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  1. All hail Salazar 'Partisan' Slytherin! Too long has there been mudblood scum, filthying up our corridors! Too long have they wandered around freely! But no longer! Today (yesterday) we have started the purge of those unworthy of the magical arts on behalf of our fearless leader Salazar! Consider this a warning, if we are this harsh on our own kind imagine how we treat you mere muggle! Hail Salazar the savior of purity in the wizarding world!
  2. Next time my leader deletes to avoid losing a war I will stand with his aa who was internally in shambles and turmoil. Being led by tS to fight and spending the majority of my time there trying to help them should they fight and having pretty much everyone (less a couple of them) dismiss it and press to avoid war at all costs. Pantheon is a neutral aa who acts as such but calls themselves not. I have posted this many times in the announcements there to be criticized for saying it. You don't know what went on there but have quite a bit to say. Do go on though, tell my story please
  3. >.> Uhm I'm not sure how to make a point when you don't really know much. I have seen wars beginning to end. I have also raided, I have fought against most aa's at one point or another. Tywin isn't my only card, you are assuming a lot and it's wrong information so other than try to ensure that you're wrong since you can't dig that far back with Malones war tracking page long since dead the best I can do is know deep down that you are misinformed and laugh about it. I don't really care to be patted on the back for anything, but saying I have a lack of war experience if laughable. P.S. pretty much all inactives have no military, especially at this point in the game and when armed the only raid targets I see are primarily from test and quite active. People actually need military to move up the board. But tell me more about how you don't care. I like to see people care to comment about how they don't care.
  4. Or comments like this when I sit in a nice spot on the leaderboards? Even before I joined Pantheon to begin with? I mean if you want stats there aren't many better. Other than the wars that happened while I was in Pantheon I fought in pretty much all of them haha. This is seriously laughable. Especially since it was the "abuse" of the system that me tywin and Arrgh lost a round to Mensa and updeclared them to lose last year so sheepy changed the rules Ima send this to Tywin. XD
  5. Haha I don't think you know too much of mine and Tywins history If you did then this wouldn't be as surprising. I've seen Roses history and fought with them a couple of times. So this comes from experience son. GG though.
  6. While I know Rose is right up there in war and raiding, like top notch and all. But if you look at my or Tywins war screens you will see we left and raided an inactive pantheon guy cause when Fist left we decided to raid again. This happened well before we knew anything about it, though I'm sure your information is in tact. Also taking info from the guy who deleted to run from a war isn't the best of sources... I guess we could have deleted or ran to vacation mode also >.> On a personal note, maybe Rose should win a war before speaking up about how others conduct themselves in a war? Maybe a little?
  7. ................... really? *super gay exaggerated slow clap* I hope you gave yourself the biggest pat on your back ever for 10 whole minutes!
  8. So this is the literal definition of "If you can't beat them, join them" right?
  9. o/ Thanks guys! This guys a tough one. *Feels Safe*
  10. OK until I get 100 million doubloons I will be waiting for you to patch you ship to re-sink you
  11. That's hands down one of the best posts I've ever seen. Made me lol so hard someone had to ask if I was OK XD
  12. Oh man just made this loads easier. Trash me all you want I never held a position of responsibility and yes I think I took like 2 loans? Maybe? I set up the forms for them (P.S. I can toss someone else the rights to those as I still have them I think I rarely check) Last few cities I just did myself, to much money was going out paying to keep that tS MDP me thinks You can't pretend any changes or thoughts were immediately hammered by the populous and you yourself had to mediate it. Other than a few posts I was idle, I never held any position nor did I spend any time on IRC, I also got hate from pretty much every member for posting that Pantheon was a fancy version of a neutral aa and EVERYONE lost it stating they are not but constantly avoiding any conflict. I never saved the posts as I don't overly care to be frank but since you bailed on your aa right before you knew what was coming as the LEADER you can hop on off your soapbox and peddle you crap elsewhere Nice way to leave with any amount of class “It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubtâ€â€• Mark Twain
  13. Didn't you already do that once? (I'll get to your other post in a second)
  14. Eh pp would have ended the same. I aligned to people I like more than an alliance. Pp was merciless and raided and fluffed it's numbers for the leader boards non stop. Icky is right it's off but I've always done as I felt like and moved on. If people have a screwed view of me that's fine, I'm sure there are several people who can attest I've always kept my word.. well I think I have anyways haha. I don't feel I have betrayed anyone as I never hit the people I'm close to andfor rhe most part the closest friends I have I have, I met via war whether on the same side or opposing. I like people from pretty much every aa I've dealt with from Arrgh and pp. Not all but most. I've always tried to be fair and stand by my motto. Any who this is getting super off topic, the topic is piracy is bad. Shame on us all.
  15. Insert Taylor Swift "hatters gonna hate" quip here. @Eka you were hands down my favourite person in Pantheon. Fist was cool but you're the best.
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