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  1. I just feel insulted I dropped from NPO's unanimous consensus #1 most hated shitposter to like, below @Dio Brando on the OWF shitposting train.
  2. In VM but won't give the rest of us a break.
  3. Legend has it that Dorne resisted against Targayraen rule so long because they hit VM.
  4. Speaking of discord quotes, no one kicked me out of TKR Discord yet.
  5. Lmao TKR didn't fight mosquito alone. And mosquito had three nations or something.
  6. Just beige your opponents and then buy infra with the loot earned. 10/10 stragety 200 IQ play.
  7. This is the shortest TEst theead in a while. Needs more shitposting.
  8. inb4 Roq gets hurled off a cliff.
  9. Small alliances can have big walls of text too, I guess
  10. So much effort to find a quaility Taylor Swift gif
  11. Plus TKR has a bunch of nations sitting in VM to not hit.
  12. Actually, since T$ is on our side now, JOIN M16!
  13. Got to admit through, first time I saw a Declaration of Neutrality on forums.
  14. Small alliances can still have big hearts
  15. I'll do you one better. Why is Felkey?
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