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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/03/23/is-trains-400-fighters-to-attack-europe-in-wave-bloodshed.html liberalism and gun control are good things right??????!!!!
  2. not really. relevent info atheists try to force beliefs and drive out christians muslims attack athiests and christians in europe europe can stop this by having no gun control and blocking muslims from entering. like trump wants athiesm is problem here. ban athiesm and make europe and north america for christians and muslim world for muslims. meaning none of this happens both side live in peace
  3. the only cult is atheism. atheists are a massive cult who believe world came from nothing. they are spawns on satan
  4. atheists and homosexuals worship Satan. they need removing
  5. islam is at war with west due to athiests the christian people of europe and america need to get rid of them then islam and Christianity can live in peace
  6. captain vietnam needs radio! heil vietnam! we have show with tim armstrong and inst
  7. doesnt the cybernation have nation with billions of war chest size? not good thing to have here!
  8. lots and lots of immigrants! gun control! and this happens? color me surprised!
  9. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-belgium-blast-idUSKCN0WO0LB
  10. giving de slang a way of doing live speeches? heil snake reich i imagine!
  11. vietnam has recently become a christian state on christian values. government has been put into place christian communist economy homosexuality banned on death penalty transsexualism banned on death penalty atheism banned on death penalty. atheist children are exempt and will be taken to christian parents to learn christian values. feminism banned and woman are assigned in arranged marriages to healthy warriors when old enough sex outside marriage banned on death penalty atheist terrorists in other countries are being held under airstrikes to stop their vile ways. special places hav
  12. we will build a wall and deport the left from america! #trump2016
  13. i like how athiest fox fire calls me troll when she cant debate but yes. god forbid us to eat pork. that is correct
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