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  1. This has to be the worst change I have ever seen. How does my nation with 20 cities drop nearly half population, loose over 50% income, Jump 2000 in pollution, Drop avg income by nearly half, drop resource production to near 0 and negatives, in 2 minutes? Well I will tell you, thats what happens when a horrible unthought "fix" is implemented. Now I dont dump tons of time in this game and do not nearly have the perfect build in my nation because of this. Now I am sure if I started with a very calculated nation build the update wouldnt have quite screwed me up so much but this update is ridiculous. This reminds me of Pixel Nations when the owner purposely ruined the game. I have played nation simulation games for near constant 6 years, but id rather play nothing than what this game is coming to now.
  2. I consider as many cities and infra the goal. At least as I look at the game. More cities mean a bugger military, income, production, etc. The goal of nations in the real world tends to be power and growth. As far as a realistic gameplay goes there can become a point where you can just grow and get out of targets. Although I would say that number is probably getting near if not higher than 11-13.
  3. A black and white flower, which im going to go out ona limb and assume to be a rose. Couldnt tell you what that symbolizes.
  4. In theory yeah why not, but I think my reasonable side would turn down that offer under more than most circumstances
  5. Newer smoke detectors will talk, as well as beep. If it is beeping over and over you should replace it. I would also recommend hard wiring them too if they are not already.
  6. ISIS is without a doubt a major issue. Something does need to be done. I am not saying ban all immigrants, stop all refugees, check everything everywhere. But our border security must be enhanced. Research needs to be done into members and they need to be delt with. As an American living within a short distance of NYC and remembering that day, I can say one thing an that is America will not let itself or anyone else go down without a fight. ISIS has made threats against the USA, and they will be dealt with. I pray for the lives of people all over the world and their safety. I also hope that no one will let themselves live in fear either. Id also like to mention to "all Americans are immigrants". No not all are immigrants descendants maybe. But lets get real correct and take the dictionary definition "a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown" So what about the people who came before the USA was even a country? Now I might as well also mention that !@#$ Sapiens, originated in the African Continent. So are not most of us immigrants under the same concept "all Americans are immigrants"
  7. This game reflects one thing in RL. Why there are not 10,000 treaties
  8. I think this could make things quite interesting
  9. As much as I hate to talk down on people Kanye must be one of the most ignorant, stuck up, and some other words I can't say on here. Seems like a fit for our modern presidents
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