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  1. Just realized that should've gone in the spam area, didn't know we had one. My bad, sorry.
  2. Now that I have your attention, Epstein didn't kill himself
  3. Let me be clear, I am NOT speaking for NG. He has no desire to make this political, it just upset him and he's taking a break. Because this happened, it was kinda a last straw for me, thus I made this post. I regret including details about Coalitions, because this thread is about the general state of the game. Anyone who has/is making this political - including me - has made a mistake. I apologize, I was simply using what caused my to post this as an example.
  4. It's entirely possible someone in my coalition leaked the logs, but NG was pretty clear about saying that Col. A got their hands on them. Either way, we have a problem here that everyone contributes to. Doesn't change the fact that the leakers and posters still did it. An extreme analogy: You commit a murder but it's ok because no one saw it.
  5. I appreciate the clarification! However, clearly this wasn't just any old log leaking, it upset TheNG enough to make him decide to leave for a few days, and NG has played since earlier on, so this ain't his first rodeo. I wonder how many times I have to say "this goes for both" in one post to make this clear. I was simply using Col. A doing this as an example. I responded to your first post similarly, but you seem to have ignored it. Also, I'm talking about both toxicity and hypocrisy, the two go hand in hand.
  6. I'm on the same page, but we do have to be the bigger person.
  7. He hasn't told me or others as far as I know, but it might not be hard to find. Either way, let's be careful about retaliation, that would fight fire with fire and be somewhat hypocritical. I agree that it is an awful thing to do though.
  8. It may not have been my best decision to include that bit, but I'm leaving it in regardless. I was pretty clear in my post that it goes for everyone, and I said similar things several times. I included that bit because of the mass hate for Col. B on here lately, but then Col. A members turn around and do this.
  9. There's plenty of instances of things like this happening otherwise I wouldn't have posted, but yes technically what happened to TheNG was the straw that broke the camel's back, especially after I saw that it really did upset him. He's taking a short break. I don't think it's public if it's in DM's but whatever, whether it was internet savvy or not, you shouldn't leak something someone trusted you with. For example, if someone sends you nudes, it wasn't a good decision on their part to do so, but that doesn't make it ok to leak them.
  10. Let me preface this by saying I'm completely prepared and expecting to get downvoted to hell. Your red arrows mean nothing to me, I'm just here to speak my mind. So, TL;DR: There are way too many people on here (especially Col. A) being extremely hypocritical. There's no denying that lately there has been plenty of anti-Col. B threads floating around, really kinda starting with George's "plea", but the current sentiment around Col. B has been this way for a good while. Now, let me be clear: this is NOT in defense in Col. B. This whole post is against hypocrites and I'd be one myself if I didn't admit both I myself and Col. B members have made mistakes. I'm here to say that I'm sick of people on here acting like they'd never/never had done do/done anything wrong. There's plenty of people on here absolutely ragging on others for whatever, but then turning around and doing the same or other awful things. I'm making this post because of what my alliance leader, TheNG, revealed to me today. He was doxxed by Col. A members. While this wasn't a full doxxing (no address, phone number, etc. revealed) it's absolutely ridiculous that someone thought it was ok to leak DM's of him talking about OOC real life stuff. I've never seen this game as toxic as is it now and I've been playing off and on since May 2016. You guys - me included- need to get a hold of yourselves. Remind yourself that this is a browser game and there is no need to try to ruin it for others. Again, this goes for everyone. My message to @Alexis: Get control of this game back. I can't tell if you're just ignoring the problems or have selective hearing, but you appear to be responding when it's convenient or when certain people report something. The discord and these forums are both a mess and you combat them with vague responses, such as your cyber-bullying announcement earlier. I posted a comment on here a few days ago criticizing you and it got removed for "posting in a non-discussion forum", I've received that warning before and didn't have my post removed. There is loads of bias with several moderators and nothing is being done to combat that, let alone the state of the entire community.
  11. Since you're a fan of correct responses, here is the correct response to you: ok gooner
  12. Wow. Would you look at that. Alliance leaders talking about enemy alliances and how they wish they would disband or talking about alliances that really are struggling. What a surprise. /s
  13. The fish or the spike on London Bridge? lmao
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