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  1. Thanks grammar police. At least you respect one type of police force. You really should think and make better posts, that was worthless.
  2. It was an effortless message to let you know it doesn't matter what you say here, it has no real world value outside of here. Civil and productive conversation? No its a boring conversation and everyone agrees, there is no one to argue with. If you were more intelligent you would of recognized this long ago.
  3. Clarke

    NAP Ended

    You would almost forget we were fighting for not far off a year.
  4. Olives, pineapple and onions are all fine, fish on the other hand does not belong on a pizza.
  5. People point to the disproportionate numbers of black people being killed by cops. What about the disproportionate number of black people who commit crimes such as homicide and other violent crimes every year.
  6. Luckily https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3875647 @Alex kindly sent me a warning first.
  7. Clarke


    Those are rookie numbers.
  8. God save me from this! I had to update each one of my cities individually and Agree to that every time.
  9. Very moving. How many of them were allies of Camelot?
  10. I have probably the oldest still existing nation strike from 2014, be a good boi and you won't have to be paranoid for years.
  11. My thoughts on the matter... I think Bjorn should be compensated for this development if it is allowed to do this. I think you should be allowed to take your money to VM, but this guy is probably not taking just his money. 5 Billion+ taken to VM, that's so bad considering what happened to Bjorn who should have massive amounts of money. The game rules are a little too short tbh.
  12. Either way it requires investigating considering the circumstances. Yes players did accumulate more, for the most part they got cities around the same or higher than my count of 29. I would say it is not legal just because it is verified, its a decision that needs to be reversed given how other individuals who are more easily able to amass wealth such bjorn were punished for going to VM with a fraction of his own money. Just because you inform Alex of your possible cheating and he initially agrees without the full context available doesn't mean you're right, NPO learned this.
  13. Did you prove they were your funds? Its not really right to punished for that. Yeah a poor decision, you need to be refunded or Jazz needs to have those resources removed. The rule needs so if you can prove its yours then it should be removed. A 75 day old nation really shouldn't have 355 million, he claims he passed it from his previous nation to his new nation? That's against the rules isn't it? Seems its not. Either way its highly unlikely him or his previous nation could amass 5billion+ worth of money and resources.
  14. I think that's a little too complex then, it should probably say on a case to case basis. But can't really compare raising billions through people forced to play the game and give you most of their revenue in exchange for something to getting someone to make you an image or a bot and paying them with in-game resources.
  15. Let us know what you find, I'm open to more games.
  16. Tbh I don't really talk to people on this game so very little know I'm somewhat of a troll. Your missing that bit of information. Its actually quite embarrassing how I even found nation simulation games, I was so young and trolling Bungie forums. The only thing I did right was leave that sphere, thank god. I don't want to be too insulting but yeah you need to cheat massively to even come close to win and even then you still can't finish the job. That's your legacy. Let it sink in your behaviour is actually worse than that of a somewhat troll.
  17. Age of Empires 2: DE is the bomb. Just got it a week. Only dropped one game so far. I suck though, need to learn all the hotkeys and unit counters.
  18. If there was a downvote button I would use it, disappointing thread. Surely there is better content to post about in this current time where alliances are literally mass deleting.
  19. Where was the reviews? GooglePlay?
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