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  1. Alex will review your appeal in due time. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Dr. Bright has been forum banned as well, in the meantime, for spamming other ban appeals.
  2. For the record, in most cases the gravedigging rule does not apply to the Game Suggestions forum.
  3. Moved to Farewells & Goodbyes. Take care, Wingawoo!
  4. Moved to the proper group (No Matching Nation). Of course, if they make a new nation they can be moved right back.
  5. This thread has served its purpose and, actually, the OP no longer exists. As such, closing thread.
  6. Yeah, that's ban evasion. Taken care of and investigating any other alts. Thanks for the report.
  7. Considering one post from non-involved parties already, this is a reminder that Game Reports is a No Discussion Forum. Please review the following thread before posting:
  8. Jaehaerys

    Embargo Spam

    A reminder that this is a No Discussion Forum. Unless you are the topic creator (Zephyr), the accused (Zaurg), or providing specific evidence, you should not be posting in this thread. Violations will be reviewed and warns distributed as necessary.
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