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  1. Downvotes show experienced player bias. Ofcouse energy put into this game might seem wasted. That might be also a problem with this thread. Veterans react most and will stick up for their interest, mainly maintaining the status quo. How about a forced reset for all.nations above c35 to c15 but with a banner saying 'I had over 35 cities!'
  2. Id say make a progresive weakening of military. For example, above 300k soldiers make them less effective, 400k even less effective, and so on and so forth. This would break the importance of supernations with c35+ and would give newer players a bigger impact on orbis. Same with score ofc so bigger nations can be targeted easier.
  3. Thanks Indger! The end of this GW made me turn to the forums again, so after Hw vs Bw, whats the next gonna be? :-).
  4. Hello boys and girls, Eventhough im a month old I thought, lets say hi! So who is going to fight whom in the next GW? edit: oh and im a reroller 🙂
  5. Global War 1. Global war 6. Global wR 15. Global war 9999. 😉
  6. What the hell are you on about dragging american politics in? You nuts? So other websites are not to be taken into account when dealing with this game? Really? And coal a never would have won the war. Neffa evva!
  7. Dont break your legs when coming of your high horse. Words like 'crimes' and 'human decency' are not very connectable to this or any other game. The rules of the games are dictated by one person, who can choose to do whatever he wants with them.
  8. Thats november, war was already done a long time by then. The narrative that coal b leaders are evil basterds will go down in the books now but thats not the same as it being correct or factual. Roq and others didnt hide anything and are not some evil cheating bunch. You seriously believe they have evil grins while trying to play PnW? Only EM does that.
  9. The move made by Alex is clearly influenced by coal A members and thus political, combine that with the plane price, the gorgel debacle and the moderation around slot filling and draw the conclusion: Coal A has Alex s ear, and benifits from his doings. Coal B was fighting the war very well, even Coal A has to admit that, but we cant win from the game God. Thats a game over.
  10. Bs. He didnt have to take a drastic measure like this, could have simply stated: stop this. Wouldnt have affected hundred of nations and the game in such a profound way. Also,.he was clearly influenced by coal a members and leaders, which simply makes this political. Thats for stating this, clearly the rules are about monetary means Money, Steam games, gift cards, and so forth. Also, timing is key here.
  11. As a regular BK member: Gw14 was over when I joined BK, some 160 days ago. Coal A was not surrendering but played attrition, both sides were already losing members. Never since then did coal B loose the war, ingame effective warring made that the case, balanced war aid, effective milcom. Coal A won the OWF war for sure, so many moral victories were claimed! Now, because of an AA that has been around for some months, but Alex just seems to noticed now, my side gets a crippeling blow dealt. Many of us did have loads of fun and we all gave PnW time, especially some of the now banned people. Crying shame that not a more neutral approach was given considering the consequenses this has for coal b.
  12. Just because a middle exist doesnt mean a good decision was made. More fair would have been: this is as of this moment not okay, stop this. The result of this is that not only gwcp is affected but also allies of NPO, hundreds of players. @Alex didnt respond to my earlier question but thanks OP for providing it, Coal A member(s) were brought in to decide the fate of their ingame enemies. Thats a bad call right there. Its malice to throw a word at it. Coal B has been forced out by admin. The results of coming back on an earlier agreement by Alex or atleast willfully allowing something to excist for months then suddenly stop it.
  13. EM your a great big dick for posting this you lowsy hyena of a player of this game. @Fiji God you could have made this topic yourself
  14. @Alex Could you give a list of people who helped you to look jnto this? A few thoughts 1..major war going on 2. Your actios cripple one side 3. You actually were asked if GWCP was okay and said yes, months ago, simply could have stated: changed my mind, stop this now instead of this action 4. You did not do nr .3. Seems weird. 5. So please provide names of people who influenced this, its missing from your document. P.s. Whatever you think, behind every single coal b member is person too, who gave time and sometimes hard earned money for your game. You made a mistake by not doing nr 3. Shame on you for making this move.
  15. Cant this be reported as baiting forum rule breaking? EM is clearly trying to get nasty responses by writing this post.
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