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  1. Congrats to both The Parties o/ VE o/ Cornerstone
  2. Destroyer

    Real Life Nation Comparison

    IDK but definitely a peace-loving,strong, good nation
  3. Destroyer

    What does your Orbis character look like?

    And the other one is Me
  4. Destroyer

    What does your Orbis character look like?

    <------- This is me
  5. Destroyer

    Relative Power Index (RPI)

    You need better abbreviations LOL
  6. Destroyer

    There's a new Mexican in town...

    Ok! Then play the game and be best at it Good Luck! And i will ask your mum
  7. Congratulations! To both parties o/ SK o/ Mensa HQ
  8. Destroyer


    That is, Always buy the equal amount of land as infra
  9. Destroyer

    Greetings from the wandering asian!

    Welcome and Best of Luck!
  10. Destroyer


    Welcome !
  11. Destroyer

    A Vanguard Announcement

    Congratulations ! and Good Luck to the new Government
  12. Destroyer

    How quickly would I die if...

    What's the debate about?
  13. Destroyer

    Citizens of Orbis..

    I can't see the "Judgement" Looks like it needs some light
  14. Destroyer

    Declaration of Existance

    Welcome and Best of Luck on your journey
  15. Destroyer

    Announcement from BoC's Foreign Ministry

    Caograts! Guys

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