagree, entire post should be replaced with "TSC based"
  4. It's time to gather your party, Adventurer. Sailing southward from the River Dessarin, you may find those famous white cliffs, rough like the inhabitants of the region. We’ve seen it all: plagues, conquests, strife, and everything in between. We're survivors, though, and in a land like this, anything is possible. It’s no paradise — but it’s home. And it’s worth saving. The Sword Coast The Sword Coast is for those who desire meaningful change in the world around them and embrace the opportunity to take action. No one is pushed to follow any one method, a battle-scarred barbarian is just as valuable as a silver-tongued merchant in The Sword Coast. The Sword Coast gives unique opportunities through internal systems of deals, contracts, and oaths - along with the consequences for breaking them. Protected by Singularity and The Fighting Pacifists Philosophy Teamwork results in mutual benefit and success on quests; The Sword Coast consists of people from all races, backgrounds, class, and creed. We welcome all members regardless of alignment. Leadership are servants to the membership, the leadership is expected to have a “leader eats last” philosophy. Have fun. We are a gaming community, after all, and adventures aren't just for the XP. Government Fortune Teller (FA): Solomon Ben-David Innkeepers (IA): Roberts, Pubstomper War Chieftain (Milcom): Hunter Vault Master (Econ): Yirmiyahu Discord Server: https://discord.gg/PNbYkyukv9 In-Game Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=12281
  5. As a few folks have pointed out, there's a lot of pre-judging the outcome and a bit of confusion surrounding The Sword Coast, especially considering we haven't even officially launched yet. I won't rehash some of the issues in the argument that Shiho has pointed out - instead, I'll focus on TSC to clear the air a bit. There are a few issues with this statement. First, while Roberts has started quite a few alliances in his day, I wouldn't argue that this is headed "largely" by him considering in lieu of leaders our structure has the heads of the departments work together as the leaders. All five of us have been working to get this started, so I don't quite think it's fair to diminish TSC to "just another Roberts aa" since part of the point is that it's not led by a single person. I'll also poke at this "boutique" statement. As Shiho pointed out, arguing an under-20 member, high-tiered alliance doesn't entirely fit with our current tiering spread, or the fact that we're currently brushing 20 members even without launching. I'll agree that the 20 member thing is a nitpick, but the result is still the same - you're pre-judging the outcome. I really enjoy @Cypher's take here, that it's also unrealistic to expect the world of alliances who haven't been around, or in our case, haven't even launched yet. Generally, while I do appreciate the argument and think it's useful to think about, I just can't see TSC fitting into the mix, especially when we haven't even made an official forum post or properly launched yet.
  6. System Time: +1123200 Launching: KEYSTONE_PROTOCOL Running . . . Importing Liberty Bell.png . . . Importing Sheetz.cpp . . . Importing NewJersey_Hate.exe . . . Compressing . . . Running . . . The line of Pennsylvanian leaders continues, as the prophecy foretold. First Kurdanak, then Redarmy, and now Solomon. However, it wouldn't leave so easily this time. Written deep in the Emperor's code, a protocol, an insurance policy. To be enacted and to ensure the center of power remains Harrisburg for all time. A retheme of sorts, although a stamp of authority for those who knew. Quickly, old flags were withdrawn, being replaced by a simple banner with a keystone. The centerpiece. However, this did not just symbolize unity. Now was the time for Pennsylvania to rise. (April Fool's, obviously)
  7. CRISIS! The Emperor, Lucianus has left us with no heirs! The Empire is at risk! However, there is hope. A project was left forgotten on the table long ago...although it seemed to be missing something. When Lucianus had found the project, there was lots of work that needed to be done. To make this project his King Solomon - the wise king - refinement was desperately needed. However, while years of acclimation was enough to work out the rust, something was missing that Lucianus couldn't put his finger on. Perhaps with the right program...something could be worked out. Lucianus worked long into the night to create just what was needed, using everything at his disposal - all of the knowledge he had to impart, every lesson he could give, and with the help of ValkGPT, it was ready. Emperor.exe - his masterpiece. At long last, Lucianus imported it into the existing code and ran it. The Empire was secured; all hail the SoloBot™️! The March 2023 Elections have concluded, here is the new Rose government: Emperor: Solomon Ben-David High Justice: Harry Flashman Horizon Guard of Foreign Affairs: Wasteking Horizon Guard of Military Affairs: DiamondBlocker10 Horizon Guard of Internal Affairs: Melisma Horizon Guard of Economic Affairs: Jordan Horizon Guard of Technological Affairs: Mateus
  8. Gotcha, would appreciate the clarification in the post then since it was unclear there.
  9. I can't really agree with this change at all. It's incredibly frustrating to essentially strip RPC from something that is vital for low-tier growth to what is essentially a toothless project. There are quite a few issues here. #1 - No City Cap Simply, RPC was created as a project for low tier nations. It is ineffective after you get City 16, so the benefits stop there. How it has been framed, at least here, is that there is no city cap, so any nations will have their daily log-in bonus tripled after they hit the 60 day mark and the daily log-in bonus is decreased to $500k. This essentially removes one of the most vital tools small nations have - RPC, where they can grow and catch up with people that found the game before they did, for whatever reason. #2 - Nerfing the Low Tier The other major issue is that this essentially kills the reason behind RPC - giving people a way to get more stuff. $1m is $1m, but if it is $1m for every nation logging in then the only different is that the small nation gets a larger percentage of their revenue than the large nation. This pushes raiding back to pre-RPC, essentially getting rid of any benefits this project gave smaller nations. I think I'll also note here that in this poll, a plurality of people wanted to have RPC turn off at over 5 days (32%), and a pretty sizeable majority said at least 3 days (74%). So having this bonus "turn off" after 1 day is against what most of the game wanted, making raiding even worse. #3 - Wartime A third thing this does that is decidedly not limited to the low tier is simply that it makes blockades even worse. With $1.5m/day guaranteed, the benefit of blockading is mostly eliminated - the point of blockades is to block cash flow, so it doesn't follow to implement something that basically tells blockades that they're not useful because people can pump a decent amount of cash and use that to continue doing attacks. #4 - Inflation Of course, this tripling of the login bonus for high tier nations also allows for inflation, which makes it harder for those who can't get money as easily - low tier nations - to get resources to grow. Sure, this can bring up raw prices...but it'll bring up the rest of the prices and make everything more frustrating. Introducing this game-wide ensures this. so TLDR this change just decides to screw over the low tier even further and kills their best shot at growing. I would not be opposed to a cash benefit that helps only the low tier - I understand the stated issue of RPC - but as it stands this only serves to kill RPC and revert raiding back to what it was 2 years ago. Moreover, it makes blockades even worse, and also is pretty likely to result in inflation, making it even harder for the low tier to adequately grow and play this game at a higher level.
  10. For mining? No, your continent is determined by where the center of your country lies. That's the coordinate when you change how your map looks. However you can buy all resources on the market by clicking "Trade."
  11. Most Influential Player: Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Best Alliance Leader: @Lucianus Worst Alliance Leader: Best In-Character Poster: Best Villain: Nicest Player: @Pika❤️ Most Controversial Player: Most Missed Player: @Redarmy Best Nation Page: Best Fighter: Best High Government Member: @Callisto Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Best War Criminal:
  12. I'd be disappointed if you didn't. Still waiting on that flag change though.
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