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  1. The baseline is, both capitalism and communism is shit. Both systems are prone to endemic corruption and the unmitigated oppression of the people. Who have no freedoms and say in how they want things done. The more authoritarian a state, the worse it gets, especially in places like the USSR and the CCP. Where you have tales of 'collectivisation' and 'The Great Leap forwards', where even my own mother can recount to me tales of her own relatives starving to death, and tales from her grandparents of the horrors of the 2nd Sino-Japanese war and the subsequent civil war. No matter which regime had power in their region the peasants, the masses were still oppressed and abused for their labour. Be it the Warlords of Yunnan, then the Japanese, then the Nationalists and finally the communists. Each and every time, they simply stole their hard earned food, raped all the females and stole all their possessions. All for their 'righteous' cause, when at the end of the day, it was simply a change from one abusive system to another, nothing would change for the peasants of China except which ever faceless leader they had to worship and the colour of their flag. It is a fact that both capitalist and communist systems caused millions to die, only now that the majority of communist systems have fallen, that the west has taken upon most of the culling of the vulnerable. Even now, the CCP actively commits genocide, and the West exploits Africa to oblivion. Eitherway it isn't a question of left and right, it's a question of freedom, of throwing off the yokes of hidden or outright oppression. The people are forced to live in relative squalor for the needs of that 1%. Because it isn't a democracy, choosing between the labour and conservative parties when both are hypocritical, out of touch bastards in their 5 mansions. Democracy has devolved into who will make me suffer the least? That isn't freedom, it's oppression under a veneer. @Frezasan @Mars @BrythonLexi @Zei-Sakura Alsainn
  2. Happi birthday ^.^ 6 years of great work, I hope to see 6 more years. Congrats on this milestone, I am proud to be a part of this journey with TKR, via originally SK and now CC. πŸŽ‚ <-- Specially baked Lindt Choco cake for you all to share =D
  3. Laughs in FA and knew the entire time
  4. Ye I know, but this time Stay in one
  5. Hm... Despite the relative irrelevance of the DoW, It is a DoW nonetheless. Maybe we dislike you a bit for some spam and instability. At least... well you deserve credit for lasting this long in such a cesspool of toxicity. Either way good luck with the negotiations ^.^ Hopefully one day you'll learn the error of your ways, but not to say that you were entirely at fault. Possibly being more accepting to Forum etiquette at the beginning would of led to a better outcome, instead of having to waste time battling it out in the forums. Word of advice, I suggest you join another alliance to grow your nation and gain experiences and people willing to follow you to another alliance first. Also telling people to click off isn't a very effective way to deal with people, as you are positing on their forum.
  6. Uwa! Welcome back ^.^ We are all happy and relieved that you hadn't left for good. I hope we can have many fun times together CC and ASM members in the future. Otherwise I wish you all the best in your return. Warm Regards, Chocolate Castle
  7. Oh my, the vintage British themes go brrrr~ Though I do adore it, very much spiffing Brit vibes Great work ^.^ You sound moar British than most British, quite the achievement for an American. You sure you live in the correct country Nokia?
  8. Don't let sphere size fool you, ROASIS may have a big sword but not the brains to wield it, infact we Hollywood are still clearly the hegemon in terms not being useless at P&W.
  9. say imagine if a particular pair CC members helped take up the price of gas by almost 800
  10. @Hinata, firstly please keep CC out of this, we would like, unless provoked, as little involvement in your affairs as possible. Although it was bad of Shota to make such a move without consent, the need to slander him and further crush what little self confidence he had is out of line. Unfortunately yes your hard work came to waste, however making even more enemies via outwards anger won't further your ends. Either way I shall continue to spectate and hope the best will befall your future endeavours.
  11. Oopsie, and here we go again. Good luck Xaria, I hope yiu learned from last time.
  12. Hab a choco of support Withheld, we'll do what us swissy chocolatiers do best and spectate the world ripping itself apart 🍫
  13. Oh my, and another one bites the dust πŸ™ƒ The saga only gets more fascinating
  14. Hey, don't apologise to me Apologise to them
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