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  1. This is the war declaration of all time.
  2. I get the sentiment but Rose is rarely on the winning side regardless of Keegoz’s involvement. 💀
  3. Gotta have a respection🫡🍆 for those brave lads. Doing God’s work out there.
  4. Inb4 Justinian, Roberts, Marika changes his name again. (While also acknowledging how often I change my own name.)
  5. Should have made them rename to The Coven2 but the flag is nice I suppose.
  6. Hopefully tkr finally gives you those 3 cities and a space program after this war.
  7. Live look on the battlefield of The Coven v Greece
  8. Allow build buttons for both improvements and baseball to have have a quantity box you can input a number into to quickly buy a large sum of improvements or upgrades in baseball. I really don't see why this isn't a thing already.
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