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  1. (OOC: Malachor V... You've been playing too much KotOR. )
  2. Sad! How low energy of these regressive cucks. In all actuality, it's a shame to see people resort to violence in these situations, even making up stories about being attacked...
  3. Statement: I would be delighted to visit these worthless meatbags, Master.
  4. (OOC: Did Meonesia tell you personally that that is what happened? If not, I believe that this is against the National RP forum rules.)
  5. Nation name: The Authoritarian State of Ryas Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16265 Submission: Incorporates the three colours, blue, red, yellow. Includes olive branch wreath. The blue band stretching across and cross pattée represent the diverse people from north to south around the globe united together in Frand, Goand, South America to compete. If you don't like it, I could try to make another one.
  6. Bloody hell, I got messed up, missed Lo Pan's post.
  7. 1. Alpha 2. Guardian 3. The Syndicate 4. Brotherhood of the Clouds 5. Mensa HQ
  8. 1. Alpha 2. Guardian 3. The Syndicate 4. Brotherhood of the Clouds 5. Seven Kingdoms
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