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  1. Nation name: The German Empire Official currency: Deutschmark (1 DM - $0.56 USD) Form of government: Parliamentary-Model Constitutional Monarchy Describe your nation: The German Empire struggles, languishing under a series of incompetent chancellors. In recent years, the southern states have broken free, declaring a "South German Federation" with it's capital in Munich. In the north, a wave of patriotism has swept the nation's masses, inspiring many to call for the immediate reclamation of the territories, although there is a small anti-war faction at work as well. Perhaps only
  2. Ikhan


    It had been many months since word had reached the upper echelons of Federal society about Imperial interests on the planet known as "Orbis". Orbis was, in many ways, not unlike Earth had been before the Third World War which had decimated the populace. At this point, it appeared that Orbis had either never faced such a large-scale conflict or it had faced several which had dramatically decreased the global population, hence the lack of many organized states or even a single one that controlled the entire planet. Nonetheless, in order to counter Imperial influence in the region, the Federation
  3. What are you doing here? Orbis is not big enough for two superpowers.

    1. Ikhan


      That would be where you are wrong. Need I remind you of the incident between the East India Company (I know, weird name) and the Shadow Navy over the system of Liaedin back in 3301? I should assure you that I have no intention to fully lay claim to this system and will prosecute anyone from the Federation should they attempt to challenge this balance.

  4. Ryu

    Welcome back!


    1. Rimski


      Worst Terminator ever, NEXT

  6. Considering the majority of modern music is written by two people, not really...
  7. Remove me from the map. I'll be gifting my territory in Thrace and Anatolia to @Alexandoria
  8. "Dear Umbrella Executives, We are pleased to have received word that the summit on clean energy will be held. While the Turyn Corporation does have a subsidiary working on next-gen fusion reactors, we will, of course, still attend the aforementioned summit. Turyn Corp. CEO Anton Turyn has requested that he be permitted to attend the summit alongside our Science Minister, Alexei Kryvonis. We hope that this meeting will be able to do some good for the world, and perhaps allow for nations and corporations on both sides to make a profit. Signed, Alexei Kolchak, Supreme Leader of Whit
  9. Ruthenia has been in a state of revolution several times in the past decades, often instigated by the Bolsheviks, remnants of the Red Army (as well as those who supported them) which had overthrown the Provisional government back in the 1920's. Naturally, it was recognized that it would only be a matter of time before the next insurrection would begin, thus plans would be drawn out to prevent it from spiraling out of control. Of course, as we now know, these plans never go completely as intended, which led us to having to deal with this Bolshevik uprising for the last ten years, bringing with
  10. The world is preparing to fall into the darkness of a new great war... and as such, we must all take sides if we are to make our mark on the world. With this in mind, after several days of discussion in the Duma, the various members of the RKL, RKLS, and RLB have put forwards their suggestion as to which side to support to Supreme Leader Alexei Kolchak. While their decision is not final, it is typical for the Supreme Leader to follow their advice, which has been shown in his decision: Henceforth, the Republic of White Ruthenia will pledge it's support to the Japanese in the ongoing crisis shou
  11. The National Anthem plays Greetings, Comrades. I am Supreme Leader Alexei Kolchak, here to give you the latest news. If it isn't from me or the staff of Pravda Rusi- Lets just say it isn't news. First up, we have received further information on the recent attack on a Plutonium Shipment in the last week. Apparently, one of the Bolshevik traitors is still alive. Following several days of interrogation, we have determined where the main Bolshevik hideout is, which is to say we are preparing to wipe them out once and for all. On an unrelated note, the Military Parade celebrating 120 years of
  12. Is the Republic of Lumia willing to work alongside the Republic of White Ruthenia? -Anonymous
  13. Both are approved. We are proud to welcome Ambassadors Lisa Alcott and Adolf Schicklgruber to our nation
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