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  1. "Well, then we are hopeful that you'll be able to deal with this situation and we shall respect your decision as long as it doesn't get out of hand.", the envoy stated calmly with a polite nod. Noticing the waving gesture, Mori quietly walked over to the table where the PLA assistant was waiting and took a seat. "Sorry, I hope you didn't have to wait long.", he said in his trained Beijing dialect.
  2. "We appreciate your assistance in this matter and we'll see what can be done and what measures might be appropriate. I can reassure you however, that as long as the Clans do not back up Clan Nyugen in this matter, Japan will similarly not escalate its efforts further and while we keep this meeting confidential, we shall take your cooperation into account for future relations. It is our hope that tensions can be avoided and settled peacefully.", the aide stated.
  3. "The entirety of Outer Mongolia. This would put Mongolia and Buryatia under our responsibility, which we'd prefer, while western Siberia is up to you. We do not put forth claims on the Tuvans, although they similarly would fit under the Altaic umbrella of our continental holdings. For the end point of the Trans-Siberian railway, it goes on to the port of Uraji, formerly Vladivostok, the main port of our Northern continental holdings. Cooperation on operation of this line would allow a trade route from Moscow all the way to the Sea of Japan, from where goods can be shipped to the Home Islands and Korea. One matter we were considering was to talk to the Chinese about railway connections in Manchuria, but such is somewhat difficult given their internal troubles.", Takeyama responded. "If you agree, we can mobilise our troops within the coming three weeks, to then launch an operation at the same time as you. Should you need longer, we'd be waiting. Should you prefer to go sooner, that is fine, though we'd still need that long to prepare."
  4. The aide nodded and made a few mental notes, before asking Gray. "Thank you for telling us, but you must excuse if I ask... Do you have any proof? What does your Clan stand to gain from this? And what would prevent this affair from escalating into a full-blown war? Certainly, neither of us is going to profit from a protracted military conflict between our countries and while Nguyen meddling in Chinese internal affairs is a serious issue, it'd be not unproblematic to potentially start a war over it."
  5. Takahashi nodded solemnly. "That is good to hear. The Empire wishes only the best for China, but these seem like trying times and if the problems spill over, it is difficult to say what could not happen. In this regard, I have been instructed to offer you an agreement for better trade relations, to allow for better economic development in the region, in the hope that this might improve the stability long-term, while we also are not unwilling to provide military assistance, should it be required, though, in such case, we'd hope that the steps are being taken to stabilise the situation soon, before it spirals out of control further." Following the meeting the previous day, Mori arrived at the cafe quietly, looking around and waiting. Given the nature of these talks, and the risks involved, he had reported his progress so far (which was quite limited) to a second agent, who was to deliver it to the head of the operation in Keijo.
  6. Thinking for a moment, Takeyama responded. "Japan has no quarrels with you. I do think for a Pact of Non-aggression though, such a treaty by itself holds little weight. We'd be willing to sign such an agreement as part of a larger agreement though, including the partition of the Mongol state, as well as an agreement on the operation of the Trans-Siberian railway to facilitate trade, a de-militarisation of the common border to be, allowing both our countries to focus on more important matters and a common front against radical subversive movements, like communists and anarchists that pose a threat to the state. As a separation line, I'd propose the Lena river and Lake Baikal, with Mongolia proper coming under Japanese control."
  7. As Minister Takeyama heard the Russian suggestion, he grimaced slightly, before asking. "And where exactly would this split be?"
  8. "The Japanese Empire has been concerned with these recent developments, that these might have adverse effects on regional trade and security environment. It is hard to not be worried about communist insurgency in Northern China, when our people are just across the Yalu and Ussuri. Thus, we'd like to know whether adequate measures are being taken to deal with the issue, as well as whether your government is aware of the foreign naval presence in your South.", Takahashi stated calmly. Finishing his cigarette in peace, Mori then walked off, in order to get a lodging for the night and return the next day.
  9. As the Japanese leadership had received word of a Russian desire to meet with Japanese representatives, Prime Minister Sanjo quickly decided that it was best to not ignore such an invitation and to see what the Russians wanted to discuss. To the end, a response was sent back to the Tsarist government, informing them that Minister of Foreign Affairs Takeyama was on his way from the port of Uraji, traveling with the Transsiberian railway to Moscow for the meeting.
  10. While it was deemed good to investigate, given the issues the government in Tokyo had with Holland caused them to send an aide to meet with Arissa Gray, to avoid drawing much attention. Confidential Meanwhile, in response to the moves in the South, the IJN started a general mobilisation of the Combined Fleet, sending the battleships Kii, Owari, Tosa and Kaga, as well as the carriers Houshou and Ryuujou, the cruisers Kuma, Abukuma, Ooi and Yura with destroyers Akatsuki, Inazuma, Ikazuchi, Hibiki, Akebono, Sazanami, Oboro, Ushio, Nenohi, Hatsuharu, Wakaba, Hatsushimo, Asashio, Arashio, Michishio and Ooshio, together with the transport ships Nitta Maru, Hoshi Maru and Sanzen Maru to Palau, from where they were to head towards Hollandia. These transport ships had been prepared by chartering several civilian cruisers, to transport two divisions of the Yokosuka SNLF. Japanese forces in the Philippines were notified of the possibility of them having to sortie on short notice, in order to reinforce this fleet.
  11. "No issue, President. It's a pleasure meeting you. My name is Takahashi. The Japanese government in Tokyo sends its regards.", the envoy stated in a friendly manner, raising up as he said so, shaking Chiang's hand. "I take it, the situation regarding Northern China?" "It is rather calm and I hope it stays that way. If the weather turns bad, it would cause quite a bit of trouble for my parents back home at the farm.",the Japanese agent responded calmly, looking up in the sky for a moment.
  12. Takahashi quietly nodded and took a seat, waiting for the Chinese president. Taking off his hat and putting it on his lap, he went mentally over the notes, as he waited. Mori took the matches and casually lighted his cigarette as the police passed by. "Thanks, my friend.", he said, as he handed back the matches, tapping his foot once lightly. "Want a cigarette too?"
  13. Envoy Takahashi Kinichiro was a career diplomat in the service of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Well-acquainted with the Seiyuukai and Minseito both, as well as a sizable portion of the Japanese upper class, including both nobles and zaibatsu, he had been chosen for the mission on account of his expertise and his sound judgement, which was hoped to be valuable in the talks with the Chinese. Already of slightly advanced age, Envoy Takahashi was of somewhat short stature, though he carried himself with a certain grace and confidence that made it clear that the man hardly bowed to anyone, despite his friendly expression. With his round glasses, well-brushed moustache and bowler hat, he seemed every bit the Japanese upper class politician and diplomat he was. As he arrived at the presidential palace, he quickly clenched his walking cane between his left arm and body and presented his credentials and invitation, asking to be let in for the meeting in mandarin that was fluent, though it lacked much of a regional colouration, making it clear that the speaker learned the standard language and didn't just grow up with it. Meanwhile at Tiananmen Square... Mori Norikatsu had arrived in Beijing just that day, after travelling with one of the commercial steamers from Incheon to Tianjin, then taking the railway from there to the capital. Dressed in a more modest fashion, he seemed younger and far less refined than the envoy, rather, his somewhat bulky build suggested that he had done quite a bit of exercise or heavy labour. Which was unsurprising, given his background in the Japanese military. Wearing unassuming and slightly ragged western clothing, Mori walked up and down the square, casually observing the people, buying a bit of street food, then quietly approaching whomever fit the description he had been provided. "Sorry, my friend, got some matches?", he asked in the local Beijing dialect, which he had picked up in training on the streets. "I ran out of them a short while ago and forgot to buy new ones. But gotta wait here for someone and thought I'd light one." Watching out for any police officers or other suspicious people, Mori waited for a response. Like his superiors back in Japan, he wasn't too sure what the meaning of all this was and was wary, but to those back in Tokyo it seemed worth investigating and at least to Mori, it seemed more interesting than his desk job in Keijo, looking through Chinese newspapers for any relevant news and typing up a weekly report for the third section.
  14. Looking at the Chinese situation considerably worried, Tokyo soon sent an envoy to the Chinese government to request a meeting for consultations concerning the situation in China, as well as the presence of the Holland Navy in nearby waters. It was hoped that the Chinese government would be willing to discuss these issues, as well as establish good neighbourly relations in general.
  15. A diplomatic response was sent back to Holland swiftly. "The Empire of Japan wonders why the Confederation first states it is to conduct exercises, then states that its purposes are not to be disclosed. This does not really assuage our concerns and we hereby inquire how long these exercises are supposed to last. While we do hope they will pass without incident, we do hope that Japanese interests in the regional security will be respected, as to avoid an increase in regional tensions, which would cause problems for both of us." Given the vague response, the IJN started mobilising another fleet at Hashirajima, to be ready for deployment. The First Carrier Division, as well as the battleships Kongou and Haruna were prepared with several destroyers and light cruisers to depart for the Southern defence perimeter, in case it was needed, while another small flotilla at Taihoku, consisting of the cruiser Jintsuu and four destroyers was put on alert, to be planned to be reinforced.
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