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  1. Just my thought..Imagine a huge Orbis War... Every nation participates and every alliance fight with each other...and that war continue for one month..and pixels down rapidly... At last there are only some nations..and few alliances with some army only.. And nuclear free Orbis...
  2. Just scan with your Greeny eyes..
  3. Bow to the almighty Dragon God. The God of the Dragon Gods:Valic..
  4. First Comment.......Impossible Mission Force.. I like Mission Impossible Force...
  5. Welcome to Orbis.. Best of luck.guys.
  6. Sorry for late response.Busy busy in real life... Finally An Indian alliance in Orbis.. My Heartly welcome to you guys.. "Chola" nice El Name..
  7. So you are in DEIC. So how many times you attack other nations within this month. And how many are in higher alliances and how many are from small alliances. And tell me you don't even feel boring atleast onetime just upgrading your city.
  8. There is always wars in P&W But not big wars. Inthose 14% i think 95% are new or lower tire nations.Top 10 alliances don't attack each others. Lower and new attack for surviving not for fun. When you join top 10 alliances then you know what I mean..
  9. You are talking like classic warrior. With those words I remember two incidents I face when I was a rider. I attack one member from Seven Kingdoms. I don't remember her name. But I just declared war and send msg to her that I give her 2 days time to fight back me. Because she has nearly as much as my army expect aircrafts. So I give her some time to defend or retaliate. I was hoping she fight back with me but instead she talked to their leaders and they contacted our leader. Even I am a rider I don't want to cause my alliance destruction. We are small when this happened. So I offer peace with her. This is happen when you put rules on attacking. When we reached 15th rank I attacked one member of NAC. He lost 2 rounds. Then I received from some one maybe he is their group leader(Not NAC leader) He asked me to accept peace from defender. When I see there is no peace offer. I think he forget putting peace. So I offered peace. But he didn't accept it. And surprisingly 2 members from NAC attacked me at a time. But I got my plans I defeat them with my army. But I asked the one who sent msg to accept peace before. He replied that he will defend his members whatever it costs. This happens when you give time to defenders. I am not against you but giving options in raiding means you are compromising Which is against raiding policy. If you want to run a complete raiding group just try to maintain them in same range (best if its low)and attack once on an alliance even its higher alliance. With some combined timings and support you can defeat an entire tire. It's obvious that higher alliances can't control total lower tire so they are good aim. So best of luck to you. With out wars P&W is boring.
  10. Any one called me. Praise to The Dragon Gods. Long live Valic: The God of Dragon Gods. Buzzzz Buzzzz Yea I know I know. Long live Valic: The Creater of Dragon Gods
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