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  1. @Prefonteen CONGRATULATIONS ON -$50 BILLION NET DAMAGE. I think your business went down.
  2. So what you're trying to say is that we don't want peace talks? Bullshit. Stop saying things that contradict yourselves.
  3. Pika, I've read the leaks. Like those messages Prefonteen leaked. So jokes on you.
  4. "put aside your ego and pride and act in the best interest of your alliance members" I agree with you, most of us want peace now and I think Col A leaders and members should be obligated to do that.
  5. I made a controversial topic just to get the downvotes, and what did they do?! They removed it!
  6. What an immature reply, could've done better with your toxicity.
  7. Yeah, i did. You need to understand that both sides have stories of their own. I know that Col A is trying to find faults and post it on the forums so people would hate us. But that is really ineffective. Those facts were that Col A mostly added lies.
  8. How do I know if those leaks didn't have lies? I'm pretty sure they were telling facts
  9. Coalition A is literally trying to find faults and use it against Coalition B. That's a pretty dumb move It would make things worse regarding the peace talks.
  10. is that discord because i do not remember discord looking like that...
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