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  1. Conner Temple

    I have returned.

  2. Conner Temple

    Exodas declaration of Holy Snek

  3. Conner Temple

    New Bounty Type: Sabotage Nuke

    Obviously you don't know how comma's work. nou
  4. Conner Temple

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    At least he has two balls; those are something you seem to be lacking and trying to make up from by name-calling and throwing salt like a human factory
  5. Conner Temple

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    It's a .jpg
  6. Conner Temple

    Remove Nukes from the Game & Increase Downdeclare Range

    It's hard when all of nuke bloc seems to be on the forums complaining about something. I'm sorry if I put the wrong thing here.
  7. Conner Temple

    War Stats

    OR.... IQ are just pretty bad. Might be a bit of both.
  8. Conner Temple

    Who needs food?

    Pantheon might get some to eat too
  9. Conner Temple

    War Stats

    All of IQ have been dealt more damage than KT has, and KT has been jumped three times now, by my counts.
  10. Conner Temple

    No More Food Production for a while

    *gets out popcorn* *puts popcorn back because of rationing*
  11. Conner Temple

    Who needs food?

    At least Pantheon has some
  12. Conner Temple

    Remove Nukes from the Game & Increase Downdeclare Range

    Why thank you, dear sir! You see, this here is the issue. You complain at how bad nukes seem to be in this "not a joke" joke thread, then you go on to say that we haven't seen round 2 yet. Maybe don't go off on a rant about how bad they are if you've still got that threat in the bag. Secondly, is it our fault that NB only has 60 people fighting against the 300 from TKR/TCW/GOB? They recruit new people, they grow daily - this isn't the same for nuke bloc. SA are filled with whales. Fark don't accept new people. Alpha has had one new person this month. WTF are a bit more "active", but even then that's two new people in the last month. The last person to join NK was 25 days ago. And don't blame the infra, maybe cut back on those score-inflating nukes you have stockpiled and have taunted people with for the last 9 months. Now I have to cut it short and say no hard feelings to you Apeman, or the rest of NK and the Nuke bloc (otherwise my alliance will literally kill me) but the people who are responding to NB are more-or-less correct.
  13. Conner Temple

    War Stats

    Good god, SK are back in the greens. Also love seeing the reds across IQ and their allies.
  14. Conner Temple

    Kingsmen & the War

    What's food?

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